Pokemon Quetzal Cheats 2023 – (Update!) (Working Cheats)

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Looking for Pokemon Quetzal Cheats? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the working cheat Pokemon Quetzal that will help you to extra advantage in the game and unlock different things.

Pokemon Quetzal is a popular remake of the Pokemon Emerald game with multiplayer options. The Pokemon Quetzal game has the same plot as the original and has no vast differences compared to Pokemon Emerald. Gamers can use cheats to advance in Pokemon Quetzal. However, gamers will have to activate the cheats mode for actually this.

In this post, we have shown how gamers can use cheats in the game. Also, we discussed some of the Pokemon Quetzal cheats available and their functions.

Now without further delay let’s start the Pokemon Quetzal Cheats guide.

Recent Update – 14 June 2023

How To Unlock Pokemon Quetzal Cheats?

It is really easy to unlock Pokemon Quetzal cheats. Gamers can simply follow the below steps to activate cheats in their game.

  • First, start the Pokemon Quetzal game
  • Then in game mode, gamers will have to select the Cheats mode option
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats
  • Next, gamers can start a new game
  • Once the game begins, gamers can go to the Start menu
  • Here, gamers will see options like Pokemon, Save, Option, Bag, Ash, MPlayer, and Misc. Gamers have to click on the Misc tab
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats
  • In Misc, gamers will see 4 options. These are Cheats, PC, Eggs, and Cancel
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats
  • Gamers can now click on Cheats and skip ahead in the game

What Cheats Can Players Use In Pokemon Quetzal?

There are actually four categories under the Cheats option in the Pokemon Quetzal game. These are Variables, Utilities, Flags, and Give X, here is a brief look at each of these categories briefly.



The Utilities section contains four cheats. These include the option to Heal Party which actually allows gamers to heal their in-game Pokemon anywhere. Also, it gives gamers to teleport or fly across the map in the game.

Flags & Variables

With these 2 settings, gamers can get different Gym badges, encounters, and flags. Also, gamers can tweak different settings with these options.

Give X

Give X

These are actually the main cheat in the Pokemon Quetzal game. With the help of item XXXX, gamers can get any in-game item that they want. Also, gamers can select to get all in-game items with the Fill Bag option.

The Pkm (lvl) option allows the player to choose any Pokemon of any level. gamers can customize their Pokemon options further with the Pkm (a,IV,mov,l,s,n) option. In this game, gamers can decide whether the Pokemon is Shiny or not and its type.

The Max Money cheat basically gives gamers unlimited money in the game. The Fill Eggs and PC options fill the player’s PC with Eggs or Pokemon according to the cheat selected in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Pokemon Quetzal Cheats guide. In this post, we covered the working cheat Pokemon Quetzal that will help you to extra advantage in the game and unlock different things.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the cheat Pokemon Quetzal so comment section is always open for you.

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