Parasocial Game Endings 2023: (Update) (Full Story & Endings)

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If you are a Parasocial player and search Parasocial Game Endings, you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete Parasocial Story and Endings Explained.

Chilla’s Art returns as the indie horror mastermind of stalker nightmares with its latest entry into the Chilla universe, Parasocial. The game world of Chilla’s Art is connected together, with several references to their other indie games as well as Chilla’s Coffee (The Closing Shift) Convenience Store or from the livestreams themselves (The Caregiver and Aka Monto).

This time around, however, the scares go through the roof, reaching your deepest fears of home invasion coupled with the paranoia of being watched, followed, and having your privacy completely invaded. Parasocial is the Sky Blue (long live Satoshi Kon) of the game world and deserves more attention than it gets.

For those who are unsure of what the game is really telling you about the many red herrings and manipulations that appear on the game screen, this is Vincent’s description of the game story and endings in Parasocial.

Parasocial Game Endings 2023

Parasocial Game Endings
Parasocial Game Endings

There are two Parasocial Game Endings the first is the True Ending and the second is the Alternative Ending.

True Ending – Parasocial Game Ending

When you are feeling scared in the game be sure to call Asuka for company. Once you actually see the video call Asuka to support you. Then you will have to find her next in-game door, save her, and escape from the stalker as well.. in order to get the true ending in Parasocial.

If you call Asuka then you will have to get next door through the balcony. Once inside you can actually find her in the in-game bathtub. Once she signals you to run you have to run (walk slowly) quickly to the balcony door.

After that, go through your balcony and then to your door in the game. Once you exit the apartment then you can finally run! Press SHIFT! Then run as quickly as you can to the in-game police box. Don’t talk to anyone and don’t trust anyone avoid, Ignore, and run. Then you will get the Parasocial true ending.

Alternative Ending – Parasocial Game Ending

If you call anyone in the game besides Asuka you can simply wait it out. At some point, the stalker will actually find you and help will be provided. Then you will get the Parasocial Game alternate ending.

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Parasocial Story

Parasocial Game

Parasocial is a game about a streamer named Niina. She is a V-Tuber, which means she uses a virtual character instead of showing her real face. She only tells her viewers her first name because she wants to keep her identity secret. The game starts with Niina playing Aka Monto (a very hard game made by Chilla’s Art).

She can’t finish the game in this stream, but one of her fans gives her another game to try. The fan’s name is ILoveNiina, which is very creepy. The new game is something Niina has never seen before and while she is playing it, her viewers tell her that her face is showing on the stream. She is shocked and turns the stream off. She thinks someone hacked her computer, so she buys antivirus software, but it doesn’t find any virus.

Niina talks to her only friend, Asuka. She tells Niina not to go to the police unless she has proof that someone hacked or stalked her. At Chilla’s Coffee, you and another customer see a man with a hood who looks very suspicious in the corner of the coffee shop. This man will soon become the stalker who makes you scared all the time in the game.

There are other times when you feel lonely, watched, and unsafe; like when you see a white van parked outside every place you go, or when the hooded man follows you around your apartment building, or when your ex – Rikiya keeps bothering you even though Niina blocked him a while ago.

Parasocial – Who Can You Trust?


The people who live in the town are very weird and curious, and they ask you about your old boyfriend. Is this person really the Apartment Manager? You got a letter that said you should talk to the Manager if you have any problems, but then you saw him right after that, which is strange.

You keep playing the games that the hacker gave you, and they are all the same, find a lever, let out a woman and make her go to a red door to finish the level. Every game has a woman who can’t see and a policeman who walks around. This is not random, it is trying to make Niina think something for later. But what is it trying to make her think?

When Rikiya (Niina’s old boyfriend) comes up to Niina at the store, you find out that something is wrong with Asuka. When you unblock his number, he sends you a picture of Asuka talking to the man with a hood who has been following you. Did Asuka do this? Then you have a bad dream of someone breaking into your home like in one of the scary games where you have to find a screwdriver and stab them in the back to finish the level.

But then Asuka stabs you instead. The dream ends and you talk to Asuka to let her say sorry and explain that the man with a hood just blocked her way and she couldn’t move. It turns out that this was Riyika’s idea to make it look like Asuka was part of bothering Niina with hacking and following.

In all this craziness, Niina goes to the police to see if they can help her with being bothered. But they don’t do much except give her their number in case things get worse because he works near her apartment and he can get there fast to catch them. But why would a police officer talk to someone in a park and not at their office when they need help?

The Horror Climax

The next live stream is very scary, like playing Welcome to the Game for the first time. But the game is not fake, it is real and it happens in your neighborhood. The character walks to your apartment and goes up to Niina who is playing the game online.

The worst part is that the stalker is in your apartment too, and he is filming you from behind a wall. You didn’t know that he was there when you felt scared or alone – like when you took a bath or played games on your computer. The stalker/hacker came into your apartment many times to film you.

In every stream that Niina did, the stalker wrote messages to show that he was following and watching you. At the store, at the coffee shop, in your apartment. He wrote things like: “You must be glad everyone likes your face”, “I love your face”, I go to Chilla’s Coffee too”, Did you enjoy your bath yesterday?”, and “I want to meet you.”

When you have to choose who to call for help, you have only a minute to act fast – either hide and hope he doesn’t find you or get a weapon and fight him.

The stalker counts down from 1 minute and then comes into the apartment. He hits you and you pass out. Then you find out that Rikiya and the police officer stopped him and took him away.


This is Parasocial Game Endings. Hopefully, you like this Parasocial Game Endings. In this post, we covered the complete Parasocial Story and Endings Explained.

If you want to ask other questions about the Parasocial Game Endings so comment section is always open for you.

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