Overwatch Is Officially Shutting Down (October 2022)

Overwatch Is Officially Shutting Down

In 2016, a famous multiplayer game called Overwatch was released. Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to Overwatch Is Officially Shutting Down now. Since Blizzard previously said that Overwatch 1 would be discontinued to make room for Overwatch 2, fans had been anticipating this outcome. Fans are still thinking about the first game as it nears the end of its run, although the second game won’t be released until later this week.

Overwatch Is Officially Shutting Down

Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to completely phase out Overwatch, a famous multiplayer game, after its 2016 release.

Fans had been anticipating the action as Blizzard had previously announced that Overwatch would be retired to make room for Overwatch 2.

Fans are considering the first game as it nears its finale, though the sequel won’t be released until the end of this week.

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Release of OW2 Overwatch 2

The action is being taken ahead of the release of Overwatch 2 on October 4th so that Blizzard can produce a new version of the game. However, as a result, fans won’t be able to play Overwatch for a while anyway.

Blizzard has been encouraging social media users to share their favorite sports-related moments for a while now. To fill the time until the launch of Overwatch 2, many Overwatch players are doing the same and showing off their own highlights when the time is right.

Overwatch 2 Will Be Free To Play

Given that many people have given money to Overwatch before, it might seem odd that Blizzard is ending the game. However, it’s important to note that Overwatch 2 will be free to play, so Blizzard isn’t counting on fans buying a new version of the game.

In addition, those who have purchased Overwatch will receive a number of bonuses upon opening Overwatch 2. Although the sequel may have some mechanical, structural, and cosmetic changes, it will basically be an updated version of the Overwatch game that it’s been around for years.

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Overwatch Shut Down FAQs

Why Are Overwatch 1 Servers Shutting Down?

Overwatch 1 servers are shutting down because OW2’s PvP mode completely replaces the first game.

There have also been some complaints on the forum regarding this. One of the biggest complaints is that OW2 differs from OW1 in that it’s a 5v5 game rather than a 6v6 game.

Also, some fans are upset that everyone has to use the Battle Pass system, which is free but there will also be premium options on Reddit.

Some want the origin servers to stay online, but doing so will only split the player base and lengthen the wait times for both types of services.

In addition, by replacing the original game, Blizzard will only have to provide servers and patches for one multiplayer experience instead of two.

When Does Overwatch 1 Shut Down?

On October 3rd at 9:00 AM PT, 12:00 PM ET, and 5:00 PM BST, the Overwatch 1 servers will officially shut down.

The dates and times above are taken from Blizzard’s blog post titled “Get Ready for Launch.” The developer and publisher have said that this is an estimate, so there is little chance of a delay.

After the server is offline, the maintenance will start and will last for 27 hours. Players who pre-loaded the sequel will be able to start playing after this maintenance is over.

The fact that the sequel’s early access period will completely replace the original experience was also confirmed during a Reddit AMA with the developers. Cosmetics, player progress, and other items must be carried.

What Should I Do Before Overwatch 1 Shuts Down?

Cross progression needs to be done so that Blizzard can merge your accounts when the game starts. You won’t lose your presets, stats, ranks, cosmetics or skins this way.

Overwatch 2 can also be pre-installed so you’re ready when it launches. If you do not pre-install you will be prompted to update your installation just like with a standard patch.

The Last Chance event in Overwatch 1 allows you to purchase seasonal cosmetic items using credits earned from loot boxes.

Make sure you open them before the servers go down as loot boxes will not be present in Overwatch 2.

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