PS5 Themes 2022 – (Update!) (Customize PS5 Background)

PS5 Themes

Looking for PS5 Themes so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get all the possible options PS5 settings to offer for custom themes and wallpapers.

PS5 new UI actually focuses on offering players a way to smoothly navigate through games along with offering major features instantly over the joystick. One important thing players look upon is customizing the home screen by applying new themes and wallpapers on PlayStation.

PlayStation 4 has this feature, users can download themes from PS Store and apply them quickly. Also, they can apply their set to a custom theme or custom wallpaper.

But what about the new PlayStation console, how to change the theme on PS5? In this post, we are going to cover in detail this PS5 themes feature.

How To Change PS5 Themes?

PS5 features an amazing dynamic home screen. The PS5 screen background changes when you choose a game. For ex., if you choose Spider-Man Miles Morale you will view a unique background screen.

The same changes when you select Last of Us Part Two. By default, PS5 has a dynamic theme, which is one of the primary reasons the console doesn’t provide you with any settings to customize PS5 Themes.

PS5 Themes

As of now, all the PlayStation UI’s we had seen don’t have a direct option to download and install the theme. If there are changes in the future updates we might see such an option added via a themes update. On the PS store, if you scan all items under the PS5 category no themes are actually provided. Under PS4 we can get exclusive themes referring to the top and most famous games.

The console has actually a thin menu at the extreme bottom of the PlayStation 5 screen. It is entirely different from PS4 UI which has large thumbnails of Game icons at the top. More content is displayed on the screen and fewer buttons are what this new UI is all about. Although, to an extent, this can be actually a little confusing for some players.

PS5 more focuses on offering players an immersive experience through the new UI. Instant tips, Dynamic background, Smooth navigation, etc to keep players glued to the gaming console.

How To Install New PS5 Themes?

Here are the complete process of how to install new themes in PS5

  • First, go to your Settings and click on X on your option.
  • Then scroll to the option “Find in PS Store”
  • Next click on X and then you can choose to install new themes.
  • Now you’re all set with the new PS5 theme.

How To Set A Custom Theme In PlayStation5?

PS5 Themes

Here are the complete process of how to set a custom theme in PS5

  • First, repeat the steps to go in Settings and next in Themes.
  • Then chose Custom options and select any of your game screenshots.
  • Finally, you have a custom theme in your PlayStation.

The Latest Updates In PS5

Here are some important updates that will be about improving the UI/UX of the game and with that, you will be getting the PS5 themes too.

Dynamic Screen & Themes in PS5

The Dynamic screen that the PS5 has is here to stay but there is an option to actually set up themes as well. This is something that the PlayStation players have long been waiting for, a whole year, to be precise.

Variable Refresh Rate

Moreover, the software update in PS will have better VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) which ultimately smoothens the PlayStation game a lot. If you actually have no idea what VRR is, let us mention it here.

VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is when the screen has a series of pictures every second. Fewer refreshes or fewer images per second of the screen to fetch newer images may cause glitches in the game screen.

Increasing the number of images in a frame and then increasing the Variable Refresh Rate ultimately gives you a smoother and better experience with the games.

HDR And 1440p

The screens and game all in all were really impressive from the start, but could they have been better? Yes, and they are actually doing it now.

The HDR will allow you to see the screen and other game objects better even in bright light as the game itself contains bright light. Improving screen components and visuals is going to be the biggest part of this PS5 update.

Social Feed

This is going to be the best important in this PS5 update as this feature has a whole other user base. We do not actually have enough clue on this part of the update but from what it really looks like, the new update on PlayStation 5 will have an upper hand over all the other gaming consoles.

FAQs Of PS5 Themes

Here are some questions and answers related to PS5 Themes

Q How To Modify The Home Screen Settings On PS5?

You can simply change your PS5 home screen settings by going to the settings menu and picking a theme. Next, you must choose a theme that you wish to set on your PS home screen. Now, choose custom to set a background image of your choice.

Q. Does PS5 Have Dynamic Themes?

PS5 contains Dynamic themes by default; it is one of the main reasons that the console doesn’t offer any settings to customize it. So, there are no UIs we have found that have a direct option to actually install the theme.


Hopefully, you really enjoy this PS5 Themes Guide. In this post, we covered all the possible options PS5 settings offer for custom themes and wallpapers.

If you have any suggestions or any questions related to PS5 Themes so comment section is always open for your feedback.

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