Valorant 3.09 patch notes – Weapon, Map & System Update

Valorant 3.09 patch notes

As per the update Valorant Act III will start soon. A new update will be released in which many changes will be seen. There are also some updates that are going to be very special. And some bugs and features have been fixed.

The Classes has been updated to Alt-Fire mode. In which it is seen that while jumping, walking and running, the accuracy of the right click button to run the weapon has decreased.

So if you are thinking of doing a fast push in the game, then it can be a bad luck for you that you may also have to lose.

Fracture is being redesigned a bit, with some barrier movement and cover changes on the attacking spawn. You can find the full patch notes below.

Game System Updates

Smooth Ropes / Zip Lines Update

  • A nervous activity that occurs when stopping or changing direction on a zip line or rope. Only then will it come in the notice. When it will be moved repeatedly and a small amount is closed.

General Features

The game server will have a path for all traffic

  • Those who have a particular preferred server may notice that the previously preferred location no longer exists. But there is no need to be worried. None of the servers have been removed. Servers are merged into the same path

Esports Features Update

Observers now have the option to set compatibility for teams

  • when this option is enabled, observers will see players starting the match with the attacker as the right hand and players starting the match with the defender as the left hand. .
  • If you using gamepad controllers are not locked to the X/Y axes when moving with the right bumper (R1).

Bugs Fix

Agents Bugs Fix

  • Cypher can no longer place the spy camera on the Breeze door so that it can be destroyed or seen when the door is lowered.
  • Likewise, fixed random spots where the encryption couldn’t place the spy camera in the same area.
  • Fixed bug displaying Jett 1P upstream images incorrectly.

Competitive Bugs Fix

Fixed a bug that caused the Act Rank Badge to appear on the game loading screen unranked.

Weapon Updates

Classic Changes Update

Performing close to classic mid-range encounters when used jumping or on the go.

So we’ve narrowed down the weapon’s effective accuracy when jumping, running and walking, with the intention of limiting our ideal use case to really close ranges.

  1. Jumping firing error – Error changed from 1.1 > 2.1 (total error is 4.0 when jumping)
  2. Walking firing error – Error changed .05 > 0.6 (total error is 2.5 when walking)
  3. Running firing error – Error changed .2 > 1.3 (total error is 3.2 when running)

Map Updates

Fracture Update

  • B. The arcade attack barrier is moved towards the attacking side bridge, to allow defenders to fight more easily in the area.
  • On rope A, the defender stepped over the barrier ropes to facilitate the sentry’s preparation.
  • A corridor orb was moved to a more neutral location, making it less conducive to attackers.
  • Added a new piece of cover to the attacker’s spawn to break the long line of sight from the hallway entrance to the Bee Main, which should take some of the pressure off attackers when defenders are quickly flanking.