Sakura Stand Trello 2023 – (Update!) (Trello Link & Wiki)

Sakura Stand Trello

If are you looking for Sakura Stand Trello, so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the official link of Trello and which is the most complete wiki of the Sakura Pro Max Team’s Roblox game.

Sakura Stand is an amazing game developed by Sakura Pro Max for the Roblox platform. In this game, you will be playing as an in-game character diving into the game world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Obtain strong stands that will increase your in-game power level as you battle through opponents and farm to grow your game character. See if you can handle everything the Sakura Stand game throws at you.

Now without further delay let’s start the Sakura Stand Trello link.

Sakura Stand Trello

Sakura Stand Trello

Below is the Sakura Stand Trello link that will help you to access the complete wiki of the Sakura Pro Max Team’s Roblox game.

Sakura Stand Trello Link – Click Here

Sakura Stand Trello Wiki

Without any doubt, the Sakura Stand’s best wiki is Trello. For those who are actually not very familiar with the Sakura Stand game and the Discord channel, it,s not really easy to find, but you just have to click on the Trello link that we provided at the start of this guide.

And we suggest that you pay attention from the very start, since the first sections are actually important, with a FAQ and explanations of the Battle System, Game System, Trade System, and Guild System, that is, the main mechanics of the Sakura Stand game.

Right after the details start, with the items, Stands, Non-Canon Specs, Specs, Non-Canon Stands, Dummies, Bosses, Enemies, Variants, NPCs, and Others.

It may appear scarce, but in fact, if you have to know where to find something, how to actually get it, the move sets of the specs, and the stands… it is highly unlikely that with a quick review you will be actually left with no doubts.

The actual truth is that it’s one of the most complete Trellos we have found, no information is missing, and there is no requirement to consult additional guides, search for a fandom wiki, or anything like that.

The information is detailed, up-to-date, and has the quality seal of being official content, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the Sakura Pro Max Team which is the developer of Sakura Stand.

If it can help you then here are some guides based on information from Trello, although grouped in a list format, to make it simpler for you to access all the information.

Sakura Stand Wiki (Gojo Satoru) – Items, Stand, Bosses

Here are some details about the Sakura Stand Trello Wiki of items, stand, and bosses

How To Trade?

Players can easily trade by sending a trade request by texting…

Trade (user1)

Accepting their trade request by trading back to the person who actually requests you.

Trade (user2)

Note – Trading has a one-minute cooldown.

How To Start A Battle?

Start a Battle is really simple by sending a battle request by texting…

Battle (user1)

Accepting their battle request by sending it back to the person who actually requests you.

Battle (user2)

Battle system – There can only be one battle going on at once and you can start a battle only when the 2 players are near each other.

Sakura Stand Emote 

  • /e crouch
  • /e bow
  • /e cd
  • /e pd
  • /e nod

Game OST

  • Island – Lakey Inspired
  • Zombies-Moongrains vs Plants
  • Lawn Reality! – Original Music! – Playing in the Fore!
  • Zombies (Pool) vs Plants
  • Earthbound/Mother Two – Summers
  • Lawn Reality – Original Music – Sunny Afternoon
  • Lawn Reality – Original Music – Carefree Days
  • Zombies vs Plants – Rigor Mormist

Sakura Stand Items Trello [Times 2 Box Rate]

Sakura Stand Trello

Stand Arrow

  • A mysterious arrow, I wonder what is actually special about it.
  • Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $100.
  • Using the stand arrow will actually grant you an in-game random stand.

Rokakaka Fruit

  • You have actually a feeling that eating this will take away your energy.
  • Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $75.
  • Eat the Rokakaka Fruit to actually reset your current ability/stand.

Stop Sign

  • Wow, A stop sign I wonder if I can actually use it as a weapon?
  • Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $750.
  • Using the Stop sign will actually give you a Stop Sign Spec.

Mysterious Camera

A myterious camera? What is so strange about it anyways? Also known as the camera…

Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $1500.

One Can be used in order to obtain seasonal stands which will actually depend on the current in-game season.

  • Use an in-game Camera during the Summer season to obtain Summer Time
  • Use in-game Camera during Summer (only during this 5M events),
  • Autumn and Spring season while it is raining to obtain Rainy Time
  • Use an in-game Camera during the Winter season to obtain Winter Time

Two can also be used to obtain The gameworld (postponed)

Stone Mask

Sacrifice your in-game blood to obtain power beyond humanity…
Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $1000.
Using the Vampire Mask will give you Vampirism Attachments.

Hamon Manual

  • Yooo I can actually become a Hamon user by reading this? Fr?”
  • Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $1250.
  • Using the Hamon Manual will give you a Hamon Spec.

Spin Manual

  • Obtained from Auddy’s Shop or from Box for $1250.
  • Using the Spin Manual will give you a Spin Spec.

Haunted Sword

  • “I can actually feel, a mysterious energy emitting within this in-game sword…”
  • Achieved from Hika’s Quest
  • Using the Haunted Sword will give you Anubis Stand.

Sakura Stand Trello Bosses [Times 2 Box Rate]

Here are the complete details about the Sakura Stand Trello Bosses

Chariot Requiem

Chariot Requiem behaves just like normal Chariot Requiem pilot mode except the fact that it is actually following its old owner’s will to protect the in-game arrow with their lives.

Sakura Stand Trello Bosses

You will have a twenty-five percent chance to get a special arrow upon killing this berseked stand. Which will actually be able to awaken an ability further powerful than a Stand, called Requiem.


Passive 1

The light behind you: Chariot is actually immortal, there is no way you can physically harm it in the game. The best and only way is to do a quick time event a yellow light orb appears actually behind you. The chariot will lose it is health every time you actually break it.

Passive 2

Chariot’s will: Every time chariot was taken damaged or physically hurt by the passive 2. It will have a three percent chance that it will drop its arrow, and anyone who tries to actually pick it up will be in-game damaged and knocked away by their own stand (Also will be knocked away even if you are a non-stand user [It is because the path-finding caused a lot of problems])

Passive 3

Soul Mutation: Anyone in the chariot’s range will actually mutate and take in-game damage over time. This can be stopped by getting out of range in the game.


The drops are:

  • Three percent worth to anyone who participated
  • Special Arrow to the highest in-game damage dealer (not available until the requiem system)

Sakura Stand Trello – Type Of Dummy

Here are the complete details about the Sakura Stand Trello type of Dummy

Normal Dummy

Ideal punching bag, No cowardice, No retaliation, No mental breakdown. Still standing till the last of its game life, coming down actually from a pure act of courage. A perfect solution for all you dummy tormentors in the game.

Blocking Dummy

Master of in-game self-defense martial art. Never an attack from mere mortals can actually create a scratch toward the hardened skin of these in-game dummies. Only those with iron willpower can cause such life-threatening but really painless damage to all grandmasters in the game. Very respectable.

Fighting Dummy

A fierce warrior. Incapable of moving, this savage demon still can wreak havoc on those who actually dare to stroll inside the attack range up to in-game pieces. Don’t, for a single time, underestimate their feral power in the game.

Reflecting Dummy

The blessest of all, This demi-god has, essentially, Epitaph actually enabled at all times in the game. It can reflect most of the in-game damage back to any challenger who dealt the attack damage, very tragic. Only a handful of moves can actually bypass epitaph and this godly being in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Roblox Sakura Stand Trello guide. In this post, we covered the official link of Trello and which is the most complete wiki of the Sakura Pro Max Team’s Roblox game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback related to Roblox Sakura Stand Trello so comment section is always open for you.

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