Monopoly Go Cheats 2023 ⇒ (Working Cheats!) (New!)

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Searching for Monopoly Go Cheats? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the latest Monopoly Go Cheats and Tips & tricks for Android and IOS devices.

Monopoly Go is an amazing casual board and build game whose cheats are frequently searched by gamers for boosts and other in-game items. The Monopoly Go game is simple but the main risk of getting heist or losing your structures is high.

If you are out of Rolls & Shield and gamers keep attacking your in-game city, then you will require more Dice and that is when Monopoly Go Cheats can help.

Now without further delay let’s start the Monopoly Go Cheats details.

Monopoly Go Cheats 2023

Monopoly Go Cheats

Monopoly game has not officially released any hacks or cheats till now. But the Trick that many gamers have used is time-lapse.

Currently, this time-lapse approach is not supported by the game and has led to bans for many gamers. However, if you still wish to learn this method so you go at your own risk.

How To Use Time Lapse For Monopoly Go Freebies?

Here is the complete process of how to use time-lapse for Monopoly Go game

  • First, close the Monopoly Go game and clear it from the background.
  • Then go to your Settings and look for the Date & Time option. Also, you can use the Settings search bar to find the Date & Time option.
  • Next, turn off the Automatic date & time to get the Set Date and Time options.
  • After that, set date and change it to the next day
  • Now set it and open the game, if it is still not working then go to the same Date & time option, and this time modify the date and time.
  • Finally, relaunch the Monopoly Go game and check if it worked or not.

This method works for old models and is rarely supported for new mobile versions. Also, this is actually risky because changing the date & time might hamper some other apps, not only the Monopoly Go game.

Monopoly Go Free Rolls Tips & Tricks

Use the following tips & tricks as a checklist of daily activities to increase the number of free rolls in the Monopoly Go game you receive.

Instagram Stories

Scopely is regularly offering free dice on the official Inst account, usually through a competition. Follow on Instagram and see what you can get in Monopoly Go.

Insta Account – @monopolygo

Daily Links

In the same way as Coin Master, Monopoly GO game offers away a handful of free dice through links daily. However, unlike Coin Master, they are really difficult to find and only drop in the Discord platform.

Also, they expire very quickly, so you will need to set up notifications and check back frequently. There are lots of rolls on offer this way, so it is really worth it despite the frustration.

Play Regularly

The obvious tip is you should play regularly to maximize your free rolls. You actually get a free roll every 5 minutes, and this number is limited to thirty initially, but as you level up, it can be increased.

That means, once you have 30 rolls available then you can no longer earn free rolls. By not playing each time this cap is reached, you waste rolls. Set up alerts so you never miss out, or simply check in multiple times daily to make sure you always spend your free rolls in the game.

Town Upgrades

In the game, you can spend the cash you earn from rolling dice on town upgrades. These include buildings, statues, and other real-life attractions.

Once you have built all the features a town has to offer, and upgraded them to the maximum, your town is considered complete and you move on to the next one in the game.

When this actually happens then you earn Monopoly Go free rolls to use on the board. That is right it pays to spend in the Monopoly Go game.

Level Up

As you roll dice and spend in-game money, your net worth grows, and this number shows your game level. As your net worth grows, you earn different rewards that can occasionally include free rolls in the game.

The only way you can grow your net worth is by playing the game, so this is more something that will happen over time.

Complete Albums

Like in Coin Master, you can sometimes open sticker packs to receive stickers. Each of these is part of a specific album, and if you finish the album you get in-game rewards like free rolls.

You earn stickers while playing, at events, or for daily logins, so do not worry so much about chasing them down. You can actually exchange duplicates with your friends, or by joining the Facebook trading group.

Login Rewards

The first time you log in to Monopoly Go daily, you earn an in-game reward. Definitely, these include free rolls. You can check the rewards weekly, which lets you know when to expect dice in the game.

Daily Challenges

Daily, you can complete 3 simple challenges to earn some quick in-game rewards. Expectedly, these include free wins occasionally, so be sure to check in daily and complete them.

These daily challenges all work as weekly rewards too, so be sure to keep completing these challenges every day.

Add Friends

Every time you invite a friend and they start playing the Monopoly Go game then you get 30 free rolls, so start inviting as many friends as possible.

Are Monopoly Go Cheats For Free Rolls Real?

Monopoly Go Cheats

Many sites offer to give you free Rolls and other items in the game by registering, but we advise you not to trust them. Monopoly Go game is online for Android and IOS, so any mod and hack are easily recognizable.

Once identified for something cheating like that, there is a chance that your game account might get banned. And by registering on a suspicious website you risk your data privacy and security too so avoid using them.


We hope you like this Monopoly Go Cheats guide. In this post, we covered the latest Monopoly Go Cheats details for Android and IOS devices.

If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions about the Monopoly Go Cheats so comment section is always open for you.

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