Warm Snow Ending 2023 – (True Ending) (Complete Guide!)

Warm Snow Ending

Looking for Warm Snow Ending, so you reach the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete Warm Snow True Ending Guide that will help you to unlock the True Ending of the game in a single gameplay.

Warm Snow’ is an amazing Rogue-like action game with a background set in a dark fantasy game world, where the eerie ‘Warm Snow’ rules. Warm Snow is developed by BadMudStudio and published by Bilibili for GeForce Now and the Microsoft Windows platform.

Now without any delay let’s start the Warm Snow Ending guide.

Warm Snow Ending Requirements

There are mainly four requirements in total, be sure you meet the first two before actually facing the boss of chapter four.

x35 Lore Item –

Warm Snow Ending

Although not all of the thirty-five lore items are required to reach the true ending (not certain which ones) you still have to accomplish the majority of them, particularly those that pertain to the true status of our main in-game characters.

Clear Destructibles –

Warm Snow Ending

Always destroy any in-game trash or destructible you come across, most especially in mini-boss areas in the game. For example, destroying a destructible in the Jade Concubine portion of Chapter four will yield lore items in the game.

Tiger Captain (Chapter 4 Boss) –

Tiger Captain

When you actually beat Tiger Captain (Chapter four boss, the one who can use in-game lightning), if you already have all the required lore items then you will notice that there is an additional choice; in order to achieve the true ending, you should choose to Leave or do not kill him.

Dragon Emperor (Chapter 5 Boss) –

Dragon Emperor

You will be able to choose “The Blood” after you have beaten the previous boss (dragon emperor, chapter five).

And now that is the Warm Snow true ending.

Warm Snow Ending

Warm Snow Ending – Video Guide

If you do not mind that there are spoilers then we mention the youtube video of TT Game with the Warm Snow True Ending. Whether you would like to confirm that you have achieved it, or if you don’t feel like meeting the requirements and want to check.


Hopefully, you like this Warm Snow Ending guide. In this post, we covered the complete Warm Snow True Ending Guide that will help you to unlock the True Ending of the game in a single gameplay.

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