Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build 2022 – Cookie Run Kingdom

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build

Hello friends our Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings build includes the best toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. In this post, you will get Pumpkin Pie Cookie Build for Toppings.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is an amazing epic Magic Cookie with an eerily great personality. Her favorite tattered Pompon, doll, grows into a giant summon in-game battle, turning into a formidable CRK tank on top of dealing a good amount of DMG.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build >>

Here is the Pumpkin Pie Cookie build for toppings

  • Searing Raspberry Toppings X5 with DMG Resist Sub Stats(Full ATK Build with Sub Stats DMG Resist, more DMG)
  • Solid Almond Toppings X5 with CD or ATK Sub stats(Pompon, Full Tank Build, and Pumpkin Pie will last longer)
  • Solid Almond Toppings X3 + Searing Raspberry X2 (ATK Build/Balanced TANK)
  • Searing Raspberry Toppings X3 + Solid Almond X2 (Tank Build/Balanced ATK)

Here is a detailed guide on the CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build. The pompon that Pumpkin Pie Cookie summons acts as a tank in the game team, while the Pumpkin Pie Cookie unit itself is good fragile.

We would recommend building Pumpkin Pie Cookie + Solid Almond Toppings so that survivability can be more improved; for both Pumpkin Pie and Pompon.

You can go with Solid Almond Toppings X3 and Searing Raspberry Toppings X2 for Pumpkin Pie Cookie – this topping build give DMG Resistance and maximize ATK.

Solid Almond Topping X5 with ATK Sub Stats – this is a full tank build and will maximize the survivability of Pumpkin Pie Cookie and Pompon.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s DMG is really well, if you want this cookie to inflict extra DMG, then another alternative Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings build would be Searing Raspberry X5 with DMG resistance sub stats.

For a balanced DMG/ATK Resist build, you can use three searing raspberry toppings and solid almond toppings x2.

Some gamers prefer to use Solid Almond X3 and Swift Choco Toppings X2.

CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Update >>

New Cookie! Pumpkin Pie Cookie is an amazing Cookie character in the CRK game, which was announced on 26th October 2021. The Pumpkin Pie cookie is going to be released on the Halloween Event occasion.

After getting and checking the toppings on Pumpkin Pie Cookie, we will actually update the topping build. As of right now, it seems that Swift Searing Raspberry Toppings or Choco topping build set would be a good choice for Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

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Pumpkin Pie Cookie Skill Info and Gameplay >>

Here are the Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie skills

  • Class – Magic
  • Name of skill – Pompon
  • Pompon’s Strike ATK DMG – 170%
  • ATK SPD +45% while Pompon is active
  • Healing Received -70% for X3 Seconds
  • Summons Pompon with 188% DEF, 44.4% ATK, 382.3 % HP

CRK Pumpkin Pie Cookie Skill Description – Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s Pompon grows to cause area DMG and giant size.

For a particular period of time, Giant Pompon (INFLICTS MELEE AREA DMG) to the maximum of enemies x3 and applies a non-stackable debuff, decreasing the healing the enemies receive.

While on the in-game battlefield, Giant Pompon increases ATK SPD for all allied summoned creatures.

Giant Pompon will actually be more resistant to interrupting effects while performing the 1st special attack. Also, Pumpkin Pie Cookie can use her decreased 1st cooldown to use the in-game skill sooner. Pompon is resistant to some specific interrupting effects.

Summoned Creatures Resistant Effect Details – Strike, Silence, Taunt, Stun, Charm, and Skill Interruption.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Story >>

It’s Halloween, time for spooky fun for all your cookies and ghosts. And among the jack-o’-lanterns adorning the streets is Pumpkin Pie Cookie watching others dressed in her costumes.

Perhaps because she was made of a pumpkin that grew in the shade of an abandoned house, untouched by the sun, but she seems distant, even if she has a smile on her face.

One might try to avoid this cookie’s uncanny presence, but there is something fascinating about the way she slowly flaps her eyelashes. Cookie’s favorite things on Pumpkin Pie Earthbread are her poofy and fluffy outfit.

The one that looks like a pumpkin and is always the old doll she wears. She takes it around. This cookie will hold your hand when there is an exciting festival and will pull you to play with it.

Surprisingly, no one ever said no. You can only wonder if it is because of the Pumpkin Pie Cookie Doll that’s almost alive or because of the twinkling shadow behind her.

Conclusion >>

We hope you like our Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build guide in the Cookie Run Kingdom. In addition, if you have any feedback related to Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie Build for Toppings then comment on us.

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