Sentinel Feat 5e – (Update!) (Complete Guide)

Sentinel Feat 5e

Looking for Sentinel Feat 5e? so you reach the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Sentinel Feat 5e.

DnD 5e is an amazing game that takes all kinds. From tanks to Bards to half-orcs and halflings, regardless of race or class, all beings, have a place in this game. 

Within DnD game mechanics, sometimes it’s essential to give up certain things to get others. You may forgo a sneak skill in favor of charisma for wisdom or heavy armor or intelligence. All gamers have to make sacrifices at some point to create an entirely unique in-game character. 

That does not mean gamers can not use their strength for good in combat. The Sentinel Feat in 5e actually allows the more robust and faster to take care of the squishier and weaker. There are many more martial classes that are well suited to the Sentinel feat in the game. 

Now without further delay let’s start the Sentinel Feat 5e guide.

Sentinel Feat 5e

Sentinel Feat 5e

When you have the Sentinel feat, whenever the dungeon serpent crawls within your in-game range, you’re granted an attack of opportunity. Thus, temporarily sparing one of your soft friends.

Your attack of opportunity will also reduce the target’s speed to actually zero and you stop it in its tracks. The in-game target is stuck to the side of you and must interact with you, or you will clobber them to death in the game. 

What Does The Sentinel Feat Do In DnD?

Imagine your Barbarian sees a mighty basilisk slithering over the dungeon floor, ignoring you and moving toward your in-game party’s supporting wizard.

You are aware that his soft spellcasting body cannot actually sustain many bites from this beast before giving in to saving throws. 

How To Use The Sentinel Feat In 5e?

The Sentinel feat in 5e instantly provides you an attack of opportunity if the target within range tries to escape in the game. They thought they could actually get away, but they were totally wrong. The Sentinel 5e feat forces the creature to face you and hopefully be disposed of by you.

It will never have a chance to capture your in-game companions. Even disengaging as an in-game bonus action cannot help your target once you have set your eyes on defeating a foe in the game. 

In 5e, the Sentinel feat also provides you an in-game boost on a standard attack. If a creature within 5 feet tries to hit someone other than you, you have the option to use your reaction, an instant response to an external trigger, to initiate a melee attack.

While you do not reduce their speed, you actually have the chance to reset the in-game creature’s focus. Be sure to let them know that you’re the right size to be picked on in the game. 

Is Sentinel A Good Feat In DnD?

Sentinel Feat 5e

Yes, particularly for certain classes. Sentinel Feat 5e works well with the Barbarian class. Barbarians are always up for a battle. Once rage is actually engaged, Sentinel will boost the in-game damage potential of the Barbarian’s swing. Also, it also provides the Barbarians a way to make sure the battle comes to them.

The fighters are also on the front line in battle in the game. Sentinel feat 5e works well with this class. Fighters have a strong constitution to actually take a few hits from a slow attacker and take the heat off the Bard, who is constantly getting into difficulties. 

Sentinel 5e feats are also well suited for the heavy-hitting tank class Paladin. Protecting Bards from unwise choices is the Paladin’s job. They will have a good time slowing down and being patient with foul things that threaten their honor and their friends. 

Builds For The Sentinel Feat

Here is the list of great builds for the Sentinel Feat 

  • Fighters
  • Rogue
  • Monk
  • War Caster
  • Polearm Master

Final Thoughts On Sentinel Feat 5e

The Sentinel Feat 5e has many benefits, mostly for tanky classes. Constructing the ability to withstand attacks from a pinned or distracted foe is crucial. It would likely pair well with classes with strong attacks. Despite this, classes that depend on concentration-based spells will not see any good benefit.

In any case, the Sentinel feat is suitable for those muscular character builds in the game that have a sense of commitment to their group. It’s an incredible defense feat and it also matches with other strongman feats like the Battle Master feats or Great Weapon Master.

Choosing Feats in DnD

Make sure you keep your playing style in consideration when choosing Sentinel Feat 5e. It’s best to match your in-game character’s weapon ability and speed to the right feat to maximize utility and attack power. 

DnD 5e is a great way to express yourself. All the feats that 5e provides add adaptability and depth to your in-game character. All you have to get started can be found in the Player’s Handbook. You can actually use the Sentinel feat in 5e to strengthen your character.

Choosing the Sentinel feat 5e can assist you to select your gameplay style, developing your character, and getting started.

Hopefully, you like these Sentinel Feat 5e guide. If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Sentinel Feat 5e so comment section is always open for you.

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