Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards 2023 – (Full Guide)

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Looking for Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards? So you reached the right place. In this post, we covered the Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards & Task details.

Summer Splash is an exciting Monopoly Go event. In this event, Tycoons will make a splash as you embark on a Splashtastic sensation like never before in the game. The tide is bringing in a wave of amazing surprises and prizes that will add a whole new level of thrill to your game.

From riding the rewards wave to completing thrilling tasks, Summer Splash is designed to make your Monopoly Go game even more memorable.

Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards 2023

Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards

Here are the Monopoly Go Summer Splash event rewards list.

Task No.Reward ListPoints Required
170 steering wheel5
210 Dice10
3814K Money10
4Green Pack10
560 Dice55
6115 steering wheel15
710 Minute rent frenzy20
8Green Pack20
9150 Dice25
10180 Dice150
13Green Pack35
14215 steering wheel40
15375 Dice300
1610 Minute (Cash Gun)40
18Green Pack50
19250 steering wheel55
20775 Dice600
215Minute Cash boost55
22Green Pack60
23310 steering wheel65
251.2K Dice1K
2615 Miniute70
27Green Pack100
28340 steering wheel110
29100 Dice125
31385 steering wheel175
32175 Dice250
33Blue Pack300
34430 steering wheel280
351.7K Dice1.6K
37520 steering wheel600
39Blue Pack800
403K Dice3K
42Pink Pack900
43700 Dice950
451.5K Dice1K
47Pink Pack1.4 K
49Pink Pack and 7K Dice6K

Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Schedule

Do not lose out on this amazing opportunity that is just ahead in the Monopoly Go game. Make sure you are part of this event that offers growth and excitement. In just three days, it is important to act swiftly and secure your in-game place.

This special event, spanning a mere 3 days from 10th August to 13th August, has the chance to be an unforgettable experience. Grasp this opportunity and make the most of your time in Monopoly Go.

The short duration of the event highlights the significance of your involvement right away. Do not let this exciting occasion slip away, take immediate action to confirm your involvement in Summer Splash Event.

Remember, time is running out, and the countdown to these 3 eventful days is on. Your chance to engage in this exciting activity is limited, so make sure you do not allow yourself to miss out.

Take advantage of the knowledge, excitement, and opportunities during this 3-day event. Your proactive approach will undoubtedly lead to a valuable experience, one that you will treasure long after these 3 days are done.

How to Complete The Summer Splash Event In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event

Play the game strategically, reaching specific tiles, each carrying its own specific set of rewards. Your success in this game depends on your capacity to choose calculated decisions and make informed decisions.

Throughout the game board, your main goal is to strategically select tiles promising good rewards. These in-game rewards include a variety of benefits, from power-ups and game currency to unique items or chances to progress. Your game’s ability to balance gains against associated risks will be tested.

Remember, the game dynamics can differ. Some tiles offer immediate in-game rewards, while others demand patience as the benefits appear over time, requiring patience. In order to succeed, take a balanced approach to short-term gains with long-term in-game objectives.

This interesting mechanism highlights the significance of planning and foresight. As you move across tiles, consider not only the immediate benefits but also how your decisions align with your strategy for playing the game. The path you choose will determine the rewards you receive and the milestones you achieve in the game.

Essentially, the game’s design requires you to be both a wise decision-maker and a strategic thinker. Embrace the thrill of uncertainty by landing on tiles, which hold the potential to enhance your gameplay with various exciting rewards. Your tile-by-tile game journey displays your skill at seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges, and gathering a collection of impressive in-game achievements.


Here are some questions and answers about the Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards

Q. What Is The Date Of The Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event?

Monopoly Go Summer Splash has a three days event from 10th August to 13th August 2023.

Q. How Many Tasks In Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event?

Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event has 49 different tasks and rewards.

Q. What Is The Summer Splash Event Last Task Rewards?

Monopoly Go Summer Splash event’s last task rewards are Pink Pack and 7K Dice.


Hopefully, you like this Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards guide. In this post, we mentioned the Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards & Task details.

Thanks for reading this complete Monopoly Go Summer Splash Event Rewards guide. If you have any queries about the Monopoly Go game so comment below.

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