Project Slayers Races 2023 : (Human or Demon)

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Looking for Project Slayers Races 2023? so welcome to this post. Here you will get all the Roblox project slayers Races with the complete details into Human or Demon.

Project Slayers is one of the new and popular Roblox games based on the anime series Devil Slayer. According to the storyline of the main anime, your race type actually determines the overall strength of your character kit.

Currently, you can select 3 different races: Slayers, Humans, and Demons. The option to play as Hybrid to arrive in the near future updates. So, if you are new to Project Slayers game, you can start with something like Slayer and unlock other in-game races as you play.

Project Slayers Races

Project Slayers Races

In the Roblox project slayers game, there are 4 races, we mentioned them here in an easy and simple way.

  • Human Race
  • Slayer Race
  • Demon Race
  • Hybrid Race

Below we mentioned all the Project Slayers Races in detail so now let’s start with Human Races for Project Slayers game.

Human Progression

If you really want to be a human in the Roblox Project Slayers game, the first thing you should actually do is reach the 12th level. It will not cost you much since the 1st levels are so simple to reach then follow these steps:

  • Farm and complete the first two quests then Zuko to 12th level.
  • After you reach the 12th level: find a trainer of your own choice.
  • Complete the in-game mission assigned by the trainer, do the quest and complete the final selection.
  • In order to do the final selection properly, you must have at least one or two friends within Project Slayers.
  • If you do not have friends it will actually cost you much more than usual, another option is to make an in-game party (make a friend momentarily).

Demon Progression

If you are a Roblox Project Slayers gamer and you are crazy about dedicating your virtual in-game life to serve Muzan and become a demon, so follow this little guide for beginners, which will really help you in easy steps:

  • First, you will need to reach the 15th level to be able to talk to Muzan.
  • Then you will have to do the first two missions and after that farm the in-game boss Zuko (as if he did the human progression, but actually with a high level).
  • Next, find Muzan in one of his randomly selected spawns.
  • Now get the Muzan Finder GamePass, on the other hand, if you already have a friend so you can tell him to help you then find it for you.
  • When you find Muzan so talk to him and fulfill the given in-game mission.
  • Finally, you will need to roll your BDA at Zapiwara cave.


To become the best slayer, you need to complete a series of steps, where you will have to beat some in-game NPCs and complete some easy tasks

  • Reach Lvl 15+
  • Beat ten Sakurai Demons around the map and for defeating, you will receive: 1.600 XP & 1.000 Yen
  • Beat Sasumaru and for defeating, you will get 1050 XP and 700 Yen
  • Beat Yahaba and for defeating, you will get 1200 XP and 700 Yen
  • Beat Slasher and for defeating, you will get 900 XP and 650 Yen
  • Beat Nezuko and for defeating, you will get 1050 XP and 725 Yen


As to be an in-game Slayer, to be a Demon you need to reach the 15th level, so you will have to battle with different minions in the game.

  • Reach Lvl 15+
  • Beat thirteen Mizunotos at the butterfly mansion and for defeating you will get 1600 XP and 1000 Yen
  • Beat Sabito and for defeating you will get 950 XP and 350 Yen
  • Beat Zanegutsu Kuuchie and for defeating you will get 600 XP and 200 Yen
  • Beat Giyu and for defeating you will get 1300 XP and 800 Yen
  • Beat Shiron and for defeating you will get 700 XP and 275 Yen
  • Beat Sanemi and for defeating you will get 700 XP and 275 Yen

About Project Slayers Game

Project slayer is an amazing game made by ouw0pp and his developer team. The game is actually based on the popular demon slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The game is non-canon and has its own in-game characters, and not everything will be based on demon slayer.

FAQs About Project Slayers Races

Here are some questions and answers related to Project Slayers Races

Q. What is Slayer in Project Slayers Races?

Slayer is not only the most popular race but also the best in the whole game. It is top-ranked only due to the ability to learn to use GodSpeed and Breathing abilities. There are more than 5 different Breathing styles in the game, and gamers can master anyone according to their in-game playstyle.

As a Slayer, you actually try to get the GodSpeed ability which is the best rare/overpowered skill in the game. Once activated in the game then gamers will gain a boost in their health, speed, and defense rating.

Q. What is Demon in Project Slayers Races?

Demon is the 2nd best race in the game, only overshadowed by Slayers Race. As a Demon, you can block any form of katana/blade attack with the help of your in-game claws. Claws are amazing items that only a demon can own.

Also, you will get the Demon Heal ability that actually heals you quickly, helping you clutch in crucial battles. As the other side to being a demon is that you can’t use any Katana. So, if you like battling out with the best swords then reroll for other in-game races.

Q. What is Human in Project Slayers Races?

Every player starts their journey as a human in the Project Slayers game. There are no special bonuses or perks to staying as a human because of the number of gamers who choose to become a Slayer or Demon once they actually reach the 15th level.

Q. What is Human in Project Slayers Races?

Currently, gamers can’t play as a Hybrid. But, according to the Project Slayer Trello official, the Hybrid option will be added to future game updates.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Project Slayers Races guide. In this post, we covered all the races in Project Slayers game.

If you have any questions related to Project Slayers Races so do comment on us and also share this post with other Project Slayers game lovers.

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