Roblox Condos Games : Discord Servers – (Update 2023)

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Looking for Roblox Condos Games 2023? So welcome to Faindx here you will get everything about the Roblox Condos, how to find them, and Discord servers.

Roblox is not only a game. Rather it is an amazing platform that houses millions of 3D games developed by its users. Young players often patronize it to play other gamer’s creations and equally make new friends and while this activity may seem kid-friendly.

A deep dive into the Roblox platform will instantly unravel a plethora of inappropriate content that is not educative at all. Now you actually wondering about what Condo is and how to find them on Roblox so let’s start.

What is Roblox Condos?

When you first-time login to the Roblox platform, you did be presented with some games that are worth wasting time on. From action, adventure, racing to fighting, and whatnot. Now go a little bit deeper and you did see games with shady names that once fired up, reveal na**d characters simulating s*x and other debauched acts.

These sorts of games are commonly known as Roblox Condos games and the worst part is that gamers playing such games often use foul/disgusting language and really hate speech to converse with other players.

Funny enough that the Roblox Condo games we have come to know originally started off as hangouts for edgy kids, but have escalated into something worse. On YouTube, you did watch a slew of them, but what can do? So shut down one of these Roblox Condos games and two will pop up thereafter to replace Roblox Condos.

Note – This Condo Roblox Games post is only for educational purposes. All mentioned information here is collected from other sources on the internet we only well mentioned here.

What is Roblox Condo Games?

Roblox Condos games that were made to engage with n***d  figures, simulated s*x, and role-playing with other gamers. these Roblox condo games will be deleted by Roblox moderators as soon they get picked.

Roblox Condos

These Roblox condo games are also referred to as the dark side of Roblox. As you actually never know who is playing with you as it could be an adult pretending to be a child or with really bad motives s*d*cing kids to private chat with them.

How To Find Condo Games In Roblox?

if you want to find Roblox Condos games so here are the 3 most popular ways used to find Roblox Condo games:

Find Condos Games From Roblox Community

Condo games are actually very difficult to find in the Roblox community as they get deleted as soon as the Roblox moderator picked them.

Developers of these games hide their game’s keywords such as sents_cons, Conbo, plugwelk, etc. These Roblox Condos keywords get shared in Discord chats or even on YouTubers teaching gamers how to find these games.

Roblox Condo Game From Discord

Discord is an amazing chat platform that is created for gamers where players can create communities called servers. Also, there are dozens of these servers that share and are made explicitly for sharing and creating Roblox Condo games.

You can simply check how many servers are there in Condo games on this Discord search engine. Here are some Roblox condo discord servers names.

  • Roblox condo original
  • 24/7 Condo
  • Condo Club
  • Exotic Condos
  • Frost Condos
  • Roblox Condos

Roblox Condo Game From Youtube

Youtube is another good place where Roblox gamers share tips and tricks on how to play games. Also, they share the best ways to find and play Condo games on Roblox, not only but they sometimes Livestream or record then share these games on youtube.

What Are Some Roblox Condo Games Examples?

Here are some examples of Roblox Condo Games that will help you to know which types of names are condo game Roblox.

  • welcome only
  • Shedletsky’s Dirty Place
  • Survive the killers
  • Family FUN rp!!
  • Obby Games
  • Shower Simulator
  • sakasuforbestmod’s Place
  • Dance Club

How to Find Roblox Condo Games?

As all the Roblox players know that Roblox platform has been trying to prevent players from creating and playing s*x games on its platform and as such. The above method we mentioned of searching Roblox Condo Games may or may not perfectly work.

In addition, we have a completely new trick that can be used to find condo games on Roblox and they are below.

  • So first start Discord and log in to your account.
  • Then simply search for the word Roblox Condo
  • Next to many condo servers will be recommended to you, go and join the ones you think are real.
  • Once you are in the group, you are able to get links leading directly to a sheer amount of condo games Roblox.
  • Now go ahead and click on any of those links and you will be redirected to Roblox.
  • Finally from here, simply click the Play button to start the game.

Here are the link of Roblox Condo Discord Server Link.


How To Protect Kids From Roblox Condo games?

To protect kids from accessing such Condo games make sure to do the following steps:

  • Roblox Privacy Settings Change – Go to Roblox Account Settings then to the privacy tab now Adjust the Contact Settings
  • Block Users & Report Roblox – if you notice someone harassing or bullying children in chat you can report them to the Roblox team and they will take immediate action.
  • Enable Account Restrictions – This will limit playable games that are on a pre-approved list that has been Roblox verified.
  • Enable Parent PIN – This good feature will allow parents to protect email, account, password, and privacy settings from being changed.
  • Monitor account activity by viewing recently played Roblox games and also take a look at their chat history and Followers and Friends on Roblox.

Are There Still Condo Games on Roblox Platform?

Yes, Over the years these explicit mini-games in Roblox platform have been riding on with different names. First, it was released with condo games name, but nowadays, they are called scented cons games on Roblox.


The actual fact is that Roblox trying to take down all of these condo games on its Roblox platform simply means that they are inconvenient. The Roblox platform was created having kids in mind and its sole aim is to provide a secure and safe environment where kids can come together and share their thoughts and ideas through play.

Changing from what it was originally meant for is unacceptable, and we urge you to stop creating and promoting these games that affect kids negatively. We only shared this guide on how to find Condo games on Roblox for only educational purposes and hopefully you understand.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this Roblox Condos post then the comment section is open for your valuable feedback, Be Safe Gaming.

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