Rythm Discord Bot Commands Guide 2023 (March)

Rythm Discord Bot Commands

Rythm Discord Bot Commands 2023 – Here is the complete list of Rythm Discord Bot Commands that will help you to know more about commands for Rythm Discord Bot.

Rythm is the best and most amazing Discord music bot focused on one goal: to provide the best music experience on Discord. Rythm Bot offers a very comprehensive and intuitive feature set, so you can play music on your Discord server. Provides high-quality streaming of popular sources.

Last post Update – 9 March 2023

Rythm Discord Bot Commands (Complete List)

  • !remove: A song removes from already queueing created
  • !replay: Song replays currently playing
  • !skip: song skips that is currently playing
  • !seek: Helps to search music track particular point
  • !lyrics: Display the lyrics of the currently playing track
  • !loopqueue: Helps to entire song loop on the queue
  • !disconnect: Rythm bot from the server disconnects
  • !search: find a music source for a particular entry
  • !skipto: Any desired song on the queue skips
  • !loop: Loop the currently playing song
  • !ping: Bot’s response time checks to Discord
  • !soundCloud: SoundCloud for a song Searches
  • !move: Moves different songs of your choice backward or forward in the queue
  • !stats: Stats of the bot displays
  • !removedupes: Duplicates songs on the queue Deletes
  • !shard: Shard you are currently on displays
  • !invite: invite links displays
  • !aliases: This shows aliases of each and every bot command
  • !np: shows currently playing the song
  • !shuffle: Tracks on the queue shuffles
  • !info: Rythm contains information
  • !lay: Selected song Plays
  • !clean: Deletes commands and messages on the bot
  • !clear: Song on the queue clears
  • !volume: Current volume of the track adjusts
  • !donate: How to donate to the Rythm server displays information
  • !rewind: Currently playing song rewinds to any desired point
  • !forward: Song currently playing to any desired point forwards
  • !pause: Track currently playing pauses
  • !join: Helps to your voice commands bot respond
  • !settings: Rythm’s settings changes
  • !playtop: From the top plays the songs on the queue
  • !playskip: Adds a song queue & skips straights
  • !queue: allows a user to typical queue view the songs. If you have more than 1 queue, type the command & add the page number in front. (For example queue 7)

Slash Commands – Rythm Discord Bot Commands

  • /settings autoplay: Toggles songs auto-playing from a playlist when queue ends
  • /disconnect: From the voice channel Disconnect Rythm
  • /sotw: Songs of the week shows
  • /settings alwaysplaying: Always playing mode Toggles Rythm’s
  • /settings reset: Default Resets Rythm’s settings
  • /prune: Prunes Rythm’s commands and messages up to 100 messages
  • /playsotd: Song of the day plays
  • /search: Shows songs list that match the query search
  • /playnow: Immediately plays a requested song
  • /settings maxusersongs: How many songs the user can queue limits
  • /play: Requested song to the queue adds
  • /lyrics: Lyrics of the current playing song shows
  • /settings djrole: Which role is considered DJ Changes, roles named (DJ) will still apply
  • /settings announcesongs: Each song as it plays Toggles Rythm announcing
  • /sotd: Song of the day shows
  • /leavecleanup: Users that have left the voice channel Removes songs
  • /join: Your voice channel Summons the bot
  • /move: Moves a certain song to the 1st position in the queue or to a select position
  • /remove: Specific songs from the queue removes
  • /replay: Current playing song Resets the progress
  • /skipto: In the queue Skips to a certain position
  • /settings maxqueuelength: Size of the queue limits
  • /effects clear: All audio effects clears
  • /playtop: Top of the queue Adds a requested song
  • /help: About Rythm Shows information
  • /bassboost: Disables / Enables bass boosting audio effect
  • /effects list: Currently enabled audio effects shows
  • /loop: Current playing song Toggles looping
  • /settings prefix: Prefix used to address Rythm bot changes
  • /invite: How to invite Rythm shows information
  • /debug: Debugging issues shows helpful information
  • /settings preventduplicates: Help to prevents users from adding duplicate or copy songs to the queue
  • /forward: Certain amount in the current playing track Seeks forward
  • /rewind: Current playing track by a certain amount rewinds
  • /voteskip: Currently playing song Vote to skip
  • /sotm: Songs of the month shows
  • /shuffle: Queue shuffles
  • /clear: Queue clears
  • /slowed: Slowed audio effect toggles
  • /loopqueue: Looping the entire queue toggles
  • /seek: Current playing track Seeks to a certain point
  • /grab: current playing song Sends through direct messages
  • /pause: Current playing track Toggles pause
  • /summon: Help summons the bot to your channel voice
  • /volume: Current volume check or change
  • /nightcore: Audio effect Toggles the Nightcore
  • /ping: Time to Discord checks Rythm’s response
  • /effects help: All audio effects Shows in a list
  • /speed: Disables / Enables speed audio effect
  • /removedupes: From the queue Removes duplicate songs
  • /playsotw: Songs of the week plays
  • /resume: Current playing track Resume
  • /playsotm: Songs of the month Play
  • /queue: Currently enqueued songs Show
  • /nowplaying: Current playing song Show
  • /settings djplaylists: Queue playlists Only allow DJs
  • /settings defaultvolume: Default volume Sets
  • /skip: Currently playing song Vote to skip
  • /soundcloud: From soundcloud to the queue adds a request song
  • /settings blacklist: Usage of commands in text channels Blacklists (Toggle)
  • /settings djonly: Enqueue songs only allow DJs
  • /forceskip: Song that is currently playing force skips

Rythm Not Working or Lagging

  • First, look if it’s muted by the server
  • Then check that you have allowed the necessary permissions
  • Also, check that Rythm is online
  • Check audio settings
  • Exit the channel and now re-enter
  • As a last and final option close Discord & again reopen it

About Discord

Aimed at gamers, Discord is all in one voice and text chat. It functions as a chat app but offers even more features. In addition, it can also be used to create game groups, communities, etc. Many YouTube game streamers use Discord to connect with people on a better chat platform than YouTube.

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About Rythm Bot | Rythm Discord Bot Commands

Rythm Bot Commands is only for playing music on your Discord server. And it is quite a popular Discord bot as it currently works on more than 15M+ Discord bot servers. Since this bot is dedicated only to music, Beat Bot makes music playing a lag-free process. And it allows you to directly import YouTube playlists and search or play them from YouTube.

It also supports Twitch, SoundCloud, and a few other sources from which you can play music and provides one of the best music experiences you can get.

Use Rythm | Rythm Discord Bot Commands

It includes many features to ensure that the end-user has the best possible experience while using Rythm. Rhythm can play songs on your voice channel. In addition to playing songs, you can also play playlists, which are then added to the queue system. Also, Rythm can search for a song through your query and return the top ten results.

When the rhythm is playing a song, you can get the lyrics of the music. You can also use the song Rythm Discord Bot Commands followed by the song name to manually search for song lyrics. Now you can sing or organize a karaoke event with friends, even if you can’t remember the words!

While listening to the Rythm bot, you can control the player with useful Rythm Discord Bot Commands such as !search and !play.


Hopefully, you like this Rythm Discord Bot Commands post. In this post, we mention all the commands that are actually used in the Rythm Discord Bot. Also, You can provide your feedback about this Rythm Discord Bot Commands post in the comment section.

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