Rumble Blox Fruits 2022 – (Update) (Price, Moves & More)

Rumble Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits is an amazing pirate-based adventure game available on the gaming platform Roblox. The game is actually based on the classic One Piece franchise and was launched by creator Gamer Robot Inc. in Jan. 2019. Since the game was launched, it has attracted over 6.6B+ visits by gamers all over the globe and over 4M+ have favorited it.

Like many other Roblox games, Blox Fruits plays on the concept of “Devil Fruits” or “Fruits” to evolve and empower its gamers in the game. Players can actually discover these Fruits while exploring the map of Blox Fruits or even buy them directly using Robux and Beli from the friendly fruit vendor.

Devil Fruits provides gamers with powers to better their gameplay, such as teleportation capabilities, granting explosive attacks, and many more.

How To Get Rumble Blox Fruit?

The Roblox Rumble Blox Fruit is a popular type of Blox Fruit that belongs to the Elemental category in the game. From the Blox Fruit Dealer, it can be actually bought for $2100K (one of the five Blox Fruits currencies) or R$2,100.

Also, there is a remote possibility of getting it from the Blox Fruits Dealer’s Cousin in the game. There is a 2.25 percent chance that this fruit will be actually found in each stock, and there is a 2.31 percent chance that it will spawn each hour in the game.

Rumble Blox Fruit is one of a total of 13 fruits that, in their natural state in the game and exhibit a glowing effect (others being Quake, Human: Buddha, Love, Barrier, Phoenix, Shadow, Control, Venom, Soul, Paw, Gravity, and Dragon).

Rumble Blox Fruits Movesets

Roblox Rumble fruit has a total of 4 moves and also has one movement feature. Upon being awakened, the actual movement ability as mentioned makes use of something known as charges when actually using it. Every individual charge takes 10 sec. to recharge. The gamer can, however, use teleportation instantaneously in the game.

Here are the Rumble Blox Fruits Normal Movesets:

KeyNameMasteryTier Rank
ZRumble Dragon1 masteryB
XSky Thunder90 masteryB+
CSky Beam160 masteryA
VThunder Bomb250 masteryS
FLightning Dash30 masteryE

Here are the Rumble Blox Fruits Awakened Movesets:

KeyNameFragment CostTier Rank
ZLightning Beast500 FragmentsA
XThunderstorm3000 FragmentsA+
CSky Judgement4000 FragmentsA+
VThunderball Destruction5000 FragmentsS+
FElectric Flash2000 FragmD

Passive Moveset – It is actually called the Elemental Reflex and gives the wielder immune to all physical attacks in the game.

Rumble Blox Fruits Pros And Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of Rumble Blox Fruits Roblox

Rumble Blox Fruits Pros

Here is the list of Roblox Rumble Blox Fruits Pros

  • For the Z move, the longer the distance from the player to the target, the better the auto-aim gets in the game.
  • Super easy to actually grind with, if not the easiest to fruit to grind with, due to a bunch of stuns in the game.
  • Very good mobility.
  • Awakened Rumble F / Electric Flash is really fast with basically no startup. You can actually avoid moves very fast. This is also very good for running away from Bounty hunters in the game.
  • Awakened Electric Flash / Rumble F has a near-instant cooldown.
  • If you have a friend with Dark it can be actually useful because of V’s slow charge-up time.
  • Every in-game move except Sky Judgement and Sky Beam breaks Observation.
  • Meh damage, if some moves actually hit, however good damage if you can land all four moves.
  • All the stun make this fruit very good, plus each move almost complements the other.
  • Awakened Electric Flash / Rumble F can hit and damage opponents, which can shortly stun them.
  • Good for raids, because of its big hitboxes and long stuns (V move).
  • Large AOE (especially V and X move).
  • Long stuns.
  • Really good for boss grinding.
  • Elemental immunity.

Rumble Blox Fruits Cons

Here is the list of Roblox Rumble Blox Fruits Cons

  • Rumble V has really long start-up time.
  • Moves are actually slow (V1).
  • Awakened Electric Flash / Rumble F only has three charges and then has to recharge.
  • Actually Bad for aerial combat (V1).
  • Rubber players are immune to all Rumble attacks in the game.
  • Really high-end lag and startup times (V1).
  • Really high mastery levels.
  • Water, as all fruits (except Ice), unless you actually have Fishman v3 or v2.
  • Rumble X (awakened and unawakened) can not be used when the gamer is under a roof.
  • It actually requires you to be good at using other skills like swords and fighting styles, due to its meh output (V1).

Rumble Blox Fruits Facts

Rumble Blox Fruits

Here are some interesting and unknown facts about Rumble Blox Fruits

  • The Rumble Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits game is an amazing Elemental type of Devil Fruit.
  • The Ranking of the Rumble Devil Fruit is ‘B’ in the game.
  • The Rumble Awakening as of the 14th Update.
  • Rubber players are immune to all of any gamer’s Rumble attacks because rubber is actually an in-game natural electrical isolator, just like in real life (excluding moves from the NPCs and Thunder Gods). Remember that this also goes for Pole.
  • The weapon actually representing Rumble are Pole in 1st form and Pole in 2nd Form.
  • Gamer’s main motive while fully awakening Rumble is to get to Pole’s second form.
  • Shadow, Buddha V2, Rumble, Magma V2, and Venom are the only in-game devil fruits that deal damage on their F skill.
  • To awaken the Rumble fruit fully in the game, one requires $14,500 (excluding Pole Second Form).
  • Gamers can not use Rumble’s X to actually move in any place with a roof or cover over their in-game avatar (such as Magma Admiral’s volcano, Buildings, etc.)


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