Shattered Throne Map 2023 – (Destiny 2) (Dream City!)

Shattered Throne Map

Looking for Destiny 2 Shattered Throne Map, so are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Shattered Throne Map that will help you to destroy Vorgeth and Dul Incaru without losing your mind.

Shattered Throne Map – At this point, a door opens at the other end of the in-game room, revealing a hidden area where the enemy is hiding. The teams actually meet in this room, and a gamer surveys the area as the door closes and the battle begins.

After you kill the 1st wizard on the left then you make your way around the room as a group in a direction of clockwise. Going down, the descent is rather linear, and there are some enemies Shattered Theone map.

Now without any delay let’s start the Shattered Throne Map guide.

Shattered Throne Map 2023

If you actually get lost in the game then look back at this map and keep an eye on your radar for your opponent’s pings. Travel to the map southern part and remove or kill the opponents to finish the encounter. The Infinity Snake symbol is actually located at the top of this in-game map, and you can go to that map location to kill opponents.

Once all the opponents are dead then a symbol will appear that will actually lead you to the map. In search of this symbol, you can run around the whole in-game area and kill all opponents in the group before you are sent back to where you actually started. Kill the final in-game boss and then your target for the card of the shattered Throne is finally reached.

Shattered Throne Map
Shattered Throne Map

The Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2 location may not be obvious to gamers who have not yet spent time discovering it, but it is really easy to find. Approach the big portal and see the in-game quest banner for the dungeon.

The Shattered Throne dungeon is the least complicated part of Shattered theone map but can be actually time-consuming if executed properly. It’s available every 3 weeks on the Curse of the Dreaming Cities and it’s actually a curse. The curse is a really strong one in Dream City, where gamers have access to a nightmarish world known as the Shattered Throne.

Shattered Throne in the game, you will come to a sizeable Cathedral-style building with the in-game symbol of a diving bird on the back wall.

The fastest way to get to the shattered Throne is to reach the landing zone of the Dreaming City and grab the left wall in the game. The entryway to the Broken Throne is actually at the back of the in-game room, from which a light emission emanates in the game.

This map shows the 1st complex area of Shattered Throne, also called as the Labyrinth. Navigate this in-game area with ease with this useful fan-made map. One of the 7 sanctuaries in the Labyrinth, this map is actually known as the Labyrinth, a series of images that describe predefined queries.

The gamer must return to Eleusinia and kill the 3 hidden bosses on the shattered Throne in this in-game quest. Also, you also have to clear the 7 cathedrals on the map to beat the encounter.

It’s actually run by the primary manager of the Shattered Theone map, the Wizards Monitor, to gather the spheres that drop 4 wizards (their own, an opponent, or an entourage) and store them in one of the 4 circles, one of which is actually a light field.

After meeting the 4th wizards and their entourage and killing them than actually collect the balls you drop and place them in one lantern in the middle of the in-game arena.

A fire-fighter assignment identifies a gamer who is actually damaged by Vorgeth projectiles. Solo gamers who want to stay perfect can use Witherhoard and Anarchy to inflict permanent in-game damage on Gareth.

Anyway, if there is one thing Destiny 2 Shattered Throne is all about, it is actually leaders. Whether you treat the in-game card as a collection of pro gamers or try to create it on your own, this post is the first Prison of Destiny 2 with significant in-game resources. This strategy mainly works best with a group of solo gamers, according to Godspeed.

Destiney 2 Dream City

The pro gamer community has created a beneficial map for the 1st area of Erebus. Whether you are discovering the place for the 1st time with a group of pro gamers or trying to explore it on your own, this map will be actually a significant advantage.

Stunning as the spectacle of the shattered Throne is, gamers who want to defeat opponents best with armor and high stats must repeat the Dream City weapon.

To locate Dream City in Shattered Throne, the Guardians have to kill Dul Incaru before his curse consumes the entire in-game region. As soon as you defeat him, the game’s internal description is that the scourge recedes every 3 weeks.

Like Predetermin2 in the game, the Shattered Throne Map scales the attacking gamer, but not by a large number of in-game attacks. Each new dungeon is a mini-raid that can be actually completed by a team of 3, with triumphs at the in-game end. Strikes function as clear missions targeted at cultivating the map into something more than an ordinary minor attack, highlighting the unique mechanics of platform formation under immense conditions in the game.

There is a good chance you will have to complete the new dungeon, The Shattered Theone map, as actually a part of a mysterious boxing quest, so make sure to check out our post. The new in-game jail will appear in Curse of the Week, so if you are planning on completing it, find the one you actually want and get the exotic bow in the game.

The Forsaken expansion is the 3rd expansion in The Shattered Throne and the 7th expansion in Destiney 2 game history. The fall to the shattered Throne is massive, increases the power of the gamers, and balances them out to the soft cap of the current season in the game.

It’s an ideal opportunity to be the supreme overseer of the in-game map of the shattered Throne. There is a giant ogre that protects 4 wizards and their entourage from opponents. It is actually powerful enough to crush an ogre and guard the 4 sorcerers, each with his entourage of opponents in the game.

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Shattered Throne’s Loot Table

It differs from other dungeons in Destiny 2 game, the Shattered Throne’s loot table is actually shared across all encounters. Any encounter you actually complete or chest you open will reward you with any in-game item from the Dreaming City.

Armor that drops from this dungeon has actually a chance to be a high-stat piece, dropping with more than 60 total stats with spikey distributions. Also, this dungeon houses Wish-Ender’s Exotic quest in the game.

Abide The ReturnSword (Adaptive | Solar)
Pallas GalliotShip (20 Percent Drop Chance)
Retold TaleShotgun (Void | 65 RPM)
Reverie Dawn BootsArmor (Boots)
Reverie Dawn ChestArmor (Chest)
Reverie Dawn Class ItemArmor (Class Item)
Reverie Dawn GlovesArmor (Arms)
Reverie Dawn HelmetArmor (Head)
SleeplessRocket Launcher (Arc | 15 RPM)
TigerspiteAuto Rifle (Kinetic | 600 RPM)
Twilight OathSniper Rifle (Solar | 140 RPM)
VouchsafeScout Rifle (Void | 200 RPM)
Waking VigilHand Cannon (Arc | 140 RPM)

Shattered Throne Map Enemies

Below we mentioned the Shattered Throne Map all enemies list:

Part One – The Labyrinth 

The Labyrinth 

Labyrinth Enemies –

Here is the list of Shattered Throne Map Labyrinth Enemies

  • Taken Hobgoblins
  • Major Taken Captains, Minotaurs, and Phalanxes
  • Taken Thrall
  • Taken Acolytes

Part Two – The Hike 

The Hike 

The Hike Descent Enemies –

Here is the list of Shattered Throne Map Descent Enemies

  • One Taken Captain
  • Taken Phalanxes
  • Taken Minotaurs
  • Taken Hobgoblins
  • Taken Knights

The Hike Catwalk Enemies –

Here is the list of Shattered Throne Map Catwalk Enemies

  • Taken Ogres

Part Three – Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger 

Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger 

Vorgeth Encounter Enemies –

Here is the list of Shattered Throne Map Vorgeth Encounter Enemies

  • Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger
  • Taken Wizards (Keepers of the Petitions)
  • Taken Vandals
  • Taken Goblins

Part Four: Dul Incaru 

Dul Incaru 

Dûl Incaru Enemies-

    Here is the list of Shattered Throne Map Vorgeth Encounter Enemies

    • Taken Psions
    • Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return
    • Three Abyssal Champions (Hive Knights)


    Hopefully, you like this Shattered Throne Map guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on Shattered Throne Map that will help you to destroy Vorgeth and Dul Incaru without losing your mind.

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