Ready or Not Map 2023 – Blueprints & All Maps (Best Guide 😍)

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Searching for Ready or Not Map 2022 so you are at the perfect place. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on all maps for Ready or Not Blueprints of 4U Gas Station, Wenderly Hills Hotel, Hotel Rooms, 213 Park Homes, Penthouse, Port Hoken, Cherryessa Farm, and Caesar’s Cars Dealership.

Ready or Not is an amazing intense first-person shooter game that we actually feel does a great job of capturing SWAT gameplay. It is a very realistic game where a proper plan is required to succeed.

For that, we have prepared for you all Ready or Not map blueprints to help you make your in-game plans. Now without further delay let’s start the Ready or Not Map Blueprints guide.

Ready or Not All Maps Blueprints

Ready or Not Map

Here are all the Ready or Not Game Map Blueprints

Wenderly Hills Hotel Ready or Not Blueprint

Here is a hills hotel map where you get to enjoy 3 floors. We will provide the maps for every floor separately, below. This is the best map to play due to a large amount of in-game complexity and multiple paths that you can actually take through each in-game floor.

1st Floor – Hotel Map blueprint

Check the Hotel Map 1st Floor Map – All the locations, rooms, walls, corridors, and decorations that you can find in the game. The best tool to know what you are actually going to face in the Ready or Not game.

Ready or Not Map - 1st Floor

2nd Floor – Hotel Map blueprint

On the 2nd floor, you have in-game rooms ranging from 401 – 408, while stairs, laundry, and many more are found here. This floor is actually much smaller than the 1st, but be careful when clearing rooms in the game, as you may be in for a unique surprise.

Hotel Map – 2nd Floor

3rd Floor – Hotel Map blueprint

On the 3rd floor, there are different hidden rooms along with an elevator, kitchen, balcony, dining room, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Some things may be actually different as the maps in Ready or Not game gets updated with reworks. Also, we will do our best to stay on top of any Ready or Not map changes and will keep this post up to date.

Hotel Map – 3rd Floor

Pethhouse – Hotel Map blueprint

The penthouse level of the hotel actually expands the map over the previous levels with even more in-game rooms to clear and a more complex but amazing layout. It is a great top-level for this Ready or Not map!

Hotel Map – Pethhouse

Cherryessa Farm Ready or Not Blueprint

In this Ready or Not Cherryessa Farm map, there are different levels instead of floors. In the 1st level, you get a basic and small structure. Level B is not actually known yet because of development, but there are depot, storage, and spike room available.

Lastly, in the last Level which is level C, you have some complex in-game mechanisms. It is under development so you require it for them (and then us) to get proper map out.

Farm Map – Level A Blueprint

Here is the Cherryessa Farm Level A Map Blueprint

Farm Map - Level A

Farm Map – Level B Blueprint

Here is the Cherryessa Farm Map Level B Blueprint

Farm Map - Level B

Farm Map – Level C Blueprint

Here is the Cherryessa Farm Level C Map Blueprint

Farm Map - Level C

Caesar’s Cars Dealership Ready or Not Blueprint

The Ready or Not map blueprint for the Caesar Car dealership is actually not confirmed in the game, but it is a medium-sized Ready or Not map. It comes with different hidden mechanisms, with the really complex being at the center.

There are many large rooms on the right and bottom of the in-game map where you can simply move around. But at the top or center and left side, you will have some complexity because of hidden places and small rooms.

Ready or Not Map Caesar’s Cars Dealership

4U Gas Station Ready or Not Blueprint

Not as complex as other Ready or Not maps, but a fairly decent and enjoyable map coming with places for you to actually hide. Yes, the Gas station has many locations in which you can camp while having good open space around the borders for you to really enjoy open Ready or Not gameplay.

Ready or Not Map Gas Station

213 Park Homes Ready or Not Blueprint

Who does not actually like that open map in FPS games? Basically, the 213 Park Homes map is a separated and open map. There are three to four divisions on the map that you can really enjoy.

Coming with left soo long center divisions, there are open spaces on the map. On the right, there are 2 divisions so that you can simply maneuver around the map with ease.

Ready or Not Map 213 Park Homes

Ready or Not Map – Port Hoken Map

Here is the Ready or Not Port Hoken Map Blueprint

Ready or Not Map Port Hoken Map


Hopefully, you like our Ready or Not Map Guide. In this post, we covered Ready or Not Blueprints Map of Hotel Rooms, 213 Park Homes, Penthouse, Port Hoken, 4U Gas Station, Wenderly Hills Hotel, Cherryessa Farm, and Caesar’s Cars Dealership.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to Ready or Not Maps so comment box is always open for your valuable feedback.

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