Monopoly Go Free Rolls 2023 – (Tips & Tricks) (NEW!)

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Are you searching for Monopoly Go Free Rolls? So you reached the best spot. Here in this post, we covered the best Tips and Tricks that will help you to get free Rolls in the Monopoly Go game.

Monopoly GO! This game combines Coin Master and Monopoly. Like the game that inspired it, you have to spend in-game cash to improve your town. You gain cash by rolling on the Monopoly board, but it really does not play just like the board game that is based on it.

Rather, you simply get a certain amount of cash for landing on a specific in-game spot, and can attack random gamers to earn more cash in the game.

Monopoly Go Free Rolls 2023

Monopoly Go Free Rolls

Consider the below tips to be a checklist of daily Monopoly Go game activities you should perform to maximize the number of free rolls you can get in the game.


In every 5 minutes, you get a Monopoly Go free roll, so you could simply check back in on a five-minute cycle to keep playing. However, you can not actually collect any more of these free rolls after you have collected 30. This number does rise as you continue playing the game.

So, we suggest checking back into the Monopoly GO game, at least once every 2 hours to make sure that you always get the free rolls in the game.

Instagram Stories

Monopoly Go game developer Scopely is now giving away free rolls on the official Instagram account, although usually through competition. Follow the Monopoly Go Instagram account and see what you can get.

Monopoly Go Instagram – Click Here

Daily Links

Like Coin Master, the Monopoly GO game provides a handful of free Roll’s through links per day. Unlike the Coin Master game, they are really difficult to get hold of and only drop in the Discord platform.

Also, they expire very quickly, so you will need to set up notifications and check often. There are a lot of rolls on offer this way though, so it is actually worth it even though it can be sometimes frustrating.

Monopoly GO Discord – Click Here

Play Regularly

Play Regularly is the most obvious tip out of the way: you have to play regularly to increase the free rolls number you get. Basically, you get a free roll every 5 minutes, and this number is capped at thirty initially, although you can lift it by leveling up.

Therefore, once you have 30 free rolls ready to go then you can no longer receive any further free rolls in the game. If you don’t play every time this cap is actually reached, you are, in essence, wasting rolls.

You can set up a reminder so that you never forget, or check in twice a day to ensure that you are always spending your free in-game rolls.

Town Upgrades

You can spend the in-game cash you earn from rolling dice on town upgrades, such as buildings, statues, and other real-life attractions. Once you have completed all upgrades a town offers, and upgraded them to maximum, your town is regarded as complete and you move on to the next one in the game.

This way, you earn free rolls that you can use on the board in Monopoly Go. That is actually right, it pays to spend in the game.

Level Up

As you roll dice and invest in-game money, your game net worth grows, and this number determines your level. By increasing your net worth, you earn different rewards that can sometimes include free rolls in the game.

You can only increase your in-game net worth through gameplay, which is a process that will just happen as your game progresses.

Complete Albums

Like in Coin Master, you can sometimes open sticker packs that give you stickers. These are actually all part of a specific in-game album, and if you finish the album you get rewards that can be free rolls.

You receive stickers during gameplay, through events, or for regular logins, so do not be too concerned about chasing them down. You can actually trade duplicates with in-game friends, or by joining the Monopoly Go Facebook trading group.

Login Rewards

The 1st time you log in to the Monopoly Go game daily then you get a reward. Yes, these can be free rolls, You can check the in-game rewards on a regular basis, so you always know when to expect them.

Daily Challenges

Every day, you can complete 3 simple challenges to earn free in-game rewards. Expectedly, these do include free wins from time to time, so be sure to check in regularly and finish them.

These in-game daily challenges contribute to weekly rewards too, so be sure to keep doing these consistently.

Chance Cards

Much like in the original Monopoly game, Chance Cards can reward you with exciting rewards to help your game progress. In the Monopoly GO game, these rewards can be free rolls.

Add Friends

When you invite a friend and they play Monopoly Go game then you earn free 30 rolls. Don’t be shy and invite as many people as possible to the Monopoly Go game.


Monopoly Go Free Rolls

Here are the Monopoly Go Free Rolls questions and answers

Q. What Are Monopoly GO Free Rolls?

It is necessary to roll on a monopoly board to gain in-game cash that you can use on town upgrades, and you require dice or rolls, to do just that. If you are willing to spend money then you can buy rolls when you need them to keep playing, but there are different ways you can get them for free.

Q. How To Get Monopoly GO Free Rolls?

This post is focused on exactly that, if you focus on all daily game activities you will have more than enough free rolls to continue playing the Monopoly GO game

Q. What Are Monopoly GO Free Dice?

Free rolls and free dice are actually the same thing in the Monopoly GO game.


This is our Monopoly Go Free Rolls guide. In this post, we mentioned all the best ways that will help you to get free Rolls in Monopoly Go.

Hopefully, you like this post, if you want to ask any questions about Monopoly Go Free Rolls so comment section is always open for you.

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