Most Played Popular Games In The World (January 2023!)

Most Played Popular Games

Are you a gamer and want to know most played popular games 2023? so you are at the best spot here we covered a complete ranking guide on most played games.

The last few years have been really amazing for gamers, with new-gen consoles launching and some of the ultimate games such as Forza Horizon five being launched.

Also, the lack of more exclusives for PlayStation 5 in the year 2022, the not-good performance of the Battlefield 2042 game, and other different factors have made gamers explore previous games that they might have actually missed.


So if you are searching to explore the most played games in the world out there, these ranking lists will help you. So, now let’s look at what is the most played game and other popular games that are actually great.

Last Post Update – 13 January 2023

Most Played Popular Games in 2023

Here is the table of the most popular games in 2023 according to the most sold game copies on all the platforms.

Most Popular Games 2023 Copies Sold
Minecraft  238 Million+ Game Copies
Grand Theft Auto 5  155 Million+ Game Copies
EA Tetris  100 Million+ Game Copies
Wii Sports  82.9 Million+ Game Copies
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  70 Million+ Game Copies
Super Mario Bros.  58 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Red and Blue  47.5 Million+ Game Copies
Mario Kart 8 & Deluxe  47.2 Million+ Game Copies
Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus  43.8 Million+ Game Copies
Nintendo Tetris  43 Million+ Game Copies
Pac-Man  42 Million+ Game Copies
Red Dead Redemption 2  39 Million+ Game Copies
Mario Kart Wii  37.3 Million+ Game Copies
Terraria  35 Million+ Game Copies
Animal Crossing: New Horizons  34.8 Million+ Game Copies
Wii Sports Resort  33.1 Million+ Game Copies
New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS  30.8 Million+ Game Copies
New Super Mario Bros. Wii  30.3 Million+ Game Copies
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  30 Million+ Game Copies
Modern Warfare Call of Duty  30 Million+ Game Copies
Diablo III & Reaper of Souls  30 Million+ Game Copies
The Witcher 3  30 Million+ Game Copies
Human: Fall Flat  30 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal  29.4 Million+ Game Copies
Duck Hunt  28.3 Million+ Game Copies
Wii Play  28 Million+ Game Copies
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  27.5 Million+ Game Copies
Super Mario World  26.6 Million+ Game Copies
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  26.5 Million+ Game Copies
Call of Duty: Black Ops  26.2 Million+ Game Copies
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  25.8 Million+ Game Copies
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  25.7 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Sun and Moon & Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon  25.2 Million+ Game Copies
Grand Theft Auto IV  25 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum  24.7 Million+ Game Copies
Super Mario Bros. 3  24.4 Million+ Game Copies
Call of Duty Black Ops 2  24.2 Million+ Game Copies
Kinect Adventures  24 Million+ Game Copies
FIFA 18  24 Million+ Game Copies
Sonic the Hedgehog  23.9 Million+ Game Copies
Nintendogs  23.9 Million+ Game Copies
Mario Kart DS  23.6 Million+ Game Copies
Red Dead Redemption  23 Million+ Game Copies
Super Mario 64 / DS  22.9 Million+ Game Copies
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  22.7 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Sword / Shield  22.6 Million+ Game Copies
Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald  22.5 Million+ Game Copies
Borderlands 2  22 Million+ Game Copies
Super Mario Odyssey  21.9 Million+ Game Copies
New Super Mario Bros. U / Deluxe / Luigi U  20.3 Million+ Game Copies

Most Played Video Games 2021

Most Played Popular Games

The below table is according to the gamer count or the registration number in a game. This table also takes into account the huge number of peak gamers logging in every day since the game launched.

So the total number of most played games here may not reflect the current number of gamers, considering all these important factors. So now here are the most played video games in the world in 2021.

Most Played Games 2021 Gamers Count
PUBG  1.03 Billion Gamers
CrossFire  1 Billion Gamers
Dungeon Fighter Online  700 Million Gamers
QQ Speed / GKART / Speed Drifters  700 Million Gamers
Minecraft  600 Million Gamers
Pac-Man Google Doodle  505 Million Gamers
Candy Crush Saga  500 Million Gamers
Among Us  500 Million Gamers
Microsoft Solitaire  400 Million Gamers
Mini World  400 Million Gamers
Crazyracing Kartrider  380 Million Gamers
Fortnite  350 Million Gamers
Fantasy Westward Journey  310 Million Gamers
RuneScape  280 Million Gamers
Rules of Survival  230 Million Gamers
Roblox  202 Million Gamers
Dragon Nest  200 Million Gamers
MapleStory  180 Million Gamers
Tetris  177 Million Gamers
Animal Jam  160 Million Gamers
World of Tanks  160 Million Gamers
Grand Theft Auto V  140 Million Gamers
The Legend of Mir Three  120 Million Gamers
League of Legends  111 Million Gamers
World of Warcraft  100 Million Gamers
CityVille  100 Million Gamers
Happy Farm  100 Million Gamers
Scions of Fate  100 Million Gamers
The Sims Social  100 Million Gamers
Zhengtu  100 Million Gamers
Microsoft Solitaire Collection  100 Million Gamers
Hearthstone  100 Million Gamers
Apex Legends  100 Million Gamers
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes  100 Million Gamers
Call of Duty Warzone  100 Million Gamers
FarmVille  83 Million Gamers
Westward Journey Online 2  83 Million Gamers
Ragnarok Online  80 Million Gamers
Moshi Monsters  80 Million Gamers
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links  80 Million Gamers
Dragon Oath  75 Million Gamers
Rocket League  75 Million Gamers
Dofus  62 Million Gamers
Adopt Me!  60 Million Gamers
Flyff  60 Million Gamers
Overwatch  50 Million Gamers
Lineage  50 Million Gamers
Perfect World  50 Million Gamers
Team Fortress 2  50 Million Gamers
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege  50 Million Gamers
Warframe  50 Million Gamers
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  46 Million Gamers
FarmVille 2  43 Million Gamers
The Sims 4  36 Million Gamers
Drakensang Online  35 Million Gamers
Teamfight Tactics  33 Million Gamers
Evony  33 Million Gamers
FIFA 18  32.5 Million Gamers
FIFA 21  31 Million Gamers
Pac-Man  30 Million Gamers
Black Desert Online  30 Million Gamers
FIFA 17  30 Million Gamers
FIFA 16  28.3 Million Gamers
GetAmped  26 Million Gamers
Metal Slug Defense  29 Million Gamers
TERA  28 Million Gamers
Unturned  27 Million Gamers
Street Fighter II  25 Million Gamers
Call of Duty: WWII  24.9 Million Gamers
Forza Horizon 4  24 Million Gamers
Left 4 Dead 2  23 Million Gamers
Sudden Attack  23 Million Gamers
The Kingdom of the Winds (Nexus) 21 Million Gamers
Final Fantasy XIV  20 Million Gamers
Mabinogi  20 Million Gamers
DC Universe Online  20 Million Gamers
Sea of Thieves  20 Million Gamers
Shadowverse  20 Million Gamers
Blade & Soul  18 Million Gamers
Payday 2  18 Million Gamers
Farm Town  17 Million Gamers
The Last of Us Remastered  15.9 Million Gamers
osu!  15.2 Million Gamers
Doom  15 Million Gamers
For Honor  15 Million Gamers
Trove  15 Million Gamers
Puyopuyo!! Quest Arcade  15 Million Gamers
Lineage II  14 Million Gamers
Paladins  14 Million Gamers
Battlefield 4  13.9 Million Gamers
The Elder Scrolls Online  13.5 Million Gamers
Dota 2  13 Million Gamers
Call of Duty: Ghosts  12.6 Million Gamers
FIFA 19  12.5 Million Gamers
Guild Wars 2  11 Million Gamers
Forza Horizon 3  10 Million Gamers
Star Wars: The Old Republic  10 Million Gamers
Free Realms  10 Million Gamers
H1Z1  10 Million Gamers
Robocraft  10 Million Gamers
Ark: Survival Evolved  10 Million Gamers

What is the No. 1 Game in the World 2023?

The No. 1 most played popular games in the world right now is the Minecraft game. Launched back on November 18th, 2011, Mojang Studios was able to sell 238M+ copies of the game across all platforms, with around 600M+ registered gamers.

Most Played Popular Games
Most Played Popular Games

Minecraft has a good track record with continued updates and new version launches. Recently YT celebrated its one trillion views on Minecraft videos.

This actually shows how successful the game journey is among the gamers as a whole community. There are tons of texture packs, mods, seeds, and enhancements you can apply to further make your Minecraft game experience outstanding.

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Top Pc Games in 2023

In June 2022, the top PC games in the world by monthly active users were Fortnite, Minecraft, CS:GO, Roblox, and League of Legends. Fortnite achieved the 1st spot as the Most Played Popular game in the world on laptop and PC in September 2022, taking over Minecraft Game.

Counter-Strike:GO overtook League of Legends and made the top 3 positions, with Roblox rounding off the top 5. Other titles in the top 10 games on PC include Grand Theft Auto 5, Apex Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone.

Best Game Publisher’s Performance

Riot Games publisher is the only one to feature 2 video games in the top ten best PC games ranking. The top best publishers by the number of games included in the top 20 PC games are:

  • Activision Blizzard with 3 games on the ranking
  • 2 Games on the Ranking – Riot Games “owned by Tencent” and Valve with 2 games each
    One game on the ranking: Epic Games, Roblox Corporation, Rockstar Games owned by Take-Two Interactive Software, Mojang Studios owned by Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Bungie, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Psyonix owned by Epic Games, miHoYo, CD Projekt, Smilegate, Krafton.

Conclusion >>

We hope this Most Played Popular Games 2023 post is helpful for you. In this Most Played Popular Games post, we covered all the top games by most played users which helps to know which games are most popular in the gaming community.

Also we mention a complete ranking table on most played video games for mobile and pc. If you have any feedback and suggestions related to these most played popular games in the world then comment on us.

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