Pummarola Vampire Survivors 2023 – (Guide!) (How To Unlock)

Pummarola Vampire Survivors

Do you want to know how to unlock Pummarola Vampire Survivors? So you reach the right spot, here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to get the Pummarola in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is an amazing 2D roguelike and shoot’em up indie game developed by Luca Galante. It’s available on Steam for early access for three dollars. Although the game was much obscure, it has attracted some popularity for hitting more than 80K gamers.

It’s an arcade and portable-friendly game which requires gamers to survive until dawn. Pummarola is one of the in-game items that can be used to recover lost HP. So, here is our guide on how to unlock Pummarola Vampire Survivors.

How To Get Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

Pummarola Vampire Survivors
Pummarola Vampire Survivors

Here is the complete process of how to get Pummarola Vampire Survivors:

  • You can actually unlock it for surviving and grinding five minutes as the Gennaro Belpaese.
  • Gennaro Belpase can be unlocked by buying it for 550 coins in Vampire Survivors.
  • Once Gennaro Belpase is unlocked then you might also have to upgrade him to survive five minutes.
  • Although it feels simple to survive five minutes into the game, it may not be entirely a cakewalk.
  • Also, You can collect the Pummarola in Mad Forest on the in-game ground.
  • It is an in-game item that adds a recovery of 0.2 HP every second upon each of its game levels.
  • There are 5 levels to pummarola that keeps on adding a 0.2 HP as you actually unlock each level.
  • It can supply a max of +1 HP every second as you unlock its last level.
  • If you’re looking to evolve Garlic into a Soul eater, you might require Pummarola to complete the in-game process.
  • You can further provide a boost to its recovery rate by combining it with Recovery Power up in the game.
  • Additionally, you can increase your HP recovery rate by playing it with Suor Clerici.
  • Also, you can unlock the Suor Clerci for 9K Gold and 1K HP by playing the game.

Pummarola Vampire Survivors On Maps

You can find Pummarola on certain in-game maps. However, remember that locating Pummarola on any of the maps will not unlock it. Only by fulfilling the need of surviving with Gennaro will do so.

If you actually want to find Pummarola on an in-game map, you should play Moongolow or Mad Forest maps. Both have the in-game item available, indicating its location on the game map. If you don’t have a map, acquire the Milky Way Map from the Dairy Plant in the game.

About Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

Pummarola Vampire Survivors

Pummarola in Vampire Survivors is actually a simple passive in-game item that you can obtain. When unlocked, it will probably show up during any level-up screen.

Pummarola provides the gamer with passive health regen, which actually comes in handy as a way to keep yourself topped up, but also it has another in-game purpose.

It is possible to get the Soul Eater evolution if you actually get Garlic along with Pummarola. Soul Eater deals constant damage, debuffs freeze resistance, leaves health pickups, debuffs knockback resistance, and even grows in strength the more you actually heal.

Additionally, it is possible to get the Soul Eater’s area to a ludicrous size, leading to consistent ticks of damage on every opponent in the game.

Pummarola – Other Sources Of Health Regen

Pummarola pairs really well with other sources of passive regeneration in the game. Combining it with them makes it actually easy to bounce back from healing up and mistakes even when a chunk of your in-game health is missing.

Recovery PowerUp

The best way to increase Recovery is via the PowerUp menu. It is actually the least efficient improvement of Recovery, but even a small improvement will help early on. The more stacks you get in the game, the closer your entire kit gets to bouncing back from smaller bumps of in-game damage.

Scaling Per Rank –

  • Rank One – 0.1
  • Rank Two – 0.2
  • Rank Three – 0.3
  • Rank Four – 0.4
  • Rank Five – 0.5

Bonuses From Characters

In the same way as any other stat, certain in-game characters affect the stat positively. As for Recovery, there are some choices for both stacking gain and immediate bonus.

Vampire Survivors Characters That Grant Recovery:

  • Sigma: +3.0 Recovery
  • Cosmo: +1.0 Recovery, +1.0 Recovery per level (stacks indefinitely)
  • Divano: +1.0 Recovery
  • Minnah: +0.5 Recovery
  • Smith: +0.01 Recovery per level (stacks indefinitely)
  • Clerici: +0.5 Recovery


We hope you like this Pummarola Vampire Survivors guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to get the Pummarola in Vampire Survivors.

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