Monopoly GO New Shield Skins 2023 – How To Get Them

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Want to know about Monopoly GO New Shield Skins? So you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get all the details about the Monopoly GO New Shield Skins.

In the Monopoly GO September 2023 update, we see the new shields system launch. The update is mostly cosmetic and does not change the way shields work.

You can collect them when you land on shield tiles on the game board, and you lose your shield when you are attacked during Shutdown.

When you have no shields then you suffer damage to your buildings and drop your net worth in the game.

So, shields are an important part of the game, but up until now, they have all looked the same. With this game update, you can get shield customizations so you can customize your shield to your liking.

Monopoly GO New Shield Skins 2023

There are many shield skins to obtain and use in the game. Collect them all to complete rows in your Showroom to get additional rewards like free dice in the game.

Monopoly GO New Shield Skins

From the above picture, the new shields look amazing, there are many more than these two, so we can’t wait to see which ones we will have to choose from in the game.

Monopoly GO New Shield Skins

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How Do Shields Work In Monopoly GO?

Shields provide automatic defense for your Landmarks from Shutdown attacks. Every time a Shutdown attempt is blocked, an in-game shield is consumed, so it is crucial to play regularly to keep your shields’ protective barrier in the game.

How To Get More Shields In Monopoly GO?

Shields are collected when you land on shield tiles, and the multiplier you use will be the number of shields that you actually get for landing on an in-game shield tile.

If you get more than the number of shields that you are allowed according to your game Lvl, the extra shields will be turned into dice which you get straight back on a one-to-one basis.

How To Get Shield Skins In Monopoly GO?

There are different ways to get your hands on some new Monopoly GO shield skins.

Check out your Quick Wins in the game, shield skins may now show up as the final prize.

Shield Skins In Monopoly GO

Check out also tournament rewards, Shield Skins may appear there for high-placed finishes in the game.

Monopoly GO New Shield Skins


Here are some important questions and answers about the Monopoly GO New Shield Skins.

Q. What Are The Locked Shelves In My Showroom Monopoly GO?

Your Monopoly GO Showroom has locked shelves that offer in-game rewards. When you finish the prior shelf with shields, the next one will actually unlock, giving you access to those rewards in the game.

Q. How Many Shields Can You Have In Monopoly GO Game?

Your maximum shield count actually depends on your in-game Lvl, so as you progress, the maximum number of shields you can hold will increase in the game.

Q. How To Check How Many Shields We Have In Monopoly GO?

You can view the number of shields you possess at the top right corner of the Monopoly GO game screen.

Q. How Do I Shield Landmarks On Monopoly GO?

Collecting shields is crucial as they act as protective in-game items for your landmarks, protecting others from causing harm. Due to this, it is essential to accumulate shields quickly in the game.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Monopoly GO New Shield Skins post. Here, we covered all the details about the Monopoly GO New Shield Skins.

If you have any questions or want to share any feedback about the Monopoly GO New Shield Skins so comment section is always open for you.

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