Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event 2023 – (Full Details) [NEW]

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Are you searching for the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event? So you reached the right spot. Here we covered the complete details of the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event.

Choco Partners event in Monopoly Go returns this week bringing many rewards and cake-themed capers for you to enjoy the game.

In this event, Grab a carton of eggs, a rolling pin, some flour, and many more. Monopoly Go is not short of events to keep the money, dice, and sticker packs rolling in, either. Also, the Monopoly Go Choco Partners event has you working together with other gamers to craft some delectable desserts in the game.

Now without wasting time let’s start the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event details.

Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event 2023

Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event is an amazing social live event that allows players to team up with their friends to build various attractions on the game board and win awesome prizes.

Previous baking theme co-op events were just known as the Baking Event but it is now called Coco Partners. During this Monopoly Go event, you have 4 trucks in your game to slot other gamers into to increase your efficiency and output, and to earn more in-game rewards.

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Monopoly Go Choco Partners Starting And Ending Date

The Monopoly Go Choco Partners event starts on 6th September at 10:00 local time. It will likely last 5 to 7 days, giving you enough time to whip up some classic cakes in the game.

How To Play The Monopoly Go Choco Partners Event?

Monopoly Go Choco Partners event follows the format of previous co-operative game events, where you have to invite other gamers to join you if you would like and then collect event-specific in-game items on the game board.

After that, you can spin the game wheel with your partners to win different prizes in the game. Judging by past Monopoly Go events, you probably have to bake a cake with each of your in-game partners, but we will confirm this when the Choco Partners event is live.

Monopoly Go Choco Partners Rewards

Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event

You will get rewards and prizes every time you achieve a milestone on the game progress bar. Once all four cakes are finished then you receive the Grand Prize, which is expected to be a 5-star card sticker pack and 5K Dice as well as a brand new token in the game.


Here are some questions and answers about the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event

Q. How To Change Your Partners In The Monopoly Go Choco Partners Event?

Once you have selected your in-game partner then you cannot change them, so choose carefully.

Q. What Happens To Leftover Points After Event Completed In Monopoly Go?

The remaining in-game points will be actually converted into in-game currency, and you will earn money based on your board level and net worth in the game.

Q. Who Is The Creator Of Monopoly Go Game?

Monopoly Go was created by games company Scopely as a free-to-play title and released in April 2023.


Hopefully, you get all the important details of the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event. In this post, we covered the details of the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event, Schedule, Rewards, and other details.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Monopoly Go Choco Partner Event so comment box is always open for you.

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