Vault Locations Warzone (April 2023) (COD Warzone)

Vault Locations Warzone

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A new Call of Duty: Warzone update is available now, and it makes it possible for players to unlock the game’s mysterious bunkers, something that fans have been trying to do since the title’s initial launch. That said, before players can open vaults in Warzone, they need to know where to find them, and providing all bunker locations is exactly the purpose of this guide.

There are 12 vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone and they can be found throughout the battlefield. A map highlighting all of these Warzone Vault locations can be seen below and is accompanied by text descriptions for absolute clarity.


Post Update On – 28 April 2023

Vault Locations Warzone >>

S. No.NameWarzone Locations
1Bunker 00South of Zozsni Spomenik
2Bunker 01Between the Kart Racing Track & Junkyard
3Bunker 02Directly north of Junkyard
4Bunker 03Through a trap door to next Bunker 02
5Bunker 04In the cliffs southeast of Gora Dam
6Bunker 05At the Crash Site
7Bunker 06Above the tunnel connecting Gorengard Lumber Yard & Karts River Quarry
8Bunker 07Through trap door north east of Verdansk Stadium
9Bunker 08Next to Bunker 07
10Bunker 09Directly northeast of the Zordaya Prison Complex
11Bunker 10Directly east of the Styor Spomenik
12Bunker 11North west of Arklov Peak Military Base

Where Are The Vaults Warzone >>

Vault Locations Warzone

Note, players will need more than the COD: Warzone bunker location if they hope to go inside one of these shelters, as a key card is also required. These key cards can be found inside various loot boxes, although they are far from common, and once a player has obtained one, they can use it to open any of the above vaults in Call of Duty. Can: except Warzone One: Bunker 11.

Actually, the door to Bunker 11 in Warzone is still tightly closed, but players have managed to get a peek inside with the help of a drone. What they’ve found is that this vault has multiple rooms, a big red button, and a nuclear weapon, which could certainly point to a future for CoD: Warzone. While waiting for that future arrives, users can have a good time visiting other Warzone vaults to get a lot of loot.


Call of Duty Warzone is currently available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One.

In addition, patch 1.21 includes the classic battle royale mode, which has killstreaks, no perks, or loadouts. Infinity Ward also seems to have gotten bogged down in its ability to access safes. I’m talking about how to access these vaults and unlock the MP7 Mud Drabber Blueprint.

COD Warzone Vaults >>

Vault Locations Warzone

We can say that in COD Warzone There are 12 vaults in total and the first 10 can be easily opened with a Red Access Card.


Red Access Cards – How To Get >>

The cards are random but can be found anywhere on the map of Verdansk.

If you find one, you can head straight to any of the 10 vaults shown below and gain access to some of the famous loot boxes.

If you find a card straight off the bat and don’t have enough money to drop the loadout, it might be a good idea to play early.


Vault Locations Warzone 11th Warzone Vault >>

11th Vault is a bit more difficult and involves some teamwork and fast action.

Phones are scattered at various places throughout the map. You have to go to these phones and find the phone that can talk to you in Russian, these are called activation phones.

The phone will say 3 numbers between 0 to 9. If the phone doesn’t talk to you and only beeps, you’ll need to move to the next phone on the map.


COD Warzone Vault Activation Phone Locations >>

  1. Gora Dam Phone: Located in large building with helipad.
  2. Verdansk port phone: located on the bottom left of the large building.
  3. Downtown Phone: Found in the tall triangle shaped building visible from the map. Must be a few floors down on the phone desk.
  4. Boneyard Phone: Located east of the hangar in the southern part of Boneyard.
  5. Novi Grazna Hills Phone: Located in the building marked on the map.
  6. Airport Phone: Located in the building to the east of the parking garage across the street.
  7. TV station Phone: Located in large room. If you enter from the front, it should be on one of the desks to the left.

Once you locate this phone, listen carefully to the order in which the numbers are spoken. If you don’t speak Russian, you can look up translations for the numbers.

You have to go to the Morse code phone with these numbers and talk to them in the order the voice told you.

It’s best to have your squad spread out and ask everyone to do it on time on a phone call before the zone shrinks. Here is a map of all Morse code phones and associated numbers.


COD Morse Code Phone Locations >>

S No.PhoneLocations
1Phone 0Military Base – second floor of the small marked building
2Phone 1Bank in Down town Verdansk
3Phone 2The office building in Lozoff Pass
4Phone 3The large building in the back of Quarry
5Phone 4Police Station in Bloc 18 on the second floor
6Phone 5TV Station not in the main room
7Phone 6Top of the Airport control tower
8Phone 7The basement of the airport by luggage
9Phone 8The front desk of Hospital
10Phone 9Across from activation phone building at the dam

Vault Locations Warzone Opening Vault 11 >>

Once you have all of the Morse code interacting with the phone in the correct order, you should have access to Vault 11, which is at the top of the map above the Military Base Fire House.

If you have completed all the required steps correctly, the safe light should turn green and you can interact with the keypad.

The door will swing open, and all the loot inside is yours, along with the MP7 Mud Drabber blueprint. It looks like there are some cool easter eggs inside too, including the creation of an atom.


Conclusion >>

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