The Genesis Order Walkthrough – (March 2023) (Full Guide)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough

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The Genesis Order Walkthrough guide to unlocking everything – all events, scenes, locations, Max % of every update, and in-game characters.

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Progress through the prologue until the gym and farm are marked, that is where our walkthrough begins.

Recent Post Update – 02nd March 2023

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – First Steps

The Genesis Order Walkthrough
The Genesis Order Walkthrough
  1. Tasha: Her in-game shop (XXX) – Warehouse – Her Shop
  2. Purchase a workout shit (store), for in-game money go to Jon (warehouse)
  3. Workout with heather in Gym
  4. Move the hay bale (barn) – Then Push the rest out of the barn in the game
  5. Get in-game Money from Jon (warehouse), purchase the shovel (shop) and farm figurines to make money
  6. NPCs & Free Roam –
    • Give x1 figurine to actually Strip Center NPC for $200
    • Get the wallet (Apartments – Right alley) – Give it to Channel Four NPC – Get the Car Fob (Shop – Right Outside), and then give it to the Channel Four NPC for a chest key
    • Open the chest outside (upper side left corner) the main in-game house of the farm to get the First key
    • Go to the shop and purchase enough decorations for your in-game house to call Hanna, but you will require pages, and there are actually no pages so far

V07012 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  1. Go to apartments – scenes & events
  2. Store – Purchase Jump Shoe
  3. Gym – Buy membership – Then check the locker area (right – upstairs) – Get the jump shoe (lower right corner) – Get the phone (locker on top)
  4. Go to Strip center – Grill – Then talk to Ella (pink hair) – Get out and also get into Tasha’s shop
  5. Forest
  6. Free Roam and  NPCs –
    • Chest key: Wikes Mansion – To garden – Right side
    • Page: Apartments – Then left alley
    • Wikes Mansion – Enter – Left Upstairs – Search the statue under the left tree (garden)
    • Catch the angry cat (Tasha’s shop outside) – Then give it to the NPC (C*ndos)
    • Booty Call: Purchase the Outfit for Erika – some best decorations – Then call Erika
    • Purchase the new scene in Tasha’s shop

V09013 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  1. Church: Talk to Judy – Then move the box (lower left corner) near Chloe – Next get the Shredded cable (the same floor actually Judy was) – Now get the crafting recipe (to the right of Chloe & Judy)
  2. Ray’s Farm – Enter the in-game house
  3. Shop – Purchase the metal detector ($140) – Then go to the dock and get the fishing thimble – Go to the warehouse and then get the Cable Crimp – Now find the other Cable Crimp and the lock pick in Ray’s in-game Farm
  4. Craft the Rigging Cable and then talk to dad (father) Brian in the church
  5. Police: Enter the building – Then go right – Top left door – Next complete the minigame (all up) and get the access card – Now leave the room – Exclamation mark – Enter the code : 102 (is her actual address, check the c*ndos if you really want)
  6. Free Roam & NPCs –
    • Chest key – church garden located lower right corner
    • Page – Open the chest (church – Attic)
    • Booty Call – Call to Erika (New Page)
    • Purchase the new scene in Tasha’s shop
    • Lillian (wikes mansions) requires help but seems that you can not help her yet

V12021 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Apartments – Ella – To Gym – Larry (red shirt) – Strip center – Gift (exclamation mark) – Then Apartments – Ella
  • Heather’s house – Help Header and  Carol (Back of the in-game house) – Ray’s farm – Barn – To get the fertilizer (top right) – Water the plants (button of red hose)
  • Barn – Get the in-game crafting recipe (top left) – Apartments – To Right door – Ella’s bedroom – To get the Leather Straps – Heather’s Backyard – Get the wood handle (top right) – Then Heather’s Kitchen – To Get the Dull Blade (table) – Use Angelcrafting and now craft the Machete
  • Forest – Help Chloe and Hanna – Use the Machete (Right bushes) – To get the Artifact Piece – To give it to Jonathan (Warehouse):
  • NPCs & Free Roam –
    • Chest key – Farm at the lower right corner
    • Police Station – Talk to the policeman – Then Test
    • Dick Grill – Talk to the beautiful girl – unknown locker key – Open the gym locker for 250 dollars
    • Page – Open the chest (Forest – Waterfall)
    • Booty Call – Call to Ella (New Page)
    • Purchase the new outfit and photo (shop)

V14022 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Go to the apartments (meet Erika) – Search the Lockpick (outside the mansion, right side) – Then Use it on the locked chest (Enter the mansion – To front door – To right stairs) and get the in-game Mansion Room Key – To Back to the office – To Right stairs – First door – Next, get the Burner Flip – Back to the office – Left stairs – Now Check the paper (Morgan 142) – To Unlock the Burner Flip (142)
  • Activate x2 Gargoyles inside the mansion in that game
  • Go to Eve Cathedral (Meet Chloe) – Then Go to Eve Cathedral again (take the lockpick outside and then activate the Gargoyle) – To Enter – To Go left (Activate the Gargoyle) – Outside – Now Get the Mysterous Key
  • Farm – Meet Carol
  • Enter the mansion – To the front door – left stairs – Then Open the locked chest (silver statue)
  • Free Roam And NPCs –
    • Get the Cheese : Mansion – To front door – Then right stairs
    • Give the cheese to the rat (outside the shop – left side) and then get the key
    • Shop: Purchase the picture

V16031 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Farm : Drive Shaft Recipe – To Search the Ingredients – Craft it (Angelcraft) – Then Give it to Hannah
    • Bearing – Warehouse at the Top right corner
    • Rubber Boot – In-game warehouse to the right of the car
    • Grease: Purchase it (Store)
    • Broken Drive Shaft – Unlocked after finding the best recipe
  • Farmhouse – Get the lantern – To go back with the girls (Cave)
  • Then go home
  • Police Station – Warehouse – Police Station – To Go right – Convince David – Interact with his computer (!) – Then Go left – Left – Up (Basketball court) – To Go down – Now go through the door (right side)
  • Free Roam And NPCs:
    • Police station – Turn the valve (outside) – Left (need more grease from the shop) – To get the ball from the girl’s restroom near the basketball court – Now try luck and then get the chest key
    • Farm – Cave – To open the chest for a new page
    • Talk with the girl in front of XX shop – To find her crucifix
    • Cathedral – Chop down the bushes (right side) – To get the crucifix – Then give it to the girl
    • New Page : Mansion – Front door – To Right stairs – Right – First door
    • Collectables : x2 photos + x2 Booty calls (shop and XX shop)

V19032 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Police Station – Then Enter – Right – To Talk to Lilian (wikes mansion) – Then activate the Fifth gargoyle (number on the floor)
  • XX Shop – Enter and talk to Nellie – Then go to wikes mansion and use the key with both locks (located near Melissa)
  • Push the blue color block onto  one of the two switches (on the floor) next stand on the other
  • Heather Home – Upstairs – To Bathroom – Then Get the suntan oil
  • Upstairs – To get your clothes – And then break the Jar to get a key
  • Free Roam And NPCs –
    • Activate the Fifth Gargoyle: Farm – Up – Cave – Up – Then Go upstairs and get the Page (open the chest)
    • Get the Shovel: Wikes Mansion – To Upstairs Left
    • Shop – Purchase the outfits and the pictures and Call Carol

V21041 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Heather’s Home: Upstairs – To Bathroom – Then Change clothes – Pool – Kitchen (go right) – To Change Clothes
  • Farm: Break the Jar (Outside – Right) – Then Get the Aloe Lotion recipe:
    • Hand Lotion – Heather’s Laundry room (right of the in-game Kitchen)
    • Basic Container: Store (100 dollars)
    • Aloe Plant: Farm – Then Go North twice
    • The essence of Medicine: Cathedral – To break the Jar to get the Old Book – Then Another Jar Inside – To Left stairs for another old book – Now Right Stairs – To Make an offering (bronze idol)
  • Craft Aloe Lotion and give it to Chloe – Then Leave the house
  • Gym – Cathedral –  To enter and get Judy’s clothing, go back, Go right, then break the jar, Seed of Knowledge Recipe
    • x3 Old Book – You have actually x2
    • The essence of Intelligence – You really have it
  • Go outside – To remove the plants (right side) and go right – Then right again – To Go up. Go inside – Then Right – To get the batteries from the clock on the wall – To give the batteries to Larry (Gym)
  • Free Roam And NPCs:
    • Shop Outside – Talk to the man – Then get another Aloe Plant (same location) and next give it to him to get a Chest Key
    • Go to where you actually find sister Judy and open the chest to get a new page in the game
    • Last Old Book: Wikes mansion – to right stairs – first door – then enter and look left – to Craft Seed of Knowledge
    • New Booty Call, In-game picture

V23044 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  1. After the call – Police Station – Then Talk to the Girl (!) – Talk to David (go right) – Purchase an empty box from the store – Place a silver Figurine inside – Police Station – Next Give it to the girl (!) – Now Talk to Andrea (upstairs)
  2. Purchase the formal Suit (Store) – Purchase Wine (Dick Grill) – Andrea’s Home – Break the Jar for the Seed of Strength Recipe (Requires Step Four):
    • First Dumbbell – Gym (lower left corner)
    • Second Dumbbell – Police Gym  (basketball)
    • Third Dumbbell – Farm Second Floor
    • Essence of Strength – Break a Jar (Eve Cathedral)
  3. Visit Judy (Cathedral – her room) for an in-game scene
  4. Visit Hanna (Farm) – Complete Step Five
  5. Enter the police station, then go left and break the Jar to unlock the Soot Cleaner Recipe –
    • Soap – Heather’s Home – Upstairs – To Bathroom
    • Sodium Carbon – on a loose ivy patch in the game (Andrea’s home)
    • Phosphoric Acid – Break an in-game Jar at Dick’s
    • Basic Container – In-game Store
  6. Eat the seed of strength recipe and then break metal jars
    • Andrea’s home – Golden Figurine
    • Police station Second floor: Lockpick – Use it with the safe (First floor) – get the belt – then give it to the man upstairs – Open the chest at Andrea’s home (to the left of the door) and then get a new page for Ella

V25051 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • First Go to bed
  • Police Station – Melissa – Search Andrea (Upstairs) – To Enter Channel Four building
  • Break the in-game jar in the Interrogation Room (Police) for a Metal Hook – Channel Four building the Second floor – Go right and then get the rigging cable and the grapple hook actually from the table
  • Wikes Mansion – See the gargoyle (outside – to the right side – third floor)? then click on it
  • Police Station – Scene – To Melissa’s office (right side)
  • Free Roam And NPCs –
    • Forest Waterfall – Gold Figurine
    • Church – Outside – the left side of the building – to get the key
    • Mansion – New area (Just go forward and then before you exit you will actually see a chest on the left) – get a new page in the game
    • Purchase the dress and the picture – To Booty Call (Lillian)

V27053 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Go to strip center – Eve Cathedral – then enter – to go left – upstairs – break the jar – to get the Glass Plane Recipe:
    • Sand – Left bank of the waterfall
    • Limestone – Dock, creak the weak rock
    • Coal – Back garden of the in-game mansion
    • Sodium Carbonate – Enter the mansion from the actual back garden of the mansion and then get the plant (the right fireplace)
  • Give the best glass pane to father Solomon (Eve Cathedral)
  • Police Station – Upstairs – To Downstairs – Right – Then Melissa’s office
  • Eve Cathedral – To Right – Judy’s dorm
  • Forest – Follow him – Eve Cathedral – Then Tell Father Solomon – To Get the in-game Holy Water Bomb Recipe:
    • Holy Water – Purchase a basic container (shop) – To use it with the cathedral’s fountain (entrance)
    • Chalice – Eve cathedral Attic (upstairs left – to top floor)
    • The essence of Intelligence – Give an amazing offering (Eve Cathedral’s upstairs right)
    • The lid of Extreme Holiness – To activate the Gargoyle near the Sodium Carbonate location – Then go to the 2nd floor (new area) of Eve Cathedral
  • Show father Solomon the Holy Water in-game bomb –
  • Free Roam And NPCs –
    • Search a key near the new toil*t in Eve’s Cathedral and then open the chest upstairs to get a new page in the game
    • Booty Call – Hanna – To New Page in the game

V29061 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Apartments – Talk to them – then go outside – to break the jar and get the two-sided di*do recipe –
    • Empty package – Break the in-game Jar inside (left)
    • Di*do x2: buy them at X shop (200 dollars)
    • Glue: Buy it (store)
  • Craft the in-game item and give it to Ella (apartments)
  • Police Station – To Heather’s home – Then go upstairs and break the Jar (Chest key half) – To Enter Chloe’s room (right) – After the voyeur scene (outside) get the dumbell (in-game garden, right side)
  • Police Station – To go left, talk to de policeman and pay him 200
  • Free Roam –
    • Church – 2nd Story (go left & upstairs) – To get the Old Book
    • Apartments – Ella’s room – To Pick up something (not actually sure what was) – Go outside and find the second chest key half (Right building – Second floor – First window)
    • Purchase Glue (store) – open inventory and then click on the glue
    • Farm – Second floor – To left room – Then open the chest and get the new page in the game
    • Boorty Call (Carol) and Pics (Sotre)
    • Channel Four – Enter and then talk with the exclamation mark – break the Jar for 300 Dollars – Get the bag of junk (lower left corner) – Then elevator – x2 bag of junk – To go right – Then Another bag of junk. Purchase a box ( Store) – To Inventory – Then Click on the Box and then fill it with x4 junk – To Give it to the receptionist (Channel Four 2nd floor) – Talk to her in-game boss and get 2000 dollar

V31062 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Farm – To Break the Jar (lower left) for the Hatchet Recipe in the game
    • Axe Head – To Wikes Mansion – On the Roof (located left side)
    • Handle – Enter Wikes mansion, to get the Chapel key half, then cross the mansion until you actually come out the back, and go down the in-game path to the left
    • Grip – Andrea’s home (roof)
    • Glue – Shop
  • Craft the hatchet – Farm – Then Go north – Chop the tree – To go left – chop another tree and get the Farmhouse key – Now enter the farmhouse
  • Wikes Mansion – Dinning Room – To Break the jar for the chapel key half – Then combine both chapel key half (Purchase glue if actually needed) – Now go behind the mansion – Right path – To Clear the rocks – Enter – Investigate the crystal – Next open the chest (462) to get the artifact segment
  • Andrea’s home (get an aloe plant by the farm if you do not actually have one)
  • Free Roam –
    • Forest – North – To Chop the tree for the Second chest key – To attach both chest keys (need glue) – Farm – North – North – Left – To open the chest and then get the new page
    • Booty Call: Lilian – New in-game page

V33071 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Eve Cathedral – To Heather’s house – In-game Apartments
  • Shop (outside) – Break the jar and then get Rubber Waste
  • Warehouse – Get the key – Give the in-game key to Erika (apartments)
  • Warehouse – Click on the tree (located left) to get Wrench, and on the tree (right) to get the in-game Grippy Shoes Recipe:
  • Police Station (outside) – To Fix the water with the wrench – Warehouse – Then Fix the old truck with the wrench to get in-game rubber boots
  • Give Carol (Heather house) some rubber boots and the grease
  • Eve Cathedral – Father Solomon’s bedroom  – To get the old shoe – Heather’s home roof – Then get the other old shoe and craft the Grippy Shoes
    • Old Shoe x2 – Father Solomon’s bedroom and Heather’s home roof
    • Rubber Waste – you actually have it (step 2)
    • Glue – Purchase it (shop)
  • Eve Cathedral outside – Go up to the roof (left part) – Then tell them you fixed the roof – To find a note with a clue in the attic – Next father Solomon’s bedroom – Now open the safe (code = 215)
  • Heather’s home – To Go back to the room of the last scene and then open the chest for an in-game page

V35072 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Police Station: Go to your in-game desk – To go left
  • Eve Cathedral: Get inside – To Go right
  • Gym
  • x3  Chisel – Eve Cathedral (roof), Wikes Mansion (roof), and Farm (red building roof)
  • Eve Cathedral – Break the underground in-game wall
  • Gym – Upstairs
  • Free Roam –
    • Police station: Upstairs – To Click on an object to the right and below the fountain to actually make it fall – To Downstairs – Then get the chest key
    • Eve Cathedral underground – To get the locker in-game key (shining item) and open the chest with the chest key for an in-game page (Carol)
    • Gym: Downstairs – x2 locker in-game keys (front wall, colored stones) – To Upstairs – Then Click on the lockers for Shinto Shrine Bell, To Dumbell, and unbreakable pick
    • Eve Cathedral underground – Open the chest in the game
    • Purchase everything (shop) and call carol

V37081 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Police station – Right (Melissa) – Wikes Mansion – To go upstairs (right stairs) and then downstairs – Next open the chest with your lockpick (same room as the previous in-game scene) – Now go left and activate the gargoyle
  • Eve Cathedral – Go underground (Enter, go left, second room, and downstairs) and then get the blow torch
  • Farm – Caves behind the farm – to open the chest – then use the torch with the TNT – To enter – Now reach the blue item – Next, follow her
  • Heather’s house – Pool
  • Free Roam –
    • Get an amazing old book from Wikes Mansion (same room as the First scene)
    • Strip Center – Man with an exclamation mark – To make fire for him
    • Farm – Fire the barrel near the red building actually to get the chest key
    • Wikes Mansion – Upstairs Left – x2 left – To Open the chest and then get the page
    • Call Nellie and Purchase everything (Pic and Outfit from the shop)

V39084 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Wikes Mansion – Talk to Erica inside – Forest – Then Up – To Beehive (get Honey Comb) – Give honey to actually leper in lilian’s kitchen (mansion)
  • Heather’s Home – To get the toothbrush from the church (enter, then go left – bathroom) – To Strip Center
  • Wikes Mansion – Talk to the policeman (Backyard) – Then Press on the barrel (backyard) to get the essence of strength – To go right and search Kimberly near the entrance of the cave (get Wireless Transmitters)
  • Strip Center – Inside the shop – Then open the chest (top right) to get a dumbell
  • Farm – To up – Then Enter the left field Find the chest key among the plants – in the left area of ​​the field there is actually another treasure
  • Wikes Mansion – Open the chest (Kitchen) to actually get the page, and use in-game Wireless Transmitter Locations:
    • First: Enter – Front Door – To Go left – Then Upstairs
    • Second: Craft seed of strength for +1 Strength – To Kitchen – To move the bottom barrel – Then enter the room – Now get the driver’s license and place the wireless
    • Third: Enter the mansion – To left stairs – Then go left x2
  • Free roam –
    • Purchase video (xx shop) and pinup (normal shop
    • Dock – Interact with the in-game barrel

V41091 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Shop – Purchase the Treasure detector – Farm – To the right of the house, outside (Hanna’s profile) – Then Go home
  • Farm – To Open the chest outside the farm to actually get the recipe for Goat Dessert:
    • Corn – Go up and then get out from the field (right side)
    • Barley: Strip center – Grill – Purchase it (500 Dollars)
    • Oats – Get the hacksaw from the Farm – Then Barn – To Top right; Get the Rubber Toe from the in-game bathroom (Farm – Upstairs – middle door) – and then fix the sink to get the closet key – Now go to the food pantry (farm First floor), get the recipe and open the chest to get oats
    • Soybeans – Lilian’s Kitchen (Wikes Mansion – front door – then right stairs – go right) – actually right side
  • Craft Goat Dessert – To Farm – Up x2 – Then save the goat – Now go left
  • Shop – Purchase Rubber Wrap – Gim First floor – open the chest to actually get Rubber Heel – Below where the goat was is the Rubber Sole – To use Angelcraft and craft Wading Shoes – Then use the wading shoes on the trunk in the middle of the creek, where the goat actually escaped – Now get the artifact segment
  • Enter the farm
  • Free Roam –
    • Warehouse – Open the chest in the game
    • Eve Cathedral – Judy’s room – To Downstairs – Left path – Then Down – Open the chest – Jump in the water – To open the chest to get a new in-game page (Lilian)
    • Wikes Mansion – Another best and easy chest inside

V43092 – The Genesis Order Walkthrough

  • Channel Four: Get inside – To go to the shop – Strip Center – Grill  – Then Strip Center – To Shop
  • Farm: Get the chest key half (to the actual right of the wooden cart, under the red color shed) – Warehouse (get the in-game package) – Strip center – To Shop – Then Give her the package (to get the in-game Love potion)
  • Farm: after the in-game scene – To enter the farm’s main building – Then Get Carol’s profile (lower left corner) – To Pantry (get the catnip) – Condos – click on the cat to get the second chest half key – Shop – Purchase Glue – To merge the keys
  • Finally, go to the Farm – Enter the Cave – Up x3 – To Get the silver statue (lower right corner) – Then Go down x2,  Right, Next cross the river, Up – And get the craft of bullets – Now cross the river and open the chest (New page) – Get out and talk with the attractive girls
  • Shop – Purchase the upgrade – Phone – Then Call Nellie


Hopefully, you really enjoy The Genesis Order Walkthrough. In this guide, we covered The Genesis Order Walkthrough to unlocking everything – all events, scenes, locations, Max % of every update, and in-game characters.

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