Nezuko Age: How Old Is Nezuko (December 2022)

Nezuko Age

Do you love Nezuko a character in the Demon Slayer game so here you will get all about Nezuko’s role, Nezuko age, occupation, other details, and some hidden facts.

Are you a fan of anime characters? No wonder you’re right here. The award-winning action-adventure anime Demon Slayer is one of the best works out there with violent but compelling great content.

The only thing, or rather the character, that has aroused the interest of many players, is undoubtedly Nezuko. So, fans started searching for information like Nezuko’s age, is she alive, and more. Fortunately, the quest is over and you will learn more about her in this guide.

Last Post Update – 10 December 2022

Nezuko Age 2022

Nezuka age is biologically 12 & chronologically 14 is one of the famous character of Demon Slayer game. Nezuko gender is female and her Race of Initially human turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Her actual age is biologically 12 & chronologically 14. Nezuko height is 153 cm and Weight 45 KG/99 LB. Nezuko celebrate her Birthday on the 28th of December. Her hair color is black when human and black to copper when a demon Also Nezuko’s eye color is dark pink when human & pale pink when a demon. Her role in the game is Main Deuteragonist.

How Old Is Nezuko

Nezuka is a 12 & 14 year old. Nezuko is alive pre time skip and dead post time skip. Her father name is Tanjuro Kamado and Mother is Kie Kamado. Nezuko have both an older and younger brother his older brother’s name is Tanjiro Kamado and his younger brother’s name is Takeo Kamado. Also, Nezuko younger sister’s name is Hanako Kamado and her husband is Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Nezuko Details Guide

Full NameNezuko Kamado
Nezuko Age14 (Chronologically) and 12 (Biologically)
Height153 Cm
Weight45 KG / 99 LB
Mother NameKie Kamado
Father NameTanjuro Kamado
Younger SisterHanako Kamado
Older BrotherTanjiro Kamado
Younger BrotherTakeo Kamado
Husband NameZenitsu Agatsuma

Nezuko is the second most handsome protagonist in Demon Slayer and one of the remaining two Kamados. She is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado and a human who was turned into a demon after being attacked by Muzan Kibutsuji. she is the only victim of the demons along with her brother Tanjiro. The poor girl is constantly torn between being a demon and protecting her humanity.

Hidden Facts About Nezuko

Here are some amazing and hidden facts about Nezuko that make Nezuko special.

  1. Nezuko Age – Nezuko is a deuteragonist and has 2 ages.
  2. Eye Hue – Change of eye color as we mentioned above that is dark pink and pale pink.
  3. Human Characteristics – Did not lose her traits of human-like compassion and sympathy even in an in-game demon state.
  4. Nezuko Fire Link-up – Nezuko’s family has a charcoal company, so she was born with a very good connection to flames. Also, her blood art is fire-based.
  5. Her Blood (Strong Lineage) – Nezuko’s family is inherited from a huge line of sword wielders worthy of mastering the Breathe of the great Sun style.
  6. Special Demon – Demonic state retains human consciousness.
  7. Berserk Mode – Forehead Horns pop-ups, and vine mark close across her cute neck. She is the most powerful in this form, but her demon side begins to absolute take over, and she demands human blood to sustain gameworld life.
  8. Day Walker – Unlike normal demons like vampires she is not harmed by sunlight and can roam around even during the day.

FAQs About Nezuko Age

Here are some frequently asked questions about Nezuko Age:

Q. Nezuko Actually Older Than Tanjiro?

Ans. Clearly No, Tanjiro kamado is older than nezuko.

Q. Can We Say Nezuko is a Child?

Ans. Absolutely Yes, Because Nezuko is biologically 12 years old and chronologically Nezuko’s age is 14 years.

Q. How Old is Nezuko in 2022?

Ans. She is just 15 years old in the year 2022.


That is our Nezuko Age and How Old is Nezuko post, which pretty much sums up the status, age, personal information, and fascinating facts of Nezuko. Hopefully, you like the Nezuko Age post and want to know more about Nezuko than comment us the questions and information that you want about Nezuko.

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