Venture Tale Trello Link 2023 (Game Wiki & Guide!)

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Are you searching for Venture Tale Trello Link? so you reach the best spot here in this post you will get the official Roblox Venture Tale Trello Link.

Roblox Venture Tale is an amazing action role-playing game created by the developers at Venture Tale Team. In this Venture Tale game, you will be able to head into different in-game dungeons while collecting new gear to build towards your own amazing playstyle.

If you want to get the best knowledge on how to do things in the Roblox Venture Tale game so you will be required to search the web for certain things.

Here we will show you where you can find the Venture Tale Trello so you can learn everything you actually need to know about the Venture Tale game now let’s start the guide.

Venture Tale Trello Link

Venture Tale Trello Link

If need some information on the Roblox Venture Tale game, you can likely find all the information on Venture Tale Trello page. Just click that below link and you will arrive at the Venture Tale Trello page, which contains a variety of details on how the experience functions in Roblox Venture Tale game.

Venture Tale Trello Link – Click Here

The Venture Tale Trello page contains details on mobs, bosses, classes, leveling up, dungeons, and many more. It is a great way to get all the Venture Tale game information at a glance. It is actually simpler than a Wiki page because everything is on a single page and simply accessible.

Also if you want to join the Venture Tale gamers community so you can join through discord here is the link – Venture Tale Discord.

Roblox Venture Tale Game Details Trello

Roblox Venture Tale Mobs Info

Here are all the Venture Tale Mobs Info

GC Gobling —  

  • Goblin Cave Easy Damage- 0
  • Goblin Cave Easy Defense- 0
  • Goblin Cave Easy HP- 15
  • Goblin Cave Hard Damage- 0
  • Goblin Cave Hard Defense- 0
  • Goblin Cave Hard HP- 15
  • Goblin Cave Normal Damage- 0
  • Goblin Cave Normal Defense- 0
  • Goblin Cave Normal HP- 15
  • Goblin Cave Raid Damage- 0
  • Goblin Cave Raid Defense- 0
  • Goblin Cave Raid HP- 15
  • Goblin Cave Endless HP – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Max Health per Floor 30%
  • Goblin Cave Endless Defense – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Damage per Floor 15%
  • Goblin Cave Endless Damage – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Armor per Floor 10%

GC Slingshot Goblin —

  • Goblin Cave Easy Damage- 26
  • Goblin Cave Easy Defense- 0
  • Goblin Cave Easy HP- 30
  • Goblin Cave Hard Damage- 30
  • Goblin Cave Hard Defense- 4
  • Goblin Cave Hard HP- 125
  • Goblin Cave Normal Damage- 27
  • Goblin Cave Normal Defense- 1
  • Goblin Cave Normal HP- 65
  • Goblin Cave Raid Damage- 50
  • Goblin Cave Raid Defense- 12
  • Goblin Cave Raid HP- 360
  • Goblin Cave Endless HP – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Max Health per Floor 30%
  • Goblin Cave Endless Defense – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Damage per Floor15%
  • Goblin Cave Endless Damage – Floor 1: ?, Enemies gain + Armor per Floor 10%

Roblox Venture Tale Endless Mystic Stones Info

Stone of Sharpening —

  • Legendary: 170% Damage
  • Epic: 70% Damage
  • Common: 15% Damage
  • Mythic: 120% Damage
  • Rare: 40% Damage
  • Uncommon: 22% Damage

Stone of Quickening —

  • Uncommon: 20% Attack Speed
  • Epic: 50% Attack Speed
  • Legendary: 110% Attack Speed
  • Common: 10% Attack Speed
  • Mythic: 80% Attack Speed
  • Rare: 32% Attack Speed

Venture Tale Accessories/Items Info

Level One Lesser Healing Potion —

  • Heal for sixty health over five seconds.
  • Shares cooldown with other in-game Health Potions.
  • HEALING: Sixty base

What is Trello?

Trello is a wonderful project management tool that allows its users to write and edit cards that contain helpful information. Roblox Venture Tale game developers have used these quite often as a way to get useful information about the experience to players of the Venture Tale game. Venture Tale Trello page is free to all so which makes them quite appealing to the Roblox Venture Tale players.

Does Roblox Venture Tale have a Wiki?

Actually Not, Roblox Venture Tale doesn’t have a Wiki page at the moment. It is possible that one gets made in the near future, but that seems unlikely as it is a really simple game and the Venture Tale Trello page contains most of the useful Venture Tale game information that you need to know.


That is our Venture Tale Trello Link guide. In this post, we covered the official Roblox Venture Tale Trello Link that will help to get the Venture Tale Trello page.

Hopefully, you enjoy this post if you have any questions related to Roblox Venture Tale Trello so the comment section is always open for you.

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