Twisted Wonderland Birthdays 2023 – (Dates & Events) [NEW!]

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Looking for Twisted Wonderland Birthdays? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Twisted Wonderland Characters Birthday that will help you to know all the character’s birthdays, star signs, houses, and Birthday Showcase.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is an amazing JP mobile game created by Walt Disney Japan and Aniplex. Also, if you want to stay on top of Twisted Wonderland birthdays so you can keep track of the in-game showcase events and snag yourself some cool cards featuring your favorite characters.

Now without further delay let’s start the Twisted Wonderland Birthdays details.

Twisted Wonderland Birthdays 2023

Twisted Wonderland Birthdays

Here are all the Twisted Wonderland birthdays with character’s star signs, and dorms.

CharacterBirthdayStar SignHouse
Lilia VanrougeJan. 1CapricornDiasomnia dorm
Malleus DraconiaJan. 18CapricornDiasomnia dorm
Cater DiamondFeb. 4Aquarius Heartslabyl dorm
Azul AshengrottoFeb. 24PiscesOctavinelle dorm
Sebek ZigvoltMarch 17PiscesDiasomnia dorm
Vil SchoenheitApril 9AriesPomefiore dorm
Ruggie BucchiApril 18AriesSavanaclaw dorm
Epel FelmierMay 6TaurusPomefiore dorm
SilverMay 15TaurusDiasomnia dorm
Deuce SpadeJune 3GeminiHeartslabyl dorm
Kalim Al-AsminJune 25CancerScarabia dorm
Leona KingscholarJuly 27LeoSavanaclaw dorm
Ortho ShroudAug. 14LeoIgnihyde dorm
Riddle RoseheartsAug. 24VirgoHeartslabyl dorm
Jamil ViperSep. 12VirgoScarabia dorm
Ace TrappolaSep. 23LibraHeartslabyl dorm
Jack HowlOct. 11LibraSavanaclaw dorm
Trey CloverOct. 25Scorpio Heartslabyl dorm
Jade Leech Nov. 5ScorpioOctavinelle dorm
Floyd LeechNov. 5ScorpioOctavinelle dorm
Rook HuntDec. 2Sagittarius Pomefiore dorm
Idia ShroudDec. 18SagittariusIgnihyde dorm

Twisted Wonderland Characters Birthday Showcase

Here is the list of all the Twisted Wonderland Characters Birthday Showcase

  • Lilia Vanrouge Birthday  → Jan 1 to Jan 7 – SSR Lilia card
  • Malleus Draconia Birthday  → Jan 18 to Jan 24 – SSR Malleus card
  • Cater Diamond Birthday  → Feb 4 to Feb 10 – SSR Cater card
  • Azul Ashengrotto Birthday  → Feb 24 to March 2 – SSR Azul card
  • Sebek Zigvolt Birthday  → March 17 to March 23 – SSR Sebek card
  • Ruggie Bucchi Birthday  → April 18 to April 24 – SSR Ruggie card
  • Deuce Spade Birthday  → June 3 to June 9 – SSR Deuce card
  • Vil Schoenheit Birthday  → April 9 to April 15 – SSR Vil card
  • Epel Felmier Birthday  → May 6 to May 12 – SSR Epel card
  • Silver Birthday  → May 15 – May 21 to SSR Silver card
  • Kalim-Al Asim Birthday  → June 25 to July 1 – SSR Kalim card
  • Leona Kingscholar Birthday  → July 27 to Aug 2 – SSR Leona card
  • Ortho Shroud Birthday  → Aug 14 to Aug 20 – SSR Ortho card
  • Riddle Rosehearts Birthday  → Aug 24 to Aug 30 – SSR Riddle card
  • Jamil Viper Birthday  → Sep 12 to Sep 18 – SSR Jamil card
  • Ace Trappola Birthday  → Sep 23 to Sep 29 – SSR Ace card
  • Jack Howl Birthday  → Oct 11 to Oct 17 – SSR Jack card
  • Trey Clover Birthday  → Oct 25 to Oct 31 – SSR Trey card
  • Jade Leech Birthday  → Nov 5 to Nov 11 – SSR Jade card
  • Floyd Leech Birthday  → Nov 5 to Nov 11 – SSR Floyd card
  • Rook Hunt Birthday  → Dec 2 to Dec 8 – SSR Rook card
  • Idia Shroud Birthday  → Dec 18 to Dec 24 – SSR Idia card

About Twisted Wonderland Birthday Showcase

A Twisted Wonderland birthday showcase is an amazing limited-time game event, celebrating the birthday of the main in-game character. Through the birthday showcase, you actually get a chance to pull the exclusive SSR Birthday Boy card, with the same rates offered to other featured cards in the game.

Your one-hundredth pull on the Birthday Showcase is sure to be the special birthday card if you have not yet received it. Also, there will be a special birthday story for the featured boy during the game event in Disney Twisted Wonderland.

How Long Will The Birthday Showcase Be Available?

Twisted Wonderland Birthdays

Birthday Showcases are actually available for a limited time period. It is usually for a week and will start on the date of each character’s birthday in the game.

Every Twisted Wonderland showcase features a special SSR Birthday Boy card, and your 100th pull on the Birthday Showcase is sure to be the limited in-game birthday card.

About Twisted Wonderland Game

Twisted Wonderland is an amazing mobile game developed and published by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. It is a Japanese RPG available for iOS and Android platforms.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Twisted Wonderland, where gamers take on the role of a protagonist who is actually transported to this mystical realm.

The game story revolves around attending the prestigious Night Raven College, a school where different Disney villains are reimagined as charismatic and attractive characters.

These characters are Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, “Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, and Diasomnia dorms. If you don’t play this Twisted Wonderland game yet so you should try them.


Hopefully, you like this Twisted Wonderland Birthdays details. In this post, we covered the latest Twisted Wonderland Characters Birthdays that will help you to know all the character’s birthdays, star signs, houses, and Birthday Showcase.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Twisted Wonderland Birthdays so comment section is always open for you, thanks for reading this cvomplete post.

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