Signalis Endings Guide 2023 : (Unlock x4 Endings)

Looking for Signalis Endings? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get the all endings of Signalis. The different endings of Signalis have actually different requirements. This includes speed, enemies killed, and some use of in-game items. There is even a Signalis secret ending.

Signalis has multiple in-game endings to view and actually unlock, and these are mostly based on gamer performance, such as the number of opponents killed and time spent exploring the in-game mysterious base. The Signalis endings themselves will actually show different outcomes for the main hero Elster and her allies in this amazing horror title.

Because the Signalis endings can get tricky, it is a best idea to play casually for the 1st time through Signalis. Then, once one understands the in-game level layout and the opponent’s placement, one should concentrate on a different in-game ending.

Also, this will make tasks like opening up safes and conversing ammo much more convenient in the game. Now without further delay let’s start the Signalis Endings Guide.

Signalis Endings – Regular Endings

Signalis Endings

Gamers should note that as part of the game story, there is a fake ending that actually depicts Elster dying while returning to the in-game Penrose ship. However, one should not be actually quit and fooled.

Gamers simply have to wait a few seconds, and Signalis will actually restart, showing that the main in-game character only sustained heavy damage in the game. Most real endings will actually show Elster with makeshift repairs, including a new gray chest plate and right arm.

For the remainder of the Signalis game, the following in-game endings depict Elster’s exit from the hellish underworld and their arrival at the in-game Penrose. These Signalis endings are actually determined by previous gamer actions.

This includes the number of opponents killed, times Elster actually died but continued, and the total time spent in a single save.

The Cowardly Ending

This is the cowardly ending achieved by staying at high health, avoiding combat, and having a long playtime by searching and talking often.

This Signalis ending actually shows Elster getting to the Penrose but having no recollection of her mission or friends. She will actually exit the ship and die without remembering what occurred in the game.

The Balanced Ending

The balanced ending of Signalis is actually achieved by being medium at everything in the game. Avoid battles, but also do not linger to find around essentially, speed run to try and actually beat the game within 5 hours or less.

As of this time, Elster will actually locate Ariane aboard the Penrose. Even so, they do not quite recall one another and easily lie down, waiting to die in the game.


The most aggressive Signalis ending is gained by heavily damaging opponents, sustaining wounds without bothering to heal, and often dying in the game but choosing to reset instead of quitting Signalis.

Like the previous in-game ending, Elster will actually find Ariane, but this time remembers her decision to euthanize her friend in the game. Then Elster will choke her friend to death and then slowly wait to in-game die herself.

Signalis Endings – Secret True Ending

Signalis Endings

The really true conclusion of Signalis is titled Artifact. It is actually gained by finding all 3 special in-game keys: Eternity, Sacrifice, and Love.

Next, gamers will have to go to certain in-game floors of the compound, then to a certain named room, and now, use the radio and tune into a frequency in the game.

KeyRoomFloorRadio Signal
EternityDark Bedroom8F Leng065.000
LoveIsolation Room2F Leng096.000
SacrificeItou BackroomsRotfort240.000

Once all keys are collected, gamers have to actually use them to unlock a passageway right before the final opponent at Rotfort. Inside will be an in-game locker containing a Lilly Flower.

As long as gamers leave this flower in their in-game inventory, the Signalis ending will override all other possibilities. Elster will actually use it to override the real world and build an endless loop where she and Ariane will be at peace.

Signalis Promise Ending

These are the best tips to unlock the Signalis Promise Ending:

  • First, take your time, the longer the game lasts the good
  • Kill all the opponents you can (the best way to extend the game)
  • As long as you have your opponents controlled, play with low health as much as possible
  • Then take as much in-game damage as you can
  • Next die often when facing in-game bosses, and several times when facing the final enemy or boss
  • Now avoid talking to NPCs and stay in safe zones in the game

Signalis Leave Ending

These are the best tips to unlock the Signalis Leave Ending:

  • Kill only essential opponents to progress
  • Heal as quick as you can
  • Then talk to as many NPCs as you can
  • Next check all the in-game doors, even the ones that are actually locked
  • Now spend at least ten minutes in each safe zone in the game

Signalis Memory Ending

Here are the best tips to unlock the Signalis Memory Ending:

  • It is almost a speedrun, you have to complete the game in less than six hours
  • Avoid killing unnecessary opponents, run and kill the righteous ones
  • Also, Avoid being hurt
  • Next, avoid talking to NPCs
  • Now avoid spending time in safe areas in the game

It is like the previous Signalis ending, but actually at the full speed.

Signalis Secret Ending

here are the best tips to unlock the Signalis Secret Ending

Unlock the safe before battling the final enemy or boss, to unlock the safe you will require x3 keys:

  • Key of Love – 2F Leng Isolation Room (cage to the bottom right and radio frequency) = 096.000.
  • Key of Eternity – 8F Leng > room after the dark in-game room that needs the flashligh (shelf between beds and radio frequency) = 065.000.
  • Key of Sacrifice – Rotfort (Itou Store Backroom > Boxes and radio frequency) = 240.000

After getting all 3 in-game keys, solve the puzzle in Rotfort and then open the safe on the other side of the passage in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Signalis Endings Guide. In this post, we covered the endings of Signalis that will help to complete the game with more fun and ease.

If you want to share any feedback related to Signalis Endings so comment section is always open for your suggestions and feedback.

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