Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse (March 2023)

Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse

Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse 2023 – Hello friends in this post we provide a complete guide on how to claim and get a Safehouse in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid game, you don’t just have to find water and food to survive. It’s probably a good idea to set up some sort of base of operations as well in the game. Since your character’s carrying capacity is pretty limited, it might be a good idea to find a place to store your hard-earned in-game money. This is where the element of the safe house comes in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid will allow you to claim a random safehouse in the game. However, the process is not as simple as it sounds and will leave you sweating. There are already many gamers confused about how to go about this process. This guide will help outline the process you need to follow to get a new shelter. Simply scroll down to check out!

Last Update On – 27 March 2023

Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse Guide

Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse – To claim and obtain a new safehouse in the Project Zomboid game, you must first identify the in-game property. Now, go to Shelter and right-click on House. You will now have the option to claim ownership in-game.

However it is not that simple at all, you need to do a few things to use this feature. The first thing to do is to check if the feature has been activated in the server settings. This setting is known as a gamer claim and will allow gamers on your server to claim a safehouse in Project Zomboid.

Another thing to note is that if admin claims are enabled, then only the server admin will be able to claim properties. Therefore, all other gamers will not be able to use this feature. Also, this feature only works on PvE servers. This does not apply to PvP servers at all.

There are some other conditions for this as well. 1st the building must not be occupied by any other users or zombies. If there are cars parked nearby, you will not be able to claim the building. In addition, some buildings are indefinitely non-residential. These buildings are not available for settle in the game.

Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse
Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse

About Safehouse in Project Zomboid

A safe house in Project Zomboid is exactly what it sounds like. It is a safe place where you can take your belongings without other users. Depending on the server settings, you may even be able to respawn in the safehouse if you lose a character in the game. Another great thing is that you can also invite other gamers to your safehouse via the in-game menu.

One of the great things about Project Zomboid is obviously the loot detection so your player can survive. If there’s no way for you to keep it safe when you’re not around, chances are other gamers won’t drop it for you. In this case, many servers choose to have safe houses as a means of progress for the gamers. One of the most popular options is to block gamers from entering claimed safehouses while the gamer is offline, but still allowing them to cheat while they’re online.

When a Safe House is activated, no other gamer will be able to enter within two spaces of the house.

Safehouse Changing Options

There are a few different options available to you when you have claimed a safe house in Project Zomboid. You can change certain things, like the name of the safe house, and also allow gamers to enter a restricted area. To do this, select the little icon that says Customers at the top right of your screen (it should just look below the Maps icon) and from here you will look the safehouse.

You can change some of the details related to your residence by clicking on Safehouse. You can change the name, allow gamers to join the safehouse, and if the server allows it, toggle the option to respond here or not.

How to Remove Safehouses From Your Possession Guide 2023

If you have already claimed a safe house but have decided that you want to move to a different one, you will need to leave the first one. Each gamer can only have one safehouse active at a time.

To remove the Safe House that you have taken earlier, you can go to the Safehouse Dashboard. Once you are on this screen, you can look the Unlock Safehouse option at the bottom left of the menu. By selecting this option, you will give up your ownership of the Safehouse.

Be careful as there is no message asking if you are sure. Once you select the option, the safe house will no longer be in your possession and other players will be able to take and destroy the items inside at will.

About Safehouse Server Settings

All information and methods for interacting with the safehouse in Project Zomboid depend on the configuration of that server. There are a variety of different settings that dictate how Safehouse work. Depending on these settings, you may or may not be able to enter other gamers’ safe houses.

You may not be able to claim a safe house in Project Zomboid until you have lived a certain number of times inside the server otherwise you may not be able to claim a in-game safe house. we will talk about how you can see the settings of the server you are currently on and how all these settings affect the game.

How To See Safehouse Settings On A Server in Project Zomboid

The good news is that you can quickly look server settings of any server you’re connected to. This is great if you’ve just connected to a new server and want to see if it’s right for you.

To do so, all you have to do is open your user panel. You can do this by selecting the small button in the top left. (mark at the bottom of the map). With this menu open, you can see the View Server Options option. Just select it and you will be able to see all the current options on the server.

If you want to look at specific settings related to Safehouse, we recommend using Filters at the bottom of the Settings menu and typing “Safe”. However, if you are just a gamer, you can’t change any settings, you can always create a ticket that server administrators can view in-game. This is also done through the small user menu.

Safehouse Settings List & Mean in Project Zomboid

There are a wide variety of different server settings that can be changed by the server’s administrators in Project Zomboid. Some of this may be too obvious from the description, but this list will show you all the different settings that can be tweaked and what they really mean for your server.

To access this list, you must be a server administrator. Open the Administration Panel and select the item View Server Options. Here you can change all server settings in Project Zomboid.

  1. Safehouse Day Survived To Claim – You can set a certain number of in-game days that must have elapsed before players can claim any safehouse.
  2. Admins Safehouse – When set to true, only admins will be able to have a safe home for themselves.
  3. Player SafeHouse – This is the setting that determines whether Safe House will be part of the Project Zomboid game. When set to false, no one can claim a safe house.
  4. Safehouse Allow Fire – Toggles whether a fire can damage an active safe house. True means fire can destroy homes.
  5. Safehouse Allow Loot – Allows gamers to loot items from containers inside the safehouse that are not part of the safehouse.
  6. Safehouse Allow Respawn – This allows gamers to respawn inside their safehouse. gamers can toggle this option on and off in the Safehouse menu.
  7. Safehouse Allow Tresspass – Allows other gamers who are not part of a safehouse to enter without invitation. When set to false, other players will not be able to enter within 2 blocks of the other gamer’s safehouse.
  8. Safehouse Removal Time – After the gamer has not visited their safe house within this time period, it will be automatically removed from their possession. The time amount is in real-life hours.
  9. Disable Safehouse When Player Connected – This will allow other players to enter their base and collect items when the player who owns the safe house is playing. When set to false, the shelter will be turned off at all times.


That is our Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse guide 2023. In this post we provide complete information about Safehouse, Safehouse Server Settings, and Project Zomboid How To Claim A New Safehouse. Hopefully, you like our post if you have any questions related to Project Zomboid how to claim a new Safehouse post then comment on us.

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