Piyernamite Lost Ark 2022 (Rapport Items)

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Lost Ark is the newly launched best massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. In this game different Rapport items are available and Piyernamite is also one of the best Epic Rapport Items.

So now without further delay and without wasting time let’s start Piyernamite Lost Ark guide.

Piyernamite Lost Ark

Piyernamite Lost Ark

Piyernamite Lost Ark is one of the best Epic Rapport items. Lost Ark Piyernamite item used to increase Rapport with NPCs.

A self-made bomb by the master artisan, Piyer. He says it is the greatest masterpiece in history, strong enough to blow up an entire mine by actually itself.

Lost Ark Piyernamite Max stack count is 999.

Piyernamite Pickup Bound to Roster

  • Indestructible
  • Unsellable
  • Can’t be dismantled

Piyernamite Acquisition Methods

[Exchange – Great Castle] Nada

  • Buy price – 18K
  • Sell price – Only 10

Epic Rapport Items

Here is the list of all Epic Rapport items

  • Rethramis Holy Water
  • Stern Scrap Iron
  • Excellent Liquor
  • Dyorika Straw Hat
  • Broken Dagger
  • Rainbow Tikatika Flower
  • Piyernamite
  • Top-Grade Fur
  • Round Glass Piece
  • Exquisite Music Box
  • Fragrant Peach
  • Paradise Parfait
  • Perfect Beer Stein
  • Hoyte 100-year Anniversary Bookmark
  • Lakebar Tomato Juice
  • Educational Chart
  • Ghost Photography
  • Encavian Relic
  • Hollowfruit
  • Stalwart Cage
  • Bruug Steak
  • Hawk Claws
  • Azenaporium Brooch
  • Crystallized Magick
  • Machine Repair Set
  • Desiccated Wooden Statue
  • Queen’s Knights Application
  • Transparent Pearl
  • Torso Sculpture
  • Anikka Lute
  • Soundstone of Damn
  • Mokoko Carrot
  • Colorful Claw Toy
  • Halite Statue
  • Prideholme Potato
  • Fancier Bouquet
  • Small Music Box
  • Glacial Beer
  • Danube’s Earrings
  • Divine Tear Orpeggio
  • Yudia Natural Salt
  • Raccoontaurus Milk
  • Model of Luterra’s Sword
  • Mysterious Mouth
  • Oversized Ladybug Doll
  • Magick Cloth
  • Piñata Crafting Set
  • Shining Ore
  • Tournament Entrance Certificate
  • Elemental’s Feather
  • Black Rose
  • Book of Survival
  • Old Bone
  • Goblin Yarn
  • Moonlight Butterfly
  • Stamina Recovery Formula
  • Truth Mushroom

Legendary Rapport Items

  • Red Moon Tears
  • Surprise Chest
  • Sky Reflection Oil
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing
  • Oreha Viewing Stone
  • Fine Gramophone
  • Fargar’s Beer
  • Vern’s Founding Coin
  • Angler’s Fishing Pole
  • Festival of Fire and Ice
  • Sirius’s Holy Book
  • Chain War Chronicles
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen

Relic Rapport Items

  • Millennial Lotus Essence
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water
  • Hoyte Issue No. 289
  • Gienah’s Protection
  • Encavian Crown
  • Albion’s Scale
  • Liquore of Arrogance
  • Honey Toast
  • Mask of the Oath
  • Living Stone
  • Blessings of the Lazeniths
  • Endless Bottle
  • Crystal Necklace
  • Linderte Goblet
  • Azure Gem
  • Azure Heart Fruit
  • Haal Coin
  • Medrick Centennial Wine

FAQs Of Piyernamite Lost Ark

Here are some FAQs about the Lost Ark Piyernamite

Q. What is Piyernamite Lost Ark?

Piyernamite is Epic Rapport item in the Lost Ark game.

Q. What is the use of Piyernamite?

 Piyernamite item used to increase Rapport with NPCs in the Lost Ark.

Q. What is the Stack Count of Lost Ark Piyernamite?

Lost Ark Piyernamite Max stack count is 999.

Final Words

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