Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz 2023 – (Pokemon Sleep!)

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Looking for the Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of what the Sleep Type quiz is and all Pokemon Sleep Styles.

Pokemon Sleep has released a Sleep Type Quiz on their site. Here you can see all the different sleep type results you can get from the quiz. In addition, you can see all the Pokemon associated with each sleep type.

Now without any delay let’s start the Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz details.

About Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz

Pokemon Sleep has an amazing fun quiz on their official website to help you figure out your sleep type. The Pokemon Sleep quiz first asks you how long you sleep without waking up, what time you sleep and wake up, what time you feel most energetic, and many more.

On the basis of that, it provides you with one of nine Pokemon whose sleep pattern actually matches your own. That is all there is to it and if you are curious about all the possible results then keep reading.

Sleep Type Based On Sleep Time

Here are the sleep-type Pokemon based on sleep time

Morning Person

Morning Person

The Sleep Type Quiz determines when you sleep and wake up. Morning people tend to wake up earlier even if it is their day off and Morning People feel more energetic in the morning.

Daytime Person

Daytime Person

A Daytime Person may wake up in the morning or at noon, but they are most energetic in the afternoon.

Nighttime Person

Nighttime Person

A Nighttime Person is more likely to stay up late, sometimes until early in the morning and they feel more energetic at night.

Pokemon Sleep – Sleep Styles

Here are the Pokemon Sleep Styles

Dozing Sleep Style

Dozing Sleep Style

The Dozing sleep type means once you’ve fallen asleep, you may have difficulty staying asleep. People who fall into this sleep pattern often wake up during the night.

Snoozing Sleep Style

Snoozing Sleep Style

People who belong to the Snoozing sleep type may sleep all night, but they may wake up occasionally. Snoozing sleepers may wake up several times during the night

Slumbering Sleep Style

Slumbering Sleep Style

Slumbering sleepers rarely wake up once they have fallen asleep. They tend to sleep during the night without problems, but they may also be harder to awaken in the morning.

Pokemon For Each Sleep Type Combination

Here are all the Pokemon for each sleep type combination


  • Dozing → Vigoroth
  • Snoozing → Espeon
  • Slumbering → Swablu


  • Dozing → Bulbasaur
  • Snoozing → Charmander
  • Slumbering → Squirtle


  • Dozing → Umbreon
  • Snoozing → Meowth
  • Slumbering → Diglett


Hopefully, you like this Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz post. In this post, we covered the complete details of what the Sleep Type quiz is and all Pokemon Sleep Styles.

If want to ask any questions or share your Pokemon sleep type so comment section is always open for you.

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