Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event 2023 – (Rewards & Task) (New!)

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Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event details are here. If you are a Monopoly Go player and enjoy playing in different in-game events then you reached the right spot. In this post, you will get the details of the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event, starting date, rewards, strategy, and task list.

The Jungle Jam event is now live in the Monopoly Go game, and gamers are looking for its rewards list. You can now win many free stickers, Dice Rolls, Cash rewards, and many more with every roll of dice during this game event.

Even so, gamers may have many questions regarding these in-game rewards. Continue reading the know-everything about the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event.

About Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event 2023

Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event

The Jungle Jam Event in Monopoly Go started on 26th August 2023 and will last till 28th August 2023.

There are forty-two milestones in this 3-day event. You landed on squares with the special Jungle Jam pickups to earn hats (points) in this Monopoly Go event, reach milestones, and collect different in-game rewards.

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Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event Rewards

Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event Rewards

The Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event, like the Wildlife Tales event before it, brings many in-game rewards. You will have to gather Hats on the board with dice rolls. You will get 2 points each time you land on a tile with these Hats on it in the game.

Each of these Monopoly Go milestones will need a specific number of Hats, and you can receive amazing in-game rewards upon finishing. Here is the complete Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event reward list.

Jungle Jam MilestonesRewardsPoints Required
1Cash rewards5
210 free Dice Rolls10
3Green Sticker Pack10
4125 free Dice Rolls80
5Cash rewards15
6Green Sticker Pack20
7Cash rewards25
8220 free Dice Rolls150
9Cash rewards25
1015 Min Rent Frenzy30
11Green Sticker Pack35
12Cash rewards40
13550 free Dice Rolls425
14Green Sticker Pack45
15Cash rewards50
1615 Min Rent Frenzy55
17900 free Dice Rolls800
18Cash rewards60
19Green Sticker Pack70
20Cash rewards80
211100 free Dice Rolls1000
2215 Min Rent Frenzy100
23Green Sticker Pack120
24130 free Dice Rolls130
25Cash rewards700
26140 free Dice Rolls150
27Cash rewards250
28Blue Sticker Pack200
295 Min Cash Boost225
302K free Dice Rolls2200
31Cash rewards300
32Blue Sticker Pack400
33Cash rewards500
344K free Dice Rolls4500
35Pink Sticker Pack600
3625 Min Rent Frenzy700
37500 free Dice Rolls800
38Cash rewards3500
39800 free Dice Rolls900
40Pink Sticker pack100
41Cash rewards1100
42Pink Sticker Pack & 6500 free Dice Rolls6500

How To Complete Jungle Jam In Monopoly Go

Completing Jungle Jam is really difficult particularly as you only have 2 days to do it.

Work your way around the game board, landing on the specific pickup tiles with the hats to earn points towards the next in-game task.

It is most likely that you will succeed in completing all of the Jungle Jam milestones if you time the participation of this in-game event with a large dice win, like or reaching a dice winning Net Worth level or completion of a sticker collection.

When an event has collectible tiles, using your multiplier can increase your points in Monopoly Go Jungle Jam.

You can use your multiplier to actually get multiples of the in-game rewards every time you land on a tile with the event pickup marker in the game.

Thus, if you use the multiplier x20 then you will get forty of the event points, x20, you will get forty, and so on in the game.

Using Clusters & Probability

One strategy we suggest using on in-game events where you actually have to land on a tile with a pickup is to watch out for clusters.

These are in-game locations on the board where there are three or four event tiles close together, so there is a good possibility of landing on one during the next throw.

When we see these in-game clusters, we usually raise the multiplier to its max, before lowering it again after we have passed the cluster, this way we can actually save more in-game dice for the locations on the board where it is more likely to land on a tile with an event marker in the game.

Jungle Jam In Monopoly Go

In the above screenshot, there are 3 squares with hats close together, as well as the 2 train stations, chance, and a shield tile.

So when we reach this section of the in-game board, most likely we will boost the multiplier to the highest, since this is the section of the board with the greatest chance of landing on a good square in the game.

Here is the probability chart that will give you some insight into the chances of throwing a particular number with 2 dice.

Dice ThrowProbability


Here are some questions and answers about the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event

Q. How Long Is The Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event?

Jungle Jam Event is a three-day event. It first launched from 26 August 2023 to 28 August 2023.

Q. How Many Milestones Are In the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event?

In total, there are forty-two milestones to complete the whole Jungle Jam event in Monopoly Go.

Q. What Do You Get If You Complete The Whole Jungle Jam Event?

The final reward for Monopoly Go Jungle Jam is 6,500 Dice and a Pink Sticker Pack.


Thanks for reading this complete Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event guide. In this post, we covered the details of the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event, starting date, rewards, strategy, and task list.

If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions about the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam Event so comment box is open for you.

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