PGsharp Softban 2022 – (Update!) (Catch Pokemons)

PGsharp Softban

Looking for PGsharp Softban or don’t know how to catch Pokemon without Softban in Pgsharp Pokemon Go so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to Catch Pokemon without Softban in PGSharp Pokemon Go.

While playing the Pokemon Go game, there are times when you actually want the Legendary Pokemon but they are not available in your location. In this condition, PGSharp is the best option to save the day.

Although, if you are getting soft ban every time you change your in-game location, even after using PGSharp, then you are actually doing something wrong.

Do not worry, we are here to help and guide you through, how you can catch Pokemon without getting Softban in PGSharp Pokemon Go so without further delay let’s start the guide.

About PGsharp

PGsharp is basically a location spoofing app, currently available for Android devices, that let pokemon players fake their phone’s location and fool pokemon go that they are elsewhere than their real location.

However, using such apps without following the rules get you actually in trouble and you may face game account suspension. So, before you choose this route, be sure you are careful in your actions while playing the pokemon game.

PGsharp Softban

PGsharp Softban
PGsharp Softban

PGSharp soft ban time depends on various factors like some algorithms and distance between countries. However, to provide you an estimate it can last up to two hours or in severe cases twelve hours totally depending upon the kind of violation you actually did in the game.

But you can expect a soft ban duration from a few minutes to two hours as has been the case with many pokemon gamers.

Catch Pokemon Without Softban In Pgsharp Pokemon Go

If you really want to change the location drastically while game playing it, the game will softban you.

To avoid the problem, you have to actually close the game for 2 or more hours completely and then change the location after starting the game.

Now, you will need to let the Pokemon Go game load.

PGsharp Softban

Then try to catch the in-game pokemon. If the pokemon actually ruins away, it means that you are softbanned.

PGsharp Softban

If not then you have successfully avoided the softban in the Pokemon Go game.

When you actually stay away from the game for 2 or more hours, your location data has been completely removed from the server. And you will be able to again change your location after rejoining the Pokemon Go game.

How To Remove PGSharp Soft Ban?

If you actually violate the game rules then you will eventually get some issues. Spoofing location is also a major reason why most gamers face it in the game.

If you are searching for how to remove soft ban in PGsharp then here is the best solution. The only method is to wait until the soft ban actually expires. But how long should we really wait? It depends on the distance you teleport in the Pokemon Go game.

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How To Avoid PGSharp Soft Ban?

You have to play the Pokemon Go game as it is instructed and move around at actually normal speed. Even if you are spoofing be sure that you follow the cooldown rules and then wait for a particular time period to perform any other action in the game.

Additionally, avoid these actions while you are traveling to a new location using the spoofer.

  • Using a lure
  • Gym battles & feeding gym defender
  • Putting pokemon in the gym in the game
  • Catching shadow and wild pokemon
  • Feeding berries to wild pokemon in the game
  • Pokestop spinning beyond the in-game limit

Can We Catch Pokémon While Softbanned?

If the gamer gets the soft banned in Pokémon Go game, then they will not be actually able to catch pokemon in PGSharp pokemon go or not be able to win the in-game gym battles.

But if you want to avoid the softbans, then you should follow the game rules and avoid using the spoofer to go to a new in-game location so that you can catch the wild Pokémon in the game.

PGSharp iOS Free Alternative

Currently, PGSharp is only available for Android devices and you can not actually access it on iOS devices due to some technical restrictions. Additionally, the list of location spoofer available for iOS is not that much longer than it is for android devices.

However, you can try Tenorshare iAnyGo which will help you. This Tenorshare iAnyGo software not only helps you to spoof safely on iOS but also lends you a hand in following Niantic’s rules.


Hopefully, you like this PGsharp Softban guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to catch Pokemon without Soft ban in Pgsharp Pokemon Go.

If you want to ask any questions related to PGsharp Softban so comment section is always open for your queries and feedback.

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