Short Sword 5e In DnD – (Update!) (Complete Guide)

Short Sword 5e

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Short Sword is an amazing, light, piercing melee weapon in DnD. Now without further delay let’s start the Short Sword 5e guide.

Short Sword 5e

Short Sword 5e

The short Sword weapon was actually a smaller version of the longsword, although longer than a dirk or dagger. It featured many of the same parts, such as a generally cross-guard, grip, double-edged blade, and pommel.

The blade was typically twelve​ to ​twenty inches (0.3​ – ​0.51 meters) long with a sharp point in the Dungeons & Dragons.

Short Sword 5e Attributes

Here is the list of Short Sword Attributes melee weapon (sword, martial)

  • Category – Items
  • Damage – 1d6
  • Damage Type – Piercing
  • Item Rarity – Standard
  • Properties – Light, Finesse
  • Weight – Two

Short Sword Varieties

  • Butterfly sword
  • Katzbalger commonly referred to as cat gutter, is the type of thick and short sword from the Blade Kingdoms, sometimes carried by hippogriff cavalry and Blade Captain
  • Wakizashi is a slightly arched shortsword widely used in Kara-Tur

Notable Short Swords

Ilbratha –

  • Azoun has a short sword and lost 389 DR in the game.

Shadowflash –

  • The short sword of Vhaeraun in the game.

Short Sword Appendix

Here are the details of the Short Sword Appendix


Novels –

  • Waterdeep
  • The Fanged Crown

Video Games –

  • Icewind Dale series
  • Baldur’s Gate series

Shortswords Vs Rapiers

Short Sword 5e

Shortswords vs Rapiers actually depends on what do you want out of your in-game character and what is available to you.

According to the Player’s Handbook –

  • Rapier – 25 gp, 2 lb., Finesse, 1d8 piercing
  • Shortsword – 10 gp, 2 lb., Finesse, light, 1d6 piercing

Rapiers and Shortswords are two types of martial weapons.

They both weigh two pounds (if your table cares about that kind of in-game thing), and they are both special weapons, so you will use your DEX rather than STR for your damage and attacks. 

Those are all they have in common, and your typical shield and sword, medium- to heavy-armored character does not really care much for anything else.

They will almost certainly be using a weapon with larger in-game damage output, and this debate is actually moot. 

Additionally, a rapier is 1d8 and a short sword is 1d6. The in-game damage difference is not considerable, meaning that your in-game character’s flavor will determine the ultimate decision in this debate for most casual gamers who think simply about these things. 


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