Roblox Force Trello 2023 – (Update!) (Trello Link & Wiki)

Roblox Force Trello

Looking for the Roblox Force Trello link? So you reach at the right spot, here in this post, you will get the working Roblox Force Trello Link, Wiki & Discord Invite Link.

Force is an amazing Roblox game that is being created by Angeroast. Force takes place in an alternate game universe in the Star Wars universe, in which the corrupted authoritarian Empire won the battle against the Resistance and totally squashed them out of existence, forcing the survivors of their members that did not die amidst the conflict.

To flee to distant game worlds to seek refuge and attempt to live out the rest of their in-game lives in peace, now having no hope of actually defeating the Empire in the game.

Now without any delay let’s start the Roblox Force Trello wiki guide.

Roblox Force Trello

Roblox Force Trello

If you want some information on the Roblox Force game then you can simply find it by heading to the Roblox Force Game Trello page. Below is the Roblox Force Trello link you can click that link and you will arrive at the Trello page, which contains different details on how the Roblox Force game functions.

Roblox Force Trello Link – Click Here

On Roblox Force Trello, you will get some important information and guides about the game. Here is some of the Roblox Force information that you can find there:

  • Game Information – Lives & Wiping, Levels, Controls, Factions, Experience, Currency, Karma, Form Hunger, Injuries, Switcher, and many more.
  • FORCE all location
  • Game classes
  • A complete guide to the Skill Tree – Force-Sensitive Skills and Regular Skills
  • All Quests and NPCs in FORCE
  • All Weapons, Weapon Forms, Armor, Items, Saber types, Races, Accessories, and World Events in the game.

Roblox Force Discord Link

If you want to talk with the Roblox Force community, just head to the official Roblox Force Discord server. The link is Here:

Roblox Force Discord Link – Click Here

Roblox Force Wiki

If you want to get all the Roblox Force game information so check on the Roblox Force Wiki and the link is here:

Roblox Force Wiki Link – Click Here

Roblox Force Beginner Guide

If you joined the game and completely do not know what to do in the game, then This guide is for you!

First off you will start in the Astral Realm. Then here you will be able to select your gender and customize your hair/skin color. Also, you can see your in-game race here which will be one of the following:

  • Tweel
  • Zabrak
  • Sylis (Snake)
  • Okupi
  • Mythrol
  • Human

Base races provide minor buffs in the game, so your race should not be build-defining.

Remember that this Roblox game has a permadeath mechanic. You start with seven lives and as you lose or die them all you end up in Death’s Workshop in the game.

  • Life Orb – Stages

Next, you will most likely spawn in one of these 4 in-game locations:

  • Mos Relso
  • Sunlight Glade
  • Saro’s Repose
  • Taweret

To travel to another in-game planet you will have to access any transport ship. After talking to the ship pilot you will be given the following options: Tatooine, Illum, Kira, or Kashyyk. Select the one you want to go to in the game, all for free.

From here on out you will probably hear about classes and Basic Faction Info (Factions). There are currently 5 paths you can actually follow:

Stormtrooper, Bounty Hunter, Jedi, Sith, Rebel

To progress in some classes you will require not only credits but also Karma.

To become a Sith/Jedi and start your in-game training you have to do the following questline:

  • Lightsaber Quest – Part One (Deliver Message)
  • Lightsaber Quest Part Two (Flowers)
  • Lightsaber Quest Part Three – Kyber Crystal

After that, you will probably be wondering how to actually get EXP and money fast.

The main solution is Basic Postal Info (Postals),

  • Basic Commission Info (Commissions)
  • Basic Bounty Info (Bounties)
  • Ores Basic Info (Mining)

You gain soul points as you in-game progress which actually allows you to unlock class-specific abilities while meditating on the skill pads in the game. Skills the rest you should be able to figure out.

Roblox Force Karma

Karma – Karma is acquired when killing gamers from an opposing faction. Ex: Sith X Jedi/Jedi X Sith, etc.

Karma is accrued when killing gamers from your own faction. (This is presumed to be actually a false statement)

You are given two to five karma for killing a Base Class.
one to two Karma is taken when actually killed by a Base Class.

You are given three to five karma for killing a Super Class.
One to three Karma is actually taken when killed by a Super Class.

Roblox Force Faction Guide

In FORCE one can select what to progress from 5 different factions. After progressing the gamer gets a special icon in the in-game leaderboard representing the class.

The gamer may also select to climb ranks in the Discord and Roblox group thus getting titles and perhaps even in-game benefits coming from it ex, Lore Ranks.

The Jedi Order

The Light Side warriors with their main temple being on Illum. Their rankings are as follows:

  • Jedi Council
  • Grandmaster
  • Master of the Order
  • Jedi Master
  • Youngling I
  • Padawan
  • Youngling II
  • Initiate
  • Youngling III
  • Force Sensitive
  • Jedi Knight

The Jedi Order also has 3 different divisions being:

  • Jedi Consulars with Jedi Grand Overseer as the leader and Jedi Investigators as the subdivision in the game
  • Jedi Guardians with Jedi Battlemaster as the leader and Arch-Angels as the in-game subdivision
  • Jedi Sentinels with Master of the Mind as the leader and Jedi Temple Guards as the in-game subdivision
  • Also, the Jedi may be granted one of the following special ranks:

Jedi Champion

Jedi Conqueror

Roblox Force Rebel Alliance

United Rebel Alliance and the Restored still battling for freedom in the gameworld Galaxy with their main bases being Tavli’o Dockbay on Kashyyk and actually a Dockbay on Illum.

Their rankings are as following:

  • Private First Class
  • Commander
  • Corporal
  • Master Sergeant
  • Head of Delegations
  • Delegation of the Alliance
  • Warrant Officer
  • Private
  • Captain
  • Major General
  • Militiamen
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • General
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant

The Sith Order –

The Dark Side enforcers with their base of operations in the game being Dremuund on Kira. Their complete rankings are as follows:

  • Apprentice
  • Warrior
  • Marauder
  • Disciple
  • Imperator
  • Sith Knight
  • Servant
  • Celator
  • The Voice & Wrath
  • Galactic Emperor
  • Darth
  • Dark Council
  • Pending
  • Acolyte
  • Sith Lord

The Sith Empire also has 4 different divisions being:

  • Battlemasters
  • Revenants
  • Executors
  • Inquisitors with Grand Inquisitor being the in-game leader

The Galactic Empire

The Stormtrooper’s army serves The Galactic Empire with their main base of operations being Dremuund on Kira in the game. Their rankings are as follows:

  • Galactic Emperor
  • Dark Council
  • Executive Officer
  • Commander
  • The Supreme Commander
  • Lance Corporal
  • Sergeant First Class
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Enlisted
  • Corporal
  • Private
  • Lieutenant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Captain
  • Private First Class
  • First Sergeant
  • The Voice & Wrath
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Marshal Commander

The Galactic Empire has also one division being:

  • The Shadow Troopers with Shadow Captain being the in-game leader

The Bounty Hunters Guild

The Guild of the Bounty Hunters consists of Mandalorians and Normal Bounty Hunters with their main base of in-game operations being Scoundrel’s Cave on Tatooine. Their rankings are as follows:

  • Novice
  • Awaiting Registration
  • Mandalorian Knight
  • Guild Leader
  • War Leader
  • Veteran
  • Commander
  • Rookie
  • Mandalorian Elite
  • Expert
  • Mandalorian
  • Mandalorian Guardian
  • Experienced

The Bounty Hunter Guild has 4 different clans being lead by Clan Vice Leaders and Clan Leaders, with the in-game clans being:

  • Clan Mudhorn
  • Clan Vizsla
  • Clan Fett

Also, the Bounty Hunter Guild has 3 special ranks being:

  • Deathwatch Commander with the Deathwatch squad being the leader
  • Protector of Mandalore
  • Mando Elite

Roblox Force Controls

Roblox Force Trello

Here we mentioned all the Roblox Force game controls:

PC Controls

  • WASD Keys to move
  • Double Tap W Key to run
  • Double Tap Space to double jump
  • ` Key to open inventory
  • 1-9 Key to choose from the toolbar
  • Q+W/A/S/D Key to dash
  • E Key to ignite weapon
  • B Key on a downed opponent to grip/kill
  • Lightsaber Combat
  • C Key to crouch
  • G Key for emote wheel
  • P Key to open the menu
  • (LMB) – Normal Attack
  • (Tap F Key) – If done correctly you will Perfect Block Incoming Attacks
  • (T Key) – Parry Incoming Attacks
  • (RMB) – Heavy Attack/Guard Break
  • (Hold down F Key) – Block Incoming Attacks

Xbox Controls

  • DPADUP – Stats
  • LT + X Button – Emotes
  • L3 + X Button – Heavy Skill (Mercy/Execute)
  • L3 + RT Button – Lightsaber throw
  • DPADRIGHT – Shift Lock
  • DPADDOWN – Grip
  • DPADLEFT – Reload


Hopefully, you like this Roblox Force Trello wiki guide. In this post, we covered the complete Roblox Force Trello wiki guide and Best Race, Faction & Weapons in the game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Roblox Force Trello so comment section is always open for you.

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