Tarkov Lighthouse Map 2023 – (Map Info!) (March 2023)

Tarkov Lighthouse Map

Hello, friends are you looking for Tarkov Lighthouse Map? So you are at the right spot here you will get a complete guide on escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map.

Lighthouse is the new map in Escape From Tarkov Game. which arrived with patch 0.12.12. While some gamers rush to learn more about the map, loot, and its extract points. we decided to remain balanced between updates and quests, gradually getting to know Lighthouse.

So, where are all the exfils on Lighthouse in the game? In this post, we will provide you with a map that will help you pinpoint your Lighthouse Map much easier, and then find an extract point closest to you. So without wasting time now show the light house map Tarkov.

Last Post Update – 16 March 2023

Tarkov Lighthouse Map >>

Here is the Tarkov Lighthouse Map with all details

Tarkov Lighthouse Map
Credit – JustinPai

The light house at Cape Dalniy was a really important strategic object on the way to Tarkov. During Contract in-game Wars, it was the key entry point for USEC units and they used it as their base of operations.

During the conflict, Scavs took a fancy to this spot, until the old owners came back, who decided to stay in Tarkov and start their own order that is the description of the lighthouse map Tarkov.

Tarkov Lighthouse Features >>

Lighthouse is the only map to feature the Rogues faction in the Tarkov. At the water treatment plant, Rogues are stationed on grenade launchers and machine guns emplacements, with patrols around the area. Guards will perform suppressive fire on opponents who come too close.

Gamers on the USEC faction, however, will not be opened fire upon quickly, unless they are in a group with a BEAR. Instead, the Rogues will tell the gamer to leave the area, only shooting at them if they do not actually leave. If a USEC gamer fights the Rogues, they will be treated as hostile by them for the next few in-game raids.

The lighthouse itself is not accessible – the bridge connecting the mainland to the lighthouse is covered by a sniper which will shoot and kill gamers if they try to actually cross.

If you win the Tarkov lighthouse mpa be aware of Minefields and Border Snipers in the game.

Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Map >>

Here are the escape from Tarkov lighthouse map and the credits for the raw 3D map of the Lighthouse go to Vectornine. We have just reworked it a bit for a more clear picture. If future changes happen, they will be included in the map.

Tarkov Lighthouse Map

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map extract points that are from SCAV, PMC, and BOTH

  • Side Tunnel – Requires both Scav and PMC to extract together
  • Armored Train – Like on Reserve Train extract
  • Road to Military – Requires Roubles, Car extraction
  • Industrial Zone Gate – Rusty metal door
  • Path to Shoreline – This extract works every time no matter where you spawn, you can look at Shoreline’s swamp in the actual distance
  • Northern Checkpoint – At the end of the in-game road where a truck is crashed through the wall
  • Scav Hideout at the Grotto – On the beach, on the outer side of the rocks, have to jump through the hole to get actually there
  • Southern Road – At the beach or at the fence, shares the same zone as Southern Road Landslide for Scavs
  • Under the Landing Stage Hideout – Under the home, next to the Jaeger’s buried barrel stash
  • Mountain Pass – Above Resort, at the very end of the map, requires Paracord + Red Rebel
  • South Road Landslide – At the beach or at the fence, seems like it shares the same zone as Southern Road for PMCs

Also If you would love to see additional stuff highlighted on the map look at it below. Aside from the extracts, the map includes hidden stashes, items, and other various assets it possesses.

Tarkov Lighthouse Map
Credit – Jindouz

Conclusion >>

Hopefully, you like our Tarkov Lighthouse Map post in this post we covered everything about the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse. Also, would you want to get more Escape from Tarkov map updates then follow the game’s official Twitter account – @tarkov.

If you have any feedback or questions related to this Tarkov Light House Map then comment on us we love to here your unique thoughts.

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