Muddy Waters DMZ 2023 – (Update) (Warzone 2!)

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Want to know how to complete Muddy Waters DMZ? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ.

Muddy Waters DMZ is one of the most challenging faction missions in the game. It requires you to locate 3 key pieces of intel in specific in-game locations. 

The Call of Duty second season of Modern Warfare 2 includes new content for MW2 DMZ mode. This has proven to be a success since the game was released. This means there are many new contracts to undertake for XP and other in-game rewards. 

Now without further delay let’s start the Muddy Waters DMZ guide.

How To Complete Muddy Waters DMZ

Muddy Waters DMZ

Muddy Waters is actually a tier 1 faction mission for the Legion faction. It tasks gamers with finding and extracting 3 pieces of intel on Ashika Island: Ashika Island Intel, Shadow Company USB Stick, and Crown Intel.

This mission reward is fairly immense, offering a lot of XP and a blueprint of the X12, since it can be really hard to find intel pieces. Fortunately, you do not have to collect all 3 during one deployment, so we suggest taking them one at a time.

Below we will cover the in-game location of each intel piece.

Shadow Company USB Stick

Shadow Company USB Stick

The intel 1st piece is actually located in a Beach Club Observatory deck submerged area, located south of the island, down below Beach Club POI in the game. 

In order to obtain the Shadow Company USB Stick, enter the waters and then swim to one of the open windows, where you can actually find the intel in a toolbox on the opposite side of the in-game staircase.

Ashika Island Intel

Ashika Island Intel

For the 2nd piece of intel, you will have to scour the underground section of the game map. We suggest entering the Waterways in Port Ashika (see above), and navigating the tunnels until you actually reach the container by the Waterways Dead Drop, hidden under Tsuki Castle. 

You will actually find the Ashika Island Intel immediately inside the container, next to the in-game lamp.

Crown Intel

Crown Intel

The last piece of intel will require you to go to Ashika Power Plant, a Stronghold that is located northwest of Tsuki Castle in the game. Entering this will require you to obtain a Stronghold Keycard from an AI opponent first. 

Inside the Ashika Power Plant, go to the top floor. You will actually find the Crown Intel under a large desk next to some Supply Caches in the game. 

After you obtain the final piece of intel then you will successfully complete the mission and receive your in-game rewards. 

DMZ Mission Muddy Waters Reward

DMZ Mission Muddy Waters Reward

Gamers unlock the blueprint of the Maniples weapon for the Handgun (X12) as an in-game reward for finishing the Muddy Waters Legion mission in the game. Additionally, 10K XP is granted and the Tier two set of missions is actually unlocked, which you can finish for even more DMZ free rewards.


Hopefully, you like this Muddy Waters DMZ guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how to complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Muddy Waters DMZ so comment section is always open for you.

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