Strangers of Paradise Mods (Boost FPS!) (March 2023)

Strangers of Paradise Mods

Looking for Strangers of Paradise Mods 2023? So you are at the right spot here you will get the complete Stranger of Paradise performance mod guide.

The PC port of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin game does not live up to expectations, but a new Strangers of Paradise mod could improve the game’s performance, providing you are happy with everyone being in-game bald.

The workaround allows gamers to disable high-performance assets to boost stability and fps, but you will have to do without Square Enix’s spectacular in-game haircuts. Now without wasting time let’s start the Strangers of Paradise Mods guide.

Last Update On – 17 March 2023

Strangers of Paradise Mods 2023>>

Strangers of Paradise Mods

The latest update patch for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin game is out and boosts performance on consoles. Despite the fixes, it is not yet addressing all of the frame rate problems gamers are experiencing. That said, PC gamers have discovered a funny way to boost non-console performance.

The majority of the time, games will ship out with less than ideal performance. This sometimes happens on PC only, or perhaps only on consoles. In terms of the Stranger of Paradise game, players on both console and PC have experienced frame rate and slowdowns issues.

So, how to actually fix this? Usually, a bigger patch might resolve these issues. Rather, a Stranger of Paradise mod is turning characters bald to assist the game’s performance when playing Final Fantasy Origin. Here is what happening with this funny turn of Stranger of Paradise events.

Turning Characters Bald Improves Performance >>

Reddit user u/MorrisonGamer posted that they discovered a great way to use a Stranger of Paradise mod to increase PC performance. Overall, this is not unheard of Mods help PC gamers do everything from upgrading graphics, to releasing framerate loads and locks of more fun add-ons.

That said, it is not that the Strangers of Paradise mod’s success is based on such an odd element of the game-changer. Making your in-game characters bald with this particular Stranger of Paradise mod really improves the performance of Final Fantasy Origin on PC – thinks like weird, right? But here is why it actually works.

PC Gamer actually first reported that @AkiraJkr1 (Twitter user) was sharing online videos that linked to why frame rate drops on PC were affecting to the point of a drastic extent. In the sharing videos, things such as shading and even the fur of an in-game character’s coat slowed down the game to mere single-digit frames every second.

If you are actually familiar with video game performance, then you can easily know the details better. However, the gist is that some details of the game were slowing down everything. Actually funny enough, they were not even necessary parts of the game. It’s just folks, hair.

Referring back to u/MorrisonGamer’s Reddit post – a Stranger of Paradise mod can significantly improve performance slightly. The caveat is that actually yes, Stranger of Paradise in-game characters will be bald. It is not that huge of a deal, particularly if it helps the game run.

Mods Do More Than Just Improve Things >>

This whole Strangers of Paradise event is just another example of why we think the gaming community is so special. In general, the online side of gaming discourse gets not have a good reputation.

There are many players who make a lot less noise doing a whole lot for the consumer side of the gaming industry. Dedicated modders and tech-savvy players work continuously on projects that really make the games we love better.

Final Words >>

Hopefully, you like this Strangers of Paradise Mods post. In this guide, we covered everything about the Stranger of Paradise performance mod that makes everyone bald and the stranger of paradise mod improves performance on pc in a weird way.

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If you have any questions related to Strangers of Paradise Mods then the comment section is always open for you, Happy Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin gaming.

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