Tricky Doors Walkthrough 2023 : (Complete Guide!)

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Looking for Tricky Doors Walkthrough 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the complete guide on Tricky Doors Walkthrough that help you to play the Tricky Doors game with more fun.

Now without further delay let’s start the Tricky Doors Walkthrough guide.

Last Post Update On – 14th June 2023

Tricky Doors Walkthrough 2023

The Tricky Doors game contains up to 8 challenging levels, and each one comes with different in-game objectives, mini-games, hidden objects, and puzzles to solve. The Tricky Doors available episodes are the following:

  • Magic World
  • Floating Islands
  • Locked Apartment
  • Amusement Park
  • Tricky Doors Circus
  • Secluded Island
  • Museum
  • Train
  • Theater
  • Antique District
  • Mars
  • Hospital
  • Ship (Coming Soon)

It may happen when you are playing the game the episode orders change. Therefore, you should use their episode names to find the Tricky Doors episodes Walkthrough. Playing games like Tricky Doors and Adventure Escape Mysteries is not actually easy.

They do not mention any list of objects you can follow to find hidden in-game items; therefore, you should rely on your puzzle-solving and object-finding skills. The more you play the game, the more you actually learn about it.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough – Level 1

As we mentioned above, there are 8th chapters in Tricky Doors, while the 9th episode is under development and will be released soon. Here we will explore the 1st episode and unravel how to actually find hidden objects, puzzles solve, and escape.

Continue reading Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level one to get all solutions and answers. It seems the whole storyline actually revolves around a writer, and the amazing magic world fascinated you.

The writer comes back to reality after getting a phone call, and as he started to do actually something, he found himself in the magical world of the book. Now, the writer needs your help to plan his magical world escape.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Firstly, collect an in-game key with balls near the treasure box and then get a broom located on its right side.
  • Next head to the mask above the treasure box to actually get a red gem from its eyehole.
  • Now click on the right area of the fireplace to simply clean the cobweb using the broom to get the 2nd key and add it to your in-game inventory.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • On the left side, you can find a handle and candle from the floor near the trapdoor. Click on the fireplace to get a figured key and add it to your in-game inventory.
  • Then get a potion recipe and ritual knife from the chimney wall. Use the ritual knife to get the rope from the left side of the in-game Chimney Wall.
  • Now head to the table on the left side to obtain a key and a doll with monograms.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Tricky Doors Walkthrough

Open the Trapdoor

Select and use all in-game keys from the inventory to open the trapdoor and then go through the ladder to get to the ground.

Open Area

The 1st scene was set in the house, but you are out of the house now to discover other in-game items that may help you to escape the fantasy world book.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Open Area – Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Click on the half-cut tree to actually collect an ax blade and attach it with the handle already available in your in-game inventory, but 1st, you have to handle the design using the ritual knife.
  • Collect feathers from the same game spot, drag pieces of wood on the platform, and now cut them using the ax to obtain in-game firewood.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Click on the bushes next to the wooden house to get berries, and they are actually the main ingredient in the Potion Recipe.
  • Then choose the Ritual Knife from the inventory and now obtain a Birch Bark from an in-game Tree of the Left Side.

Red Fire

  • Click in the “Red Fire” to go to the 2nd scene, where you have to get a handle from near the stone and add it to your in-game inventory.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Red Fire – Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Take an arrow out from the stone on the right side and choose an ax to cut down the tree on the left side to obtain an in-game Empty Cauldron.
  • Head to the water, and choose the ritual knife to get a lily from actually there.

Water Well

  • Take some steps back to the 2nd scene, where you may get water. Connect the Empty Cauldron with rope and then place the handle with the in-game wellhead. Throw the empty pot in the well to get some water.
  • Bring the pot of water out with an in-game key and add both things to your game inventory.

Click On The Red Fire

  • After getting near to the Red Fire, you should click on it, take the candle close to the fire to get the in-game burning candle and keep it back in your inventory. Now, do actually same with a doll to obtain an amazing smoking doll.
  • Click on the right side to frighten the snake using the smoking doll and then get a gem as the snake leaves its in-game spot.

Wooden House

Go back to your in-game wooden house and head to the treasure box, where adding a gem you just collected to run a mini-game.

  • So, add the gem and then play a mini-game wherein your objective is to get the green and red diamonds to their respective in-game places.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Wooden House – Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • As the mysterious treasure box opens, collect a net and stick from there and add it to your in-game inventory.
  • Connect a rope and stick to make a bow; meanwhile, connect features with the arrow.

Red Fire Area

  • Leave your wooden house near the red fire, where you need to throw a net into the water to get an in-game muddy treasure box.
  • Choose a ritual knife from the inventory and put it to cut the seaweed. Select and use the game key to open the treasure box to get a bottle.
  • Select and use the bow to actually bring an apple down from the tree and then add it to your in-game inventory.
  • Use the ritual knife to cut the in-game mushrooms on the right side and next add them to your list.
  • Now, go back to your in-game wooden house to make the dish following the recipe.

Wooden House – Make a Dish

Go to your wooden house then select the Potion recipe and add helpful ingredients, including Birch Bark, Seaweed, Mushrooms, Lily, etc

  • Head to the fireplace then select and place a water pot there, create a fire using the candle, and put some firewood. Add all useful ingredients into the pot and then take an apple stick with the arrow into the boiling solution to get an apple back into your game inventory.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Make a Dish – Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Next, select the bow to actually get a rope back using the knife and then leave the house for a while.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough

Click on the owls sitting on the tree to keep the light sequence emerging from their eyes in mind (Red And Red, Green, Green, Green, Green, Again Green, and Then Red).

Tricky Doors Walkthrough

Go Close To The Lake

  • You need to go near the lake and head to the statue on the right side. Then select and place the red color gem on the figure and click on them following the light sequence you actually found when tapping owls.
  • Once it gets totally completed, claim the crystal and then add it to your in-game inventory.

Wooden House

  • After getting an in-game crystal then go back to your wooden house and click on the painting located on the left side to add the crystal, so it throws the light appears on the table.
  • Click on the table to simply add a bottle to the stand. Now select the apple and click on the bottle to actually get into it.

Inside the Bottle

  • Select the ax from your in-game inventory then use it to clean the cobweb and get a handle from actually there.
Inside the Bottle - Tricky Doors
Inside the Bottle – Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • Click on an insect below the grasshopper then break its sting, attach it with the handle you have just collected, and tie it with the rope to actually get a Sharp Tool.
  • Next, remove the cobweb from the left side using a Sharp Tool you have just crafted and collect a Nymph from actually there.
  • Get a stomp from below the grasshopper to actually create it disappear from the scene.
  • On the left side, now you may discover a stone holding 2 cabins. Click on that area to unravel a mini-game and solve a tricky puzzle by merely setting the moving pieces according to the pictures mentioned above and finally getting a Golden Spatula.
Inside the Bottle - Tricky Doors
  • Head to the in-game eye-like objects on the right side and then pop one of them. Choose the Spatula to dig out a Bulb from the spot and then add it to your game inventory. Also Before leaving the area, do not forget to see the pattern drawn on a stone actually covered by a leaf. Get the leaf aside to see the complete pattern.
  • Leave the wooden house and then click on the head of the Red Light to see the complete area from a top-down in-game viewpoint.

Tricky Doors Red Light Area from a Top-down Perspective

  • To put off the fire, click on temples in the following order: On the left side, click on the first upper temple and then move to the right side and click on the lower temple. After that, click on the lower temple of the left side and move to the right side and now click on the upper temple to blow up the fire.
  • Afterward, select the Spatula to actually get ash aside in a pot, sow Bulb there and then wait for a while until a flower comes out. Now collect the flower of the insight and finally add it to your inventory.

Wooden House

  • Go to the in-game wooden house and then head to the table where you placed kept a table on the stand. Choose the stamp from your game inventory and use it to unlock the amazing book. Open the book to get an Amulet, Ink Recipe, and a key.
  • Leave a house briefly and then head to the cage on the left side of the open area, where your in-game objective is to unlock the cage using an Amulet. Give the bird a flower and then let it go leaving the cage.
  • Head to the cage to actually get a Blind Bird’s Feather. Then go back to the wooden house and go to the weight machine. Now open up the ink recipe and attach it with the nail on the left side.
Wooden House - Tricky Doors
Wooden House – Tricky Doors Walkthrough

Click on the cabinet above the in-game weight machine and then unlock it using the key from your game inventory to collect 3 jars.

Bottle World

  • Click on the bottle and get into the fantasy world where you click on the white flower to get Dew in the first jar.
  • Select the next flower to collect a Pollen into the 2nd bottle. Then to fill the 3rd bottle with orchid juice, click on the knife and cut the branch left side available.
  • Now leave the bottle world and then close the weight machine where you actually must keep all jars on the shelves.

Magic Ink

  • It is really complicated puzzle that you must solve at any cost to get an in-game magic ink. Completing the mystery is only possible when you actually read the ink recipe and use the proper weight machine. You have 5 empty bowls with numbers printed on them, including two, seven, six, five, and four. Your objective is to fill them with the said ingredient, such as Blue (6), Orange (5), Green (2), Pink (7), and Light Green (4). The number after the color actually represents the bowl.
  • After solving the complete puzzle, go back to the table and then keep the magic ink on it. Next, select the feather from the game inventory and dip it into the ink to write on the book. It actually helps you go back to in-game reality.

About Tricky Doors Game

Tricky Doors is an amazing Adventure, Single-player, Hidden Object, Puzzle video game developed and published by Five-BN Games for Android and IOS Devices. The game introduces 3D graphics and delivers dozens of fabulous scenes to mobile devices.

Finding hidden objects is not only your ultimate in-game goal, as you have to play mini-games and then reach the end to become the master in the game.

There are hundreds of rooms available, and finding the really creative way is almost impossible without the skill to see the creative way. Using an amazing point-and-click interface, you can interact with the objects and room; meanwhile, play mini-games to complete the best tricky quests.

You are tasked with opening the in-game doors of each room to escape. Additionally, you may discover a hostile world behind every door where exotic and familiar landscapes await you.

To escape every in-game location where the game throws you, enter the portal and unlock the latest locations to reach the end. Several epic game stories are available, and the game features an exciting search for amazing hidden objects.

Up to eight Chapters were added to the play; each has amazing objects to discover and complete the quests. The game starts with minimum difficulty but gradually increases as you reach top levels. Therefore, you should keep improving your puzzle-solving and hidden objects skills to become the master in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Tricky Doors Walkthrough guide. In this post, we covered the complete Tricky Doors Walkthrough that helps you to play the Tricky Doors game with more fun.

If you have any questions or feedback related to the Tricky Doors Walkthrough so comment section is always open for you.

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