Unlock All Traits Worldbox 2023 – (Complete Guide!)

Looking to unlock all Traits Worldbox? So you are at the right spot, here in this post, you will get the complete guide about WorldBox Unlock All Traits.

Also, you will get all traits with unlock requirements, and how to actually get them – Exclusive creatures, achievements, etc.

Any in-game creature has traits that make them who they actually are. When a creature is made, it has the possibility of acquiring a certain trait randomly.

Also, It can be explicitly granted by the gamer using the trait editor, the user, or the creature itself in the game. Moreover, traits can actually change a creature’s attributes and/or look.

Unlock All Traits Worldbox 2023

Unlock All Traits Worldbox
Unlock All Traits Worldbox

These traits belong to the in-game creatures that we detail below, they’re specific to those creatures:

  • Acid Blood Trait – Slime and Aliens 
  • Acid Proof Trait – Slime and Aliens 
  • Acid Touch Trait – Slime
  • Attractive Trait – Lemon Man & Lemon Boi
  • Boat Trait – Boats
  • Bomber Man Trait – Bandits
  • Burning Feet Trait – Demons
  • Cold Aura Trait – Cold Ones and Snowman
  • Energized Trait – Fairies
  • Evil Trait – Necromancer, Demons, Evil Mage, and Fire Skulls
  • Fat Trait – Slime, Aliens, Snowman
  • Fire Blood Trait – Fire Skulls and Demons 
  • Fire Proof Trait – Fire Skulls and Demons 
  • Flesh Eater Trait – Candy Man and Candy Bear
  • Flower Print Trait – Fairies
  • Healing Aura Trait – Fairies
  • Immortal Trait – Skeletons, Mages, Zombies, Greg, etc.
  • Immune Trait – Plague Doctor and Eggs
  • Miner Trait – Dwarves
  • Paranoid Trait – Lemon Boi and Lemon Man 
  • Peaceful Trait – Any animal that does not attack, including kids
  • Poison Immunity Trait – Lemon Man, Snakes, and Lemon Boi
  • Poisonous Trait – Frog
  • Rat King Trait – Rat King
  • Rat Trait – Rat
  • Regeneration Trait – Aliens, Orcs, & Living Plants
  • Savage Trait – Orcs
  • Shiny Trait – Crystal Sword and Crystal Golem 
  • Strong Minded Trait – Dragons and Eggs
  • Strong Trait – Bear
  • Venomous Trait – Snakes
  • Weightless Trait – Bugs, Elves, and anything that’s really tiny
  • Zombie Trait – Zombies

Worldbox New 0.14.0 Update Traits

Unlock All Traits Worldbox

They are exclusive to some in-game creatures, new since update 0.14

  • Flesh Eater Trait – Restores health when attacking trait – Candy Man and Candy Bear 
  • Shiny Trait – Makes shiny trait – Crystal Sword and Crystal Golem

Worldbox Unlock All Traits – Achievements

Achievements – Because what’s the point?

  • Touch Grass – Go to Create and shape your game world choose the finger and literally, TOUCH GRASS
  • World War – Make Ten kingdoms have war with each other
  • Let’s Not – Fill an entire in-game map with wasteland biome (You can either rain acid on a small in-game map or nuke it but actually acid is more effective in my opinion)
  • Hell – Put 666 in-game demons on an inferno map (apparently some people get it with fewer demons and some require more so. it didn’t work when I tried but maybe I did something actually wrong)
  • The Great Plague – Have 1K People actually Infected By The Plague (Go to different powers tab and just rain the plague thing on people)
  • TORNADO – Put a tornado and then curse it until its actually big (curse power is in the different powers tab)
  • Destroy Worldbox – Go to other different powers then click the news option, then spam click worldbox logo until all the letters are actually gone. That’s it. Also, I think you get a trait but I do not know for sure.
  • King of Kings – Find An Unscarred King With twenty Traits (This map is not mine but this map has actually a king of kings and The Demon)
  • The Demon – Find an Unscarred Demon With Ten Traits or more (This map is not mine but this map has actually a king of kings and The Demon)

Achievements That Do Not Do stuff

These Worldbox achievements may be wont provide traits and maybe they are actually old here is the list:

  • Corrupted By The Order / Corrupted Trees – Visit to world laws and then click the trees in this order: 1 6 2 5 3 4
  • Last Resort – Drop a Nuke On actually gray goo
  • Lava Strike – Strike Lightning Into Lava
  • Love – Print an in-game Heart
  • Megapolis – Have a city with two-hundred humans
  • Middle Earth – Have a game world with villages for each race
  • Moisturize me! – Drop a piranha on land
  • Ninja Turtle – Get a turle to level ten
  • Planet Of Apes – Put a hundred or more monkeys in a jungle world
  • Sacrifice – Drop sheep into in-game lava
  • Super Mushroom – Use in-game powerup mushroom on a mush unit
  • The Princess – Bless a Frog in the game

About WorldBox

WorldBox is an amazing sandbox game developed and published by Maxim Karpenko in the year 2012. The game allows players to use different in-game elements to change, create, and destroy virtual game worlds. WorldBox is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems.


We hope you like this Unlock All Traits Worldbox guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide about WorldBox Unlock All Traits.

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