Rocket League Knockout Controls (All Controls) (Feb. 2023)

Rocket League Knockout Controls

Looking for Rocket League Knockout Controls 2023 so you are at the best spot. Here you will get knockout bash rocket league controls that will really be helpful for gameplay.

Rocket League Knockout is an 8-player amazing game mode where gamers have 3 in-game lives at the start of the battle. The objective of the Knockout mode is to knock gamers on the opposing team off of the platform or eliminate them using special areas of the in-game Arena. In the match, the last remaining gamer is the winner.

Every Rocket League Knockout players want to know about complete game Controls to help that the winning chances are increased in the game. So now without wasting time let’s start the Rocket League Knockout Controls details.

Last Post Update : 24 February 2023

Rocket League Knockout Controls

Rocket League Knockout Controls

Here are all the Rocket League Knockout Controls that are used in the game.

  • L Key – Trigger For Drive Forward
  • RT – Trigger For Backwards
  • Rocket League controls for Knockout state that to “Grab” hold LT
  • These commands are more comfortable (right wrist problem)
  • We can not do a normal Attack because LT is driven forward.

Any idea on the right solution that does not require rebinding the drive forward to RT? Because that is not an option for us.

Rocket League Knockout Bash Controls

The 3 new mechanics will provide gamers a different experience in Knockout Bash: Attack, Grab, and Block. Each is somewhat as it actually implies. Attacks are an even stronger version of the dodge bash you perform in other in-game modes of Rocket League, with the speed of your vehicle determining the actual force you strike them with.

Of course, you can not expect the person you are attacking not to really try and stop it, and this is where Block can help. If you execute a Block at the proper moment in the game, your enemy’s assaults will be actually reflected back at them; still, if you mess up your in-game timings, you will be smashed.

Last but not least, there is Grab, which can be triggered by tapping the relevant button near an enemy and then dodging to launch them into the in-game air.

There are some more minor mechanics in play, such as Multi-dodges, Lock-Ons, Stuns, Jumping, Triple Jumping, and Boosting; yet, Attack, Grab, and Block are the really most important. You can know more about the secondary mechanics on the Rocket League official website.

Rocket League Knockout Controls Customize 

If you want to customize your Rocket League Knockout Controls so here are the best steps that will help you:

  • First launch Rocket League Sideswipe
  • Then click on the Settings icon (upper right corner)
  • Next click on Game Settings
  • Now click on Control Customization
  • Finally, you can customize your Rocket League Knockout Controls

How To Play Rocket League Knockout

As we all are aware the Rocket League is an amazing team game. But in the Rocket League Knockout bash event, there are eight players who play against each other. There is only one winner in the Rocket League game.

Gamers who are competing in knockout Bash event need to be really strategic and focused. This knockout mode of the game has a Safe zone which will actually shrink as the game progresses. Every gamer who is participating in this event has 3 in-game lives.

Also if you are knocked out of the safe zone in the game, you will have only ten seconds to return back, otherwise, you will have lost your one in-game life.

Safe Zone shrinks in this knockout mode as it shrinks in any different Battle Royale game. The match actually progresses steady, but after the six-minute it enters into a quick KO. This is the strategy of Psyonix to complete the game match Earlier.

How To Knock Out Players In The Rocket League Knockout 

You can simply attack your in-game opponent’s car then you can grab it, or also you can block the different attacks given to you by the other car. These are three main functions you can perform in Rocket League knockout bash events.

There are 2 attack mechanisms and 1 block mechanism is included in this model. In order you desire to win this event, gamers need to be focused on blocking and attacking as well. Because if you are blocking all the time after the six minutes passes it is really difficult to in-game survive.

So blocking and attacking is the key strategy to win this Rocket League Knockout event.

About Rocket League Knockout Bash

Rocket League Knockout Bash will feature Knockout, an automotive free-for-all where 8 gamers enter the Arena, but only one can make their in-game way to the winner’s circle.

Throughout this amazing Knockout event, gamers will unlock soothing Spring-themed rewards and free Golden Reward Baskets by completing different challenges in the game.

How Does Rocket League Knockout Work

You will have to master Rocket League Knockout’s new mechanics if you really want to survive in the game. Knock enemies out of the Safezone or into different Hazards to score a KO. Remember, the last player standing wins in the Rocket League Knockout game!

Here are Rocket League Knockout controls and commands description

  • Attack – Dodge into opponents to send flying.
  • Block – Backward dodge to reflect incoming in-game attacks back towards the opponent.
  • Grab – Hold the grab button after dodging to catch an opponent and Dodge again to throw.
  • Triple Jump – Gamers may jump once on the in-game ground and twice in the air.
  • Multi Dodge – Dodge players up to 4 times while in the air.


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