Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location 2023 : All Muzan Spawn

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Looking for Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location 2023? so are at the best spot. Here you will get all the Muzan Spawn Locations complete guide.

Project Slayers is an amazing Roblox RPG inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayer. If you watch the anime you might know everything about the Demon King, Muzan. For the Project Slayers Roblox game, you actually need to track him down.

Upon drinking his in-game blood, you can turn into a Demon character yourself. As you progress in the game, you require to drink his blood to become an in-game Demon but the question is where to find him? So check out our guide here to find out all Muzan spawn locations in Project Slayers Roblox game now let’s start.

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location

To find Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location you actually need to know where and when to look for him, and you have to bring him a hostage for a part of the in-game quest

Project Slayers Muzan spawns only during the in-game night in random yet specific game locations. You can actually find him better if you already have all of your Project Slayers maps unlocked.

Below we mentioned all the Roblox Project Slayers spawn locations of Muzan:

Kabiwaru Village >>

  • As you enter the village then climb the stairs and next head straight left.
  • Now you will find Muzan to the left in between 2 houses.

Butterfly Mansion >>

There are 3 locations in the Butterfly Mansion, where you actually find Project Slayers Mulan.

  • For the 1st location, you are able to find the Demon King past Shinobu in Butterfly Mansion.
Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location
  • If you reset then you find Mulan in Project Slayers by heading outside the gate.
  • As you actually reach the map then head left and straight passing through the in-game wilderness.
  • Next, you will see several stairs over the hills.
  • Now head straight and then take a right to find Project Slayers Mulan.
  • Finally, head right and pass straight through the in-game wilderness.
  • Climb the short stairs to find Project Slayers Muzan next to a yellow tree.

Ouwbayashi Home >>

  • Upon reaching this Ouwbayashi Home map then head straight in the right direction.
  • Next, you will see Muzan to the left of the house and behind the house.
  • But take care, as there are different enemies ready to attack. You can either battle them or avoid them to quickly reach Muzan.

Kiribating Village >>

There are 2 spawn locations in Kirbating Village where you can easily find him.

  • For the 1st location, upward climb to get on the old and ruined bridge.
  • Then You will find Muzan at the end of this in-game bridge.
  • For the second location, exit through the gate of the Kirbating village.
  • Next head left until you actually find a fence.
  • Now you will find Muzan at the edge of the fence next to a yellow tree.

Zapiwara Mountain >>

  • When you spawn at the location then you will find Zenitsu.
  • Then avoid him or he will actually engage in combat with you.
  • Next, you must head left and go straight to find a cliff.
  • Down climb the hills and cliff to find Muzan underneath a yellow tree.

Muzan Spawn Locations In Project Slayers Video Guide

Here is the video guide of Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location


We hope you get the Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location. In this post, we covered everything about the Muzan Spawn Location that will help you to enjoy the Roblox Project Slayers game.

If you are facing any trouble finding locations, the best option would be server-hop. Also, you can purchase a Muzan Gamepass to locate Muzan Spawn easily.

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