Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries 2023: (Event Guide) [Rewards]

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Looking for Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries details? So you reached the best place. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of Golden Discoveries in Monopoly Go, collect rewards, and many more.

Monopoly Go new Golden Discoveries tournament is now live and it can bring more riches your way. Many Monopoly Go events are currently going on, each of which offers a variety of in-game rewards for you. Complete all these in-game events to speed up your growth, finish your board, and get to the next location as soon as possible in the game.

Monopoly Go game developer (Scopely) keeps bringing new tournaments and events, such as Golden Discoveries that allow tycoons of the game to get richer faster. However, you have to know the in-game objectives to finish these events faster. This post will provide some light on the best ongoing events and tournaments to help you.

Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries

Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries

The Monopoly Go game currently has 2 different ongoing tournaments and events. You can check out all the details about the Monopoly Go Sea Safari event here.

Offerings such as Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries are temporary events in which you can compete against other gamers to win different in-game prizes. The currencies used in these tournaments are actually different.

Your in-game goal is to gain points during the event to reach milestones. You will receive rewards for participating and a final reward for your performance in the tournament in the game.

Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries’ tournament icon is on the upper-right side of the game screen. You will receive points for landing on the Railroad tile repeatedly.

Click on the icon to view your ranking in the game tournament, remembering that higher ranks will actually fetch you more rewards. To get more free rewards, you can also check out Free Dice In Monopoly Go and Unlimited Rolls On Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Prize Drop Event

The Prize Drop is back again in the Monopoly Go game. It periodically returns, where you can actually use the Prize Drop chips collected from various events to get more in-game rewards with them.

You can also change the chip multiplier to boost your rewards. There are 5 different slots to release a chip, and 7 different slots with in-game cash prizes available. As soon as the chip enters one of these slots then you will get the amount of cash written on it.

By playing more, you will earn more in-game progress points, which will actually help you win additional prizes in the game.


We hope you like this Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of Golden Discoveries in Monopoly Go, collect rewards, and many more.

Thanks for reading this complete Monopoly Go Golden Discoveries guide and if you want to share any feedback share in the comment section.

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