Oxium Warframe 2023 – (Update!) (How To Farm Oxium)

Oxium Warframe

If are you looking for Oxium Warframe, you reach the right spot. Here in this post, you will get everything that you need to know about Oxium in Warframe.

Oxium is actually a rare alloy of Orokin origin that is lighter than air used for Corpus Robotics in the game. They can be farmed only through drops by Oxium Ospreys. Gamers have to kill spawning Oxium Ospreys at various locations in Warframe for them to explode and farm Oxium.

If you’re having difficulty finding Oxium Ospreys locations then do not worry, we have created a list of all possible locations where you can look for and farm Oxium in Warframe.

How To Farm Oxium Warframe?

Oxium Osprey – The best place to farm Oxium would be wherever you could actually find many Oxium Ospreys as these are the opponents that drop Oxium.

Oxium Warframe
Oxium Warframe

Oxium Ospreys are Corpus units and can be actually found on missions where you battle against the Corpus.

Oxium Osprey is mostly seen in missions located on in-game planets that the Corpus are in control of and it’s even a possibility to obtain Oxium in Dark Sector missions in the game.

There are many Corpus missions but determining where Oxium Ospreys would actually spawn will help you select where is the right place to farm Oxium.

Currently, there are a few in-game places where we would actually go to farm Oxium and take note that it is good to hunt in a group especially one with Nekros and Hydroid.

Where To Farm Oxium?

There are different locations in Warframe where Oxium Ospreys spawn in great numbers. All we recommend to you here is to play in a group to provide a tough battle to spawning opponents and collect as much Oxium as you can.

Below are all the locations where gamers can farm maximum Oxium in Warframe.

IO (Jupiter)

IO (Jupiter)

Ever since some in-game changes were made and such as the unlimited capture opponent spawning was fixed, Io has become a great place places to farm Oxium.

There undoubtedly are other Corpus defense missions but IO is great for relic farming as well. So, we would suggest farming here instead for multiple benefits in the game.

A fair number of Oxium Osprey spawn in IO and gamers can team up to increase the number of opponents, and in order to complete waves quicker.

Elara (Jupiter)

Elara (Jupiter)

For those who actually wish to farm other in-game resources along with Oxium, Elara makes a great substitute for IO but there is actually no guarantee of the same total number of resources that can be obtained in the game.

Gamers will eventually stumble upon Oxium Osprey in Elara and based on how many gamers there are in a squad, more will be available to take down.

It’s really important to bring allies with you when farming Oxium as every drop counts and more gamers mean more drops.

Tycho (Lua) – Survival

Surprisingly, Tycho seems to have more robotic opponents in it and as an in-game survival mission, these opponents will keep on coming.

Also, you can find Oxium Osprey from time to time spawning along with the other opponents that you will be facing. Roaming is not strongly advised since the source of the Oxium is from the opponents that spawn (Oxium Osprey) and it would be actually good to find a camping location and wait for opponents to go to you.

Khora and Hydroid are most suited for camping while a Nekros can double the amount you actually get.

Outer Terminus (Pluto) – Defense

Outer Terminus

Outer Terminus on Pluto is another Oxium farming in-game location since the map is big and you have a tactical advantage in the game. Oxium Osprey will spawn along with the opponents and they will all head to the defense location where you can either kill them with in-game weapons or use your abilities.

Opponents may spawn further away and it would be actually better to stay at the defense target together with your squad to avoid leaving loot scattered farther from them.

Oxium Warframe Tips

Here are some important tips about the Oxium Warframe

  • It is a really good idea to invite friends or to join a public mission in order to have more gamers to increase the chances of getting more Oxium in the game.
  • Only missions with Oxium Osprey will actually offer the chance to obtain Oxium, this should be noticeable after five minutes or less most of the time.
  • Using Warframes that can force loot from opponents can be actually a big help when farming Oxium such as Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros with Desecrate.


There are some equipment that requires Oxium but sometimes you will have to use this resource in large amounts, which makes it really important to know where to farm Oxium.

Gamers should always try to farm in groups due to the increase in opponents based on the number of people in a squad.

It’s common for gamers to think Oxium can’t be farmed in certain missions, but this is only certain if there have been no Oxium Osprey spotted in the game.

Hopefully, you like this Oxium Warframe guide. If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions related to Oxium Warframe so comment section is always open for you.

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