Punika Adventurers Tome (Update!) (March 2023)

Punika Adventurers Tome

Looking for Lost Ark Punika Adventurers Tome so reach the right place. Here you will get everything about the Punika Adventurers Tome guide, zone maps, and rewards.

Punika is one of the best location on the game world map of Lost Ark game. Now without wasting time let’s start the Punika Adventurers Tome guide.

Last Post Update – 22 March 2023

Punika Adventurers Tome >>

Here are the Lost Ark Punika Adventurers Tome Rewards and its in-game completions.

S. No.Punika Adventure Tome RewardCompletion
 1. Phoenix Plume x20  10%
 2. Stat Increase Potion  20%
 3. Oreha Viewing Stone  30%
 4. Masterpiece # 43  40%
 5. Song of Harmony  50%
 6. Secret Map 60%
 7. Invitation From The Lailai’s Merchant’s Association 70%
 8. Greater Skill Point Potion 80%
 9. Structure: Albion Statue 90%
 10. Ignea Token: Punika100%

Punika Adventurers Tome Zone Maps >>

Here we mentioned all the Punika Zone Maps locations.

Tideshelf Path Zone >>

Here the below image is the Punika Tideshelf Path Zone Map location.

Tideshelf Path

Nia Village Zone >>

Here the below image is the Nia Village Zone Map location.

Nia Village

Starsand Beach Zone >>

Here the below image is the Starsand Beach Zone Map location.

Starsand Beach

Naruna Hot Springs [Dungeon] Zone >>

Here the below image is the Naruna Hot Springs Zone Map location.

Naruna Hot Springs

Tikatika Colony Zone >>

Here the below image is the Tikatika Colony Zone Map location.

Tikatika Colony

Secret Forest Zone >>

Here the below image is the Secret Forest Zone Map location.

Secret Forest

Oreha’s Well [Dungeon] Zone >>

Here the below image is Oreha’s Well Zone Map location.

Oreha's Well

About Punika >>

Punika Adventurers Tome

Punika is a really attractive island country located at the in-game southern tip of Arkesia. On this amazing island, where the scorching sun fattens many fruits and the clear calm sea, preparations for a great festival are in full swing to commemorate Holy Beast, who actually protected them during the Chain War in the game.

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Final Words >>

Hopefully, you really enjoy this Punika Adventurers Tome guide. In this post, we covered all the details about the Punika Adventurers Tome rewards and all the zone maps.

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