Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event 2023 – Reward & Task

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Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event is now available to play. If you are a Monopoly Go player and search for different Events to enjoy the gameplay, another new event is live.

Here in this post, we covered all the details of Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event Reward, Task, Schedule, Milestones, how to win, and many more.

Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event

The Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa event allows you to spend a few days in Scottie’s game world. In this event, You will earn many rewards by collecting Bones (points) for Mr. Monopoly’s canine friend.

As the Epic Myths season and its sticker collection event are underway, these in-game rewards could help you finish more sticker albums. Continue reading to know everything about this Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa event.

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Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event Schedule

Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event

The Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa event went live on 11th September 2023 and will end on 13th September 2023. So you will have a very short period to finish all the Scottie’s Spa event milestones.

How To Play Scottie’s Spa Event In Monopoly Go?

Playing Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa event is really simple – when you land on community chest, chance, or railroad spaces, you get either 2, 3, or 5 bones depending on which in-game spot you actually hit.

Rolling with multipliers can definitely mean that you earn more every time in the game.

Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event Reward And Task List

Here is all the Scottie’s Spa Event Monopoly Go Rewards and Tasks List

Scottie’s Spa MilestonesRewardsPoints required
160 Cookies25
2Green Sticker Pack20
320 dice rolls40
4100 Cookies45
575 dice rolls150
6Cash rewards40
7120 dice rolls50
8Green Sticker Pack55
910 Mins Cash Grab65
10200 dice rolls375
11150 Cookies60
12Cash rewards75
13Green Sticker pack90
14180 Cookies80
15200 Cookies100
16450 dice rolls850
17200 Cookies100
18Orange Sticker Pack110
195 Mins Cash Boost120
20260 Cookies115
21700 dice rolls1300
22Pink Sticker Pack150
23Cash rewards160
24280 Cookies175
25Cash rewards200
26950 dice rolls2000
2710 Mins High Roller275
28Orange Sticker Pack300
29320 Cookies325
30100 dice rolls400
31Cash rewards1500
32120 dice rolls450
33350 Cookies500
34Blue Sticker Pack650
35Cash rewards750
362000 dice rolls5000
37360 Cookies800
3825 Mins Rent Frenzy900
39Blue Sticker Pack1000
40Cash rewards1500
413.8K dice rolls10000
4220 Mins High Roller1600
43Cash rewards1750
44Purple Sticker Pack1900
45Cash rewards8000
46500 dice rolls2000
47Blue and Gold Sticker Pack3000
48Cash rewards3500
4915 Mins Cash Grab4000
50Blue and Gold Sticker Pack & 7.5 dice rolls17500

How To Complete Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event?

You will earn in-game points by landing on the Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. The Chance tiles will give you 2 points, while the Railroad tiles and Community Chest will add 3 and 5 to your point tally, respectively. Achieve all the milestones by getting the requisite points and rewards in the game.

Additionally, using roll multipliers can actually help you accrue more in-game points. For ex., landing on the Railroad tile with the x10 multiplier will earn you fifty points. However, it will take away ten dice rolls in return in the game.


This is our Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event post. In this post, we covered Scottie’s Spa Event Monopoly Go Reward, Task, Schedule, Milestones, how to win, and many more.

Also, If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Monopoly Go Scottie’s Spa Event so comment section is always open for you.

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