How To Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy (Full Guide 2023)

Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re an avid player of Hogwarts Legacy and looking to upgrade your wardrobe & Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy, then you’re in luck. Not only does the game offer a wide variety of cosmetic items, but there are also many different places where you can purchase clothes and outfits. Whether you’re a fan of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. And with the Dark Arts pack items available, players can showcase their unique style in the wizarding world.

So if you’re ready to take your fashion game to the next level, let’s explore the different shops and vendors where you can buy clothes and outfits in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the highly anticipated game, “Hogwarts Legacy,” you may be wondering about the various elements that will make up your experience at Hogwarts. One aspect that’s sure to excite any Harry Potter fan is the ability to purchase and wear magical clothes throughout the game.

But how exactly does one go about purchasing clothes in Hogwarts Legacy? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the various ways you can shop for clothes, what types of clothes you can expect to find, and some tips for making the most of your shopping experience.

Whether you’re a fashion-conscious wizard or simply curious about the mechanics of the game, read on to learn all about purchasing clothes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Buy Clothes Using Gold in Hogwarts Legacy?

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe in the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy game? Look no further than Gladrags Wizardwear, conveniently located in the center of Hogsmeade village. Keep an eye out for the coin symbol indicating vendor shops and make sure to defeat the Armored Troll and repair the town using Reparo before accessing the shop.

Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy
Credit – Hogwarts Legacy

Once inside, talk to owner Augustin Hill to receive free outfits and browse the available items for purchase. And if you’re looking to make a little extra cash, consider selling your old gear for some gold. With a variety of new items to choose from, your Hogwarts student will be looking their best in no time.

  1. Get your hands on the Ornate Ebony Gloves for 500 Gold, a stylish accessory for any discerning wizard or witch.
  2. Looking for a touch of luxury? The Royal Maroon Coat is available for 500 Gold, making you the envy of all your Hogwarts classmates.
  3. Brave the elements in style with the Daring Cloak, a steal at just 200 Gold.
  4. The Grey Highland Attire, available for 200 Gold, is a must-have for any fashion-conscious Hogwarts student.
  5. Stay cozy and chic with the Celtic Brushstroxe Scarf, a bargain at just 200 Gold.
  6. The Runic Robe, available for 200 Gold, is the perfect addition to any aspiring wizard or witch’s wardrobe.
  7. Make a statement with the Silver Eyes Spectacles, a steal at just 200 Gold.
  8. Turn heads with the Gold Dragon Eyes Spectacles, available for 200 Gold.
  9. Keep warm and fashionable with the Lavender Patch Scarf, a must-have for any stylish Hogwarts student.
  10. Make a statement with the Silver Four Eyes Spectacles, available for 200 Gold.
  11. Stand out from the crowd with the Solitarian Robe, a stylish steal at just 200 Gold.

In addition to these items, there’s a plethora of other clothing and outfit options available for purchase with the in-game Gold you’ve accumulated. This should give you plenty of variety to choose from and let you customize your character’s appearance to your heart’s content. So whether you’re a fan of flashy accessories or prefer more subdued attire, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy
Credit – Hogwarts Legacy

And if you find yourself running low on in-game currency, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to earn more Gold and keep expanding your wardrobe in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Shops Guide

Are you eager to explore the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy and check out the various shops that it has to offer? You’re in for a treat as there are plenty of stores to discover! From Gladrags Wizardwear, where you can purchase stylish new clothes, to the Hog’s Head Inn, where you can quench your thirst with a cold drink, the possibilities are endless.

Our comprehensive guide has got you covered with a detailed list of all the shops available in the game and what you can buy from each one of them.

Hogwarts Legacy Shops

Looking to do some shopping in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of every shop that you can visit in the game along with a detailed list of what you can buy from each of them. From clothes and cosmetics to food and drinks, this guide has got you covered.

Purchase Clothes In Hogwarts Legacy
Credit – Hogwarts Legacy

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

Players who do not use PlayStation will miss out on the exclusive content available in The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop. This shop offers a unique quest, a new dungeon, an in-game shop, and a set of cosmetic items for the shopkeeper.

However, those playing on other platforms will not have access to these features. It’s unfortunate news for non-PlayStation users, but there are still plenty of exciting shops and quests to explore in the game.

Pippin’s Potions

Located in the heart of Hogsmeade village, Pippin’s Potions is a must-visit shop in Hogwarts Legacy. This shop has a vast array of potions available for purchase, which can help you during battles or restore your health. Not only that, but you can also buy materials and recipes to craft your own potions.

It’s important to note that as you progress through the game, new items might appear in Pippin’s Potions. So make sure to keep an eye out for any new potions that could give you the upper hand in your next battle.

Tomes and Scrolls

Tomes and Scrolls is the go-to place for all book lovers in Hogwarts Legacy. The shop is stocked with a wide range of magical tomes, scrolls, and conjuration recipes that you can use to decorate your Room of Requirement.

In addition, you can also purchase other items like materials and other ingredients that will come in handy for your adventures in the magical world of Hogwarts. Don’t forget to stop by Tomes and Scrolls and pick up a few books to enhance your magical abilities.

Hog’s Head Inn

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise will be pleased to know that they can visit the iconic Hog’s Head Inn in Hogwarts Legacy. This pub is a great place to relax and take a break from your adventures at Hogwarts.

While we’re not sure if food and beverages can be purchased here, it’s still a great location to check out and soak up the atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of the books or the movies, visiting the Hog’s Head Inn is sure to bring back some nostalgia.

Three Broomsticks

Looking for a cozy spot to unwind and grab a drink in Hogwarts Legacy? Look no further than Three Broomsticks! This pub is a great place to relax and perhaps even meet some new characters. And of course, you can’t forget to try the beloved Butterbeer! As we learn more about this location, we’ll be sure to keep our guide updated with all the latest information.


Looking for a wand that suits you perfectly? Look no further than Ollivanders! This iconic wand store is a must-visit for every aspiring witch or wizard. Your first stop at Hogwarts will be at Ollivanders, where you’ll get your first wand.

But that’s not all – you can also purchase other wands as you progress through the game, each with unique characteristics and powers. Make sure to visit Ollivanders and find the wand that’s just right for you!

Spintwitches Sporting Needs

Albie Weekes’ broom store is the perfect place to check out if you want to add some swag to your flying. They sell a variety of brooms, from the classic ones to the high-end cosmetic ones. Keep in mind that these brooms are purely for cosmetics and won’t enhance your flying ability. Make sure to check back for any new brooms that might come up in the future.

Steeply and Sons

Steeply and Sons is a quaint little tea shop that offers a cozy atmosphere and a delightful selection of teas and treats. From soothing chamomile to zesty chai, there’s a flavor to suit every taste.

Brood and Peck

Looking for supplies to care for the fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy? Brood and Peck is your go-to shop! You can find everything from potions to treats, as well as accessories to help care for your creature companions. Just make sure to complete the Beasts class to unlock this unique store.

Gladrags Wizardwear

Gladrags Wizardwear, the one-stop shop for all your clothing needs! From robes to hats, Gladrags Wizardwear offers a wide range of cosmetic items to help you customize your character and stand out from the crowd. So, whether you want to channel your inner wizard or show off your unique style, be sure to check out Gladrags Wizardwear!


Honeydukes is the go-to shop for all your sweet tooth cravings! It offers a wide variety of candies and chocolates, including their famous fudge. Take a stroll through the colorful store and indulge in your favorite treats!

Zonko’s Joke Shop

Zonko’s Joke shop is a haven for mischief-makers, full to the brim with items that can be used for a variety of pranks, such as Stink Pellets and Fanged Frisbees. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to add a bit of humor to your time at Hogwarts!

Dogweed and Deathcap

If you’re interested in growing your own plants and herbs, Dogweed and Deathcap is the perfect place to visit! This shop sells a variety of seeds, fertilizers, and other gardening supplies. With the right tools, you can create your very own garden in Hogwarts Legacy, and use the herbs you grow in recipes and potions.

The Magic Neep

The Magic Neep is a must-visit destination for aspiring herbologists and garden enthusiasts! This specialty shop offers a wide selection of seeds, from common herbs like basil and thyme to rare magical plants like gillyweed and mandrakes. But the Magic Neep isn’t just for buying seeds; you can also purchase all the gardening tools and supplies you need, like soil, pots, and fertilizer.

Plus, the knowledgeable staff is always happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have. And if you’re looking to take your green thumb to the next level, the Magic Neep occasionally hosts workshops and classes on topics like potion brewing and plant care. So whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, a visit to the Magic Neep is sure to inspire your love of all things botanical.

Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium

Looking for a change in your appearance? Head over to Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium, the local hair salon in the wizarding world. In addition to haircuts, you can also switch up your hair color, eyebrows, and complexion for a reasonable price of 20 Galleons. Whether you want to try out a new look or refresh your current style, Madam Snelling’s is the perfect place to do it!

Ceridwen’s Cauldrons

Ceridwen’s Cauldrons is the go-to place for all of your cauldron needs in Hogwarts Legacy. Whether you need a new one for Potions class or want to upgrade your current cauldron, this shop has it all.

You can choose from a wide variety of materials, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. And if you’re feeling creative, you can even customize your own cauldron with special engravings and colors. So head to Ceridwen’s Cauldrons to find the perfect cauldron for you!

Dervish and Banges

Dervish and Banges is one of the most useful shops in Hogwarts Legacy. Not only do they offer a range of repair services for your equipment, but you can also purchase miscellaneous goodies such as lanterns, magnifying glasses, and telescopes. This shop is definitely worth a visit if you’re in need of some essential tools for your adventures at Hogwarts.


In Hogwarts Legacy, the world is vast and filled with many exciting places to explore, including special stalls that offer unique goods and services. While we know that there are stalls for materials, potions, and creatures, there could be more hidden throughout the game waiting to be discovered.

These stalls are likely to be located in various areas outside of Hogsmeade, and players will have to journey through the vast and mysterious world of Hogwarts to find them. Each stall may offer different items or services that could help players on their journey, making it all the more important to keep an eye out for them as you explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy.


In conclusion, purchasing clothes in Hogwarts Legacy is an important aspect of the game that allows players to customize their character’s appearance. By visiting Gladrags Wizardwear in Hogsmeade, players can purchase a wide variety of cosmetic items to create a unique look. With different options for robes, hats, and accessories, players can make their character stand out in the world of Hogwarts.

It’s important to note that different clothing items may have different attributes, such as providing additional protection or enhancing character stats. Therefore, it’s worth considering these factors when choosing which items to purchase. With the right clothing, players can not only look good but also gain a strategic advantage in the game.

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