Thronefall All Perks 2023 – (Best Perks) (How To Unlock!)

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Do you want to know how to unlock Thronefall All Perks? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get Thronefall All Perks details, Best Perks, and how to Unlock guide.

The Thronefall perks provide a nice edge to a relatively minimalist game. By providing different small upgrades in the form of perks, the game developers have made them essential to master for getting the best out of your in-game defenses.

Here, we will list all perks and how to unlock them and highlight the best Thronefall perks.

Thronefall Best Perks

Here is the list of best Thronefall Perks

  • Research Lab
  • Wall Runner
  • Economy Master
  • Ballista Towers
  • Siege Workshop
  • Combat Master

Thronefall All Perks 2023

Thronefall All Perks

Here are the Thronefall all Perks details

Fortification – Thronefall Perks

  • Stone Walls → Increases Stone Wall health & Dmg resistance
  • Guard Towers → Increase Guard Tower Dmg & range
  • Barricades → Increases Barricade health & Dmg resistance
  • Sentry Tower → Increases range of Sentry Towers
  • Spike Traps → Increases Dmg of Spike Traps
  • Ballista Tower → Unlocks Ballista Towers that deal big Dmg
  • Catapult Tower → Unlocks Catapult Towers that can fire over walls in the game
  • Wall Runner → Allows units to climb walls
  • Fortification Master → Increases health & Dmg resistance for all fortifications

Economy – Thronefall Perks

  • Tax Collector → Increases in-game money made from tax collectors
  • Merchant → Increases in-game money made from merchants
  • Bank → Increases the amount you can actually keep in the in-game bank
  • Marketplace → Increases in-game money made from Marketplace
  • Gold Mine → Unlocks gold mines which actually produce gold over time
  • Gem Mine → Unlocks gem mines which produce gems over time in the game
  • Woodcutter → Unlocks woodcutters which actually produce wood over time
  • Stonemason → Unlocks stonemasons which produce stone over time in the game
  • Economy Master → Increases in-game earnings from all economic endeavors

Production – Thronefall Perks

  • Builder → Increases builders speed
  • Laborer → Increases laborers speed
  • Smithy → Increases smithy speed
  • Workshop → Increases workshop speed
  • Library → Increases library speed
  • Mage Towers → Unlocks Mage Towers in the game
  • Siege Workshop → Unlocks Siege Workshops which actually make Siege Weapons
  • Production Master → Increases production speed of all in-game production buildings

Combat – Thronefall Perks

  • Swordmaster → Increases Swordmaster attack & health
  • Archer → Increases Archer attack & range
  • Spearman → Increases Spearman attack & armor
  • Cavalry → Increases Cavalry attack & speed
  • Catapult → Increases catapult damage
  • Ballista → Increases Ballista damage
  • Mage → Increases Mage attack & spell Dmg
  • Siege Engine → Increases Siege Engine Dmg
  • Combat Master → Increases attack & health of every unit in the game

Utility – Thronefall Perks

  • Scout Tower → Unlocks Scout Towers which improves the range
  • Teleporter → Allows you to move units between in-game teleporters
  • Research Lab → Unlocks the ability to investigate technology to actually improve units
  • Scrying Pool → Let’s you see the enemy base in the game
  • Morale Boost → Increases unit Dmg and speed for a short time
  • Healing Ward → Heals units for a limited time
  • Shield Ward → Gives units an in-game temporary shield
  • Utility Master → Improve the efficiency of all Utility abilities in the game

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How To Unlock Perks In Thronefall?

Thronefall All Perks

If you don’t know how to Unlock Perks in Thronefall so here is the complete process:

Perks become unlocked naturally from the game playing by completing different challenges, increasing your Lvl, and by using gold at the perk shop in the game.

It is always beneficial when a game has special in-game skills that can be actually unlocked from the gameplay, it is more fun to play at your best in every Lvl in the game.

About Thronеfall Game

Thronеfall is a gamе that allows you to build and dеfеnd your kingdom in a minimalist way. You can choosе from a variеty of titlеs and wеapons to customizе your systеm and fight off wavеs of еnеmiеs. Thronеfall is dеvеlopеd and publishеd by GrizzlyGamеs, thе indiе studio that also dеvеlopеd thе popular Islandеrs and Supеrflight gamеs.


We hope you like this Thronefall All Perks guide. In this post, we covered the Thronefall All Perks and how to unlock them and highlight the best Thronefall perks.

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