Sea Piece Trello & Discord Link 2023 (Game Wiki & Guide!)

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Looking for Sea Piece Trello & Discord Link so you reach the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the Sea Piece Trello link & discord link that will really helpful to know more about the Sea Piece game and its gameplay.

Sea Piece is an amazing action role-playing game developed by Mvngo DEV for the Roblox platform. In this Sea Piece game, you will be creating an in-game character and attempting to level up in the world of the popular manga, one piece, and anime.

If you want to get the most information on how to do different things in the Sea Piece game, you will require to search the web for certain things. Here we will show you where you can get Sea Piece Trello so you can learn everything that you need to know about the Sea Piece game.

Post Update – 24th June 2023

If you want to get some information about the Roblox Sea Piece game so Trello is the best option. On the Sea Piece Trello page, you can get all the helpful information about the Sea Piece game and its gameplay, characters, and many more.

Sea Piece Trello Link is below you can simply click on the link then you will reach the Sea Piece Trello page. The Sea Piece Trello page contains details on styles, weapons, devil fruits, obtainables, NPCs, boss raids, races, accessories, and many more.

Sea Piece Trello Link – Click Here

If you want to join the Roblox Sea Piece players community so the best option is to join through Discord. Here is the Sea Piece Discord link you can simply click on the link and join the Sea Piece community.

Sea Piece Discord Link – Click Here

Roblox SEA Piece Map

Here is the Roblox SEA Piece Map

SEA Piece Map

Roblox Sea Piece Trello – Races Guide

There are different races in the Roblox Sea Piece game. Each in-game Race has its own perks and characteristics. Below, we have shared a list of Sea Piece game races;

  • Human Race – No benefits
  • Fishman Race – Gain the ability to water swim with devil fruit and 25 percent extra damage with Fishman karate
  • Mink Race – Slightly faster dashing and 20 percent extra Damage with M1’s. Unlocks Sulong at level three hundred.
  • Cyborg Race – 15 percent DMG reduction.
  • Skypiean Race – X15 percent faster health regen and higher geppo.

Roblox Sea Piece Trello – Devil Fruits Guide

Devil Fruits are available in multiple grades in the Sea Piece game; 

Shiny Grade —

Shiny’s are not actyually obtainable through gacha. They are variations of pre-existing fruits and fruits in the future will have separate in-game skills.

Mythic Grade —

  • Buddha Buddha No Mi
  • Goro Goro No Mi
  • Mochi Mochi No Mi

Legendary Grade —

  • Mera Mera No mi
  • Yami Yami No Mi
  • Magu Magu No Mi
  • Hie Hie No Mi
  • Zushi Zushi No Mi
  • Pika Pika No Mi

Rare Fruits —

  • Suna
  • Gomu
  • Diamond

Common Fruits —

  • Diamond
  • Suna
  • Gomu

Roblox Sea Piece Trello – NPCs Guide

Here are the Sea Piece game NPCs details

Devil Fruit Shops —

  • Fruit Gacha – Buy one Random Devil Fruit for either 250K Beli, or 150 Robux (In-game money)
  • Fruit Dealer – Check what Sea Piece game fruits are in stock

Shop Keepers —

  • One Sword – Gives you 1 Sword Style
  • Fishman Karate Teacher
  • 2 Sword

Teachers —

  • Mad Scientist
  • Rayleigh
  • Big Hoss
  • Hooded Individual
  • Skypiean Elder

Others —

  • Bell –  Provides Ken haki progress. The level requirement is six hunread and requires Ken haki to learn.

Roblox Sea Piece Trello – Styles & Weapons Guide

Styles —

  • Fishman Karate
  • Fists

Weapons —

  • One Sword
  • Two Sword
  • Kiribachi
  • Pole

What is Trello?

Trello is a really good project management tool that peoples use to share information to write and edit cards. Roblox Sea Piece game developers also use this platform to share all the helpful information to their players.

So above in this post, we mention the Roblox Sea Piece Trello link you can simply click on the link and get all the valuable information regarding the Sea Piece game to improve your gaming experience.

Does Roblox Sea Piece Have A Wiki?

Currently, Roblox Sea Piece Wiki page is not available but you will get all the helpful information related to this Sea Piece game through Sea Piece Trello. Also, we expect the Roblox Sea Piece Wiki page released in near future. After the Roblox Sea Piece Wiki is available we mention the link here so you can simply find this.


Hopefully, you like our Sea Piece Trello & Discord Link post. In this post, we covered Sea Piece Trello link & discord link so you can easily get all the helpful information related to Sea Piece game.

If you want to share any feedback and suggestions related to the Roblox Sea Piece Trello guide so comment section is open for you.

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