(New!) Roblox Shirt Template Transparent (August 2023) (PNG)

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Looking for Best Roblox Shirt Template Transparent 2023? So you are at the right spot here you will get all the latest and free Roblox shirt template transparent png.

Roblox has an amazing trick that will allow players to get the best Transparent Shirt Template. This will allow the player character to go in-game invisible and help sneak around.

The best part when you are using multiple objects it will allow adding an additional layer. So, check below and get your new Roblox outfit using the Transparent Shirt Template.

Last Post Update – 17th August 2023

Roblox Shirt Template Transparent – UPDATE!

Here is the Roblox Shirt Template that size width & height is 585×559. This is the maximum dimension size you can use for the shirt in Roblox. If you want to use the below template, then the transparent Roblox shirt template size will be automatically set for you.

If you are actually confused about how to read the transparent Roblox shirt template, then we will explain it. The top portion in the template is the torso, which indicates all of the angles that you will actually need to cover on the Roblox clothing.

Up is shown beneath the head of the outfit model, L is the left side, R is the right side, and down is shown beneath the legs. Think of the torso as a three-dimensional rectangle, and you should cover all of the sides. The dotted line is the body of a character that folds and flexes.

The Roblox character arms are below the torso, and it is actually similarly labeled to the torso. The up portion will indicate at the top of the arm and the down portion will indicate below the hand meets.

Roblox Shirt Template Transparent

To save the above Roblox image, just right-click on the image and select Save Image As option and place it in the folder you selected.

If you are using a mobile device then click on the image and hold on next choose to Add to the image or whatever option allows you to save the image on your device.

Roblox Transparent Shirt Template

The Roblox Transparent Shirt template is mainly used when you are designing a shirt that has areas or cutouts that will reveal the character’s body beneath. This is common with Roblox clothing with crop tops or holes!

Roblox Shirt Template Transparent

To get the Transparent Shirt Template for Roblox, long-press or right-click on the above image. Select the ‘Save Image As’ option and save the png file in any folder of your device. Remember that you save the transparent Shirt template as only a .png file.

How To Use The Roblox shirt Template?

First, open the Roblox website and login into your Roblox account. Then click on the Create button option. Next click on the Pants, Shirts, and Tshirts option from the left column.

Now click on Choose File and then upload the .png file. Finally, give the file a name and click on the Upload button. This will send the file for Roblox approval.

Once the outfit’s design gets approved, you will now use the Roblox custom transparent shirt template from the creations tab.

The Roblox template will allow you to create a custom shirt. You can even add it in between different layers so that you can simply add custom effects to your Roblox character. If you only use the Transparent Template then remember that your torso will be invisible.


Here are some questions and answers about the Roblox Shirt Template Transparent

Q. What is the size of the transparent Roblox shirt template?

Ans – The actual size of the transparent Roblox shirt template is 585×559 (width & height).

Q. How to save the Roblox shirt template?

Ans – The process is too easy right-click on the image template above and choose the “save as” option and then select the save location.

Q. Which image format is best for Roblox transparent shirt template?

Ans – The only image format that supports Roblox for transparent shirt templates is png so make sure that you can use png format.

Q. Can we make a shirt for free on Roblox?

Ans – No, clothing items can’t be sold for free on Roblox, the Shirts/Pants minimum amount is five Robux and for T-Shirts is two Robux.


Hopefully, you like this Roblox Shirt Template Transparent post. In this post, we mention the transparent shirt template Roblox and how to use it that template helps to make Roblox avatar invisible that’s really cool.

If you have any suggestions and feedback related to this Roblox shirt template transparent guide then comment on us, the comment section is always open for your valuable feedback.

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